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Welcome beloveds, once more we guide and support you during this time of major planetary upheaval. Once more we offer our words of guidance for you to process and absorb. Many of you across the planet are bound by fear, fear comes in many forms and we guide you to be aware of fear disguised as love for other humans, animals and mammals.

We are aware that many across planet earth are now absorbing how truly connected to everything that they are. This connection will only deeper dear ones, as you travel inwards through your heart centre the connections will strengthen and deepen. Many of you who have domesticated animals in your homes will begin to realise the deep connection to the animal you share your homes with you have. This connection was always there dear ones, the animal was aware of you and your feelings even if you were not.

This connection will further deepen with telepathic communication being accessible for many of you as it will be for your fellow humans. Soon you will realise that you will not need to speak the words that you need to say to your fellow humans they will hear it from their hearts. This connection is again one that was always there dear ones, as you clear and process with your hearts you clear out the heart for the LOVE that IS to flow freely through it. When you are a channel for the LOVE that IS you are fully connected to source. This is how to move forward dear ones, clear out the heart, let go of the negative emotions that illusion tries to implant time and time again and allow the love to flow.

Each one of you alive on planet earth is responsible for their own thoughts and feelings, no other human is in charge of your life experience. Many reading these words will nod and agree but be unaware of how they try to control and manipulate those around them. We will touch upon the subject of causes within the human society on planet earth. Many humans are involved with projects that involve the saving or continuation of a species of animal or mammal. We acknowledge that many of you hold deep love and respect for your fellow creatures and we acknowledge that you wish to act out of love. We guide strongly that any action you take that involves negative emotions is not an act of love but an act of fear. Many of you across the planet are in fear of the extinction of various animals and mammals. Whilst this is to be aware of the deep connection to all that IS, we guide you to look at how the illusion seeks to plant deep seed of fear where there should be love.

To attack another human for their actions is to live in illusion, to create unrest out of love is actually fear. Do you see our meaning dear ones, do the words sit with you? Environmental groups across the planet spread their message of love that is really a message of fear. When you seek to make another human BEing feel a negative emotion you seek to plant fear. We guide you to plant LOVE where there is fear and watch the transformation begin. We fully acknowledge how difficult our words are for many of you who seek to stop other humans across the planet from what they do but once more guide that your actions are ones of fear and not love.

LOVE IS, dear ones, it has no definition, it just IS. Many of you as we have guided react to those around you that you LOVE with fear. To fill your childrens head with ideas of fear to keep them safe is to instil seeds of fear within them. To protect your children fill them with LOVE. To protect the animals and mammals across planet earth pour LOVE through them. You cannot save an animal or mammal through creating fear amongst your fellow human BEings, you plant seeds of fear and that fear will trigger other fear amongst the human population, do our words make sense to you dear ones, do you understand the analogy?

The illusion is there dear ones, the illusion will have you react to others negatively, it will have you stating that YOU are correct when others are wrong, when in reality there just IS. It is a difficult concept to understand dear ones, we accept and acknowledge this. For many across the planet live in fear not love. If you look at your children and are triggered by what might happen to them if disaster strikes and hold that thought then you react out of fear not love. When you view a documentary that promotes the death of a species of animal or mammal and you react negatively you react out of fear. LOVE transmutes fear dear ones, it is the only emotion that will do this. Anything else will help fear to thrive.

We have guided before about holding the space for your fellow humans across the planet and this is what we guide once more. Holding the space is just that dear ones, it is allowing the other human to come to the realisation of how they react, how they live and getting rid of the seeds of fear by pouring love through their life experience. It is not by using words to make them feel bad about themselves or their actions. This will breed further fear and will further them into the illusion. For those of you who try to awaken those who are asleep we guide you strongly just to hold the space, do not try to awaken with words or manipulate or cajol those asleep into your way of thinking, for in reality only YOU have those exact thoughts.

This process is about allowing others to BE. That is something that humans finds difficult and we acknowledge this, the illusion taught the fear response well and many react without even thinking. This process is not about converting others to your way of thinking dear ones, it allowing others to BE whilst you BE. It is realising that each one of you is YOU. It is about accepting that others on the planet have different beliefs and ways of BEing that are. This is no reflection on you, it does not make them better or worse than you, it just IS. It is how you have been programmed to react that is the change dear ones, can you see this? Does our analogy make this clear to you? You have been programmed if you will by illusion to believe that all is separate and that there is a right way and a wrong way to live. There just IS dear ones, it is your perception that makes something right or wrong and the only thing that will alter perception for you is truth. To find and accept your truth will allow you to look through the veils of illusion. However it cannot make a human who is still asleep change their perception.

We acknowledge that many of you are confused and frustrated when it comes to humans who are asleep across the planet. Many of you allow yourselves to feel anger and frustration at those who continue to live in ways that do not sit with you. Can you see how illusion would use this concept to further pull you back into illusion? How you fertilise the soil within you to allow seeds of fear to grow? Whilst you hold the belief that ALL must wake up and that ALL must change their ways you breed fear within yourself. That fear will then use the smoke and mirrors to plant seeds of fear within others around you, how do the asleep wake up when illusion has those awake replanting the very seeds that hold the illusion?

BEing you, BEing awake, holding the space, pouring love through all, that is how others who are asleep will begin to wake up, they will notice the vibration of those awake is different, it is the vibration of those awake who hold the space and BE that will start the process of awakening for those still asleep. Do you understand the analogy dear ones? Do our words sit with you? For those who are awake let those asleep be awakened by your high vibration, seek not to instil further seeds of fear, help to weed out those seeds already present by BEing.

Do you see how easy the process in reality is dear ones? Do you see how illusion has even those more awake lowering the vibration they hold through the illusion of love through actions of fear? Everything across the planet has incarnated at this time for a purpose. You cannot know dear ones what that purpose is unless you happen to be YOU. No other human on the planet knows the purpose of YOU apart from YOU and this translates to EVERYTHING on the planet. You cannot know the purpose of the plants, animals, mammals etc that live alongside you unless you are one of them. Acting out of the love for these beings may plunge you into illusion if you spread fear of what will happen to them amongst your fellow humans. Your frustration levels will rise when others dismiss your point of view, the frustration is an indication of the illusion at work. You then will begin to feed the frustration by trying out more ways of highlighting the plight of something to another, another who may not be ready to accept that we are all connected and ONE. By furthering the fear that is illusion you push them further into illusion you do not enlighten them, do our words resonate with you dear ones?

Keep your vibration as high as you can and allow all to BE. Everything just IS dear ones, when you come across a fear vibration pour love through it and watch all change. The process involves spreading LOVE across planet earth not to further fear. Be aware of fear disguised as love dear ones. LOVE IS, it has no conditions.

We step back now to allow you to absorb our words and guidance. If our words are difficult for you then we guide you to look within to your hearts and to go to the silence within. Connect with your soul and process with your hearts. There is no right and wrong dear ones, there just IS. If you feel aggrieved by another this is a mirror of something inside of you, it is a seed that has been planted and is starting to grow. Look within at all times dear ones, you cannot change the world by anything outside of YOU. YOUR world is created by YOU therefore only YOU can change it, but this can only be done through LOVE, to spread or create fear furthers illusion dear ones.

We are the high council of orion and we guide and support you at these times. We are your brothers and sisters in LOVE dear ones, look into your hearts and find the truth that resides at the core of your very BEing. We are ONE.