40 Koch Brothers Donors Exposed After Document Left at Hotel by Mistake Is Leaked

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Alternet, By: Jodie Gummow, 02/06/2014

A new document providing rare insight into the political machine of the Koch Brothers has surfaced revealing the names of up to 40 donors, as well as senior Koch officials, Washington Post reported. The list, published by Mother Jones, was mistakenly left behind at a donor conference and includes various corporate executives, real-estate and hedge fund billionaires and GOP financiers. 


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Oops! (or was it Really?)

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Someones higher self is getting really tired of all the hiding.  Time for more Truth...


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Dark people are exposing their self or devouring each other. I saw this over twenty years ago, in a vision.

Love and Light Sharen


Toad A & B

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now there's a photo of real sleazebags...