7 Signs You’re A True Empath

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1. TV dramas really get to you.

Everybody Loves Raymond is pretty much the worst show if you’re an empath. I could probably talk about that for an hour. When people are mad on TV, you feel it. When they’re sad, you feel it. Watching dramatic shows can really get to you.

2. Crowds are a little overwhelming.

It can be fine for a while, but experiencing that many people all at once can be overwhelming. Sometimes you can really feel all the emotions around you.

3. You feel the pain of others.

This is a pretty common thing among people. Our brains are actually soft wired to experience the experiences of others, and that includes their pain.

4. You can immediately tell the character of someone.

This one is pretty rare. Sometimes we can really get a vibe for someone but empaths take it to a whole new level. It’s like they can see right through a person’s BS right to their core.