~ <3 ~ Activation! Dispensation Of The Aquamarine Ray ~ <3 ~

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Beautiful Angels!


You may be experiencing some kind of major clearing at the moment... from any combination of one or more (all!) of the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies. Let's be honest, it can feel intense and takes a large amount of strength and courage to break through... ((( hug ))). The good news is you have the strength within you because you wouldn't be here reading this otherwise!


At this time we are working to open, charge and balance our 8th chakras, our gateways to the Akash and our powers as Co-Creator Gods. In order to do this we must cleanse any past life karmic residue that may be getting in our way. This may manifest in our lives as any number of symptoms, effecting both the physical and non-physical life.


During this time of mass clearing things are actually looking pretty good haha... even though on the surface of things it may look worse before it looks better, the truth is that things are going really well and much (dare I say most?) of the negative karma is being transmuted etherically and returned to Light by use of the Violet Fire and other healing rays. Those that are called to help with these dispensations of healing know it at the right time, and many are waking up to the power of these rays even more right NOW.


This is the time to transmute all that no longer serves your soul's journey across all timelines, in all space and no space... Together we are grounding in Unity Consciousness.. the gift of the Akash and Lightbody Grid of Gaia... We have everything we need to contribute the very best We's that WE can be to this ONEderful Creation that we are here to manifest together!

The Aquamarine Ray contains aspects of the Green Ray of Truth and Healing and the Violet Ray of Transmutation... making it a most powerful healer indeed. As we all know, no baggage goes beyond the doorway and well... we are now standing at the door, so it's time to let go of the last bits and bobs. (eek! )


Call upon the Aquamarine Ray to surround you, blazing within and without you as you visualise your 8th chakra about a hands length above your head becoming brighter and brighter... a bright rainbow pearlescent Light leading you to the magic of all that You Are.... Within _/|\_


Namaste Beloveds, You Are Amazing And You Are Love,


Family of Light