4 Things Your Soul Wants You To Learn

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Our souls are little, near-constantly chattering things. But we don’t often listen to them. We get caught up in our lives and simply don’t hear our souls and the messages they have to offer from previous lives. If anything, these are four big things your soul wishes you knew.

1. You’re fine.

Seriously. Your soul watches you lurch through life always wondering, always doubting yourself, and feeling so insecure so often. But your soul knows that in the long run, societal pressures and insecurities don’t matter much. You’re fine. You can always look to develop yourself, and your soul would be delighted by that! But you do it on your terms.

2. You’re meant to feel deeply.

Your soul wants you to know that there’s nothing good that will come out of brushing aside your experiences and ignoring your feelings. You were meant to feel deeply – and that means everything. So feel all your feelings.