6/8/2012 -- Indiana Michigan Radiation UPDATE -- Military, DHS, HAZMAT, Large Booms

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June 1, 2, and 3, 2012 --- south Michigan strange booms and 60ft trees snapped in half on clear day :


June 6 into June 7 2012: South Michigan / North Indiana border --- High radiation readings reported for multiple hours.. "unknown cause".


EPA and DHS HAZMAT team report: http://www.sott.net/articles/show/246498-Developing-Nuclear-Cover-Up-Extreme-...

Military movements over the area:


and finally... this site just got hacked... reporting Minot North Dakota holding a "nuclear containment drill" at this time:


Would like to remind EVERYONE that the same sort of thing happened at Byron Illinois nuclear power plant at the start of 2012 ---- remember my chicago trip to measure??

There were mystery booms near byron nuclear plant west of chicago... then a mystery "tritium leak" that blew over downtown chicago...then a mystery EQ appeared on the USGS map a day later..

but NO radiation network or black cat systems stations were on at the time ..so we didn't see what the actual numbers were..


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