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Welcome beloveds, we are here to guide and support you and to help you find the way to your heart wherein the LOVE that IS resides. Many of you struggle with our words and we wish to further guide and support you as you work through the layers of SELF to find your truth. Many of you are still living in fear, fear is the illusion that all will end that you will have things taken away from you that in reality are not there to be taken.

Mother earth supports all of her children dear ones and you as her children are supported in all ways. Illusion teaches that you should distrust nature, that nature is a force to be battled with and kept at bay. We guide strongly that this is illusion trying to teach that separation is in evidence when in truth there is none. How can you be separate from the earth dear ones, you are born onto the earth, the earth is in all that you consume and all that you breathe so why would mother earth abandon her children?

Many of you are swayed by the illusion of the stories in the media, these stories are built to keep the chains of fear firmly in place dear ones. The way out of illusion and chains is through your heart. The heart only knows truth and in reality dear ones only knows peace, connecting fully to your heart will allow that peace to filter through your very BEing.

We fully acknowledge how difficult our words are to many across planet earth and full appreciate how difficult it is to hear the truth when surrounded by the illusion of loss and grief. We guided on grief as it comes in many, many forms dear ones and is not just reserved for the loss of a loved one.

Many of you will have let go of the dreams that you held within your BEing as you fell further and further into illusion, many of you look back on your early life and have grief for the human that you were going to be that today you are not. We guide you strongly that you can BE anyone you want to BE. Do not allow the illusion of time to sway you into grief that is not in truth there. There is not need to grieve for “times gone past” for in reality that time is NOW dear ones. There is nothing that you cannot do NOW, if you can dream it you can live it.

Many of you will not be able to absorb nor understand our words around this and we guide you to go within and to visit the silence that is within your BEing. Realise dear ones that where the illusion is most solid to you there is your biggest block and therefore the most work that is needed. If you look around your life today and see that nothing can change then you are in illusion dear ones and we guide you to go within and see how it FEELS.

Illusion will teach that because you have dependants it is not possible to give up the job you feel so negatively about and pursue your dreams. This is illusion swaying you by triggering the seeds of fear around loss. It may trigger feelings of self worth, you may feel trapped by the amount of money that you need to pay out every month. Do you see how this scenario squashes you in dear ones, it allows no room for expansion and it is illusion. We are not guiding that every one of you down tools and stop working for that for many would bring more chaos as you struggled with truth and illusion and may for some be too much to process all at once, especially if your heart is not open. We are guiding you strongly to look at the life you lead and to connect a different way to it. Logically using your brain it may make sense to work all hours and to hardly see your family but connect through your heart and you will realise the truth.

Many are now disconnected through the illusion, many believe that no one cares for them and that the world as it were is against them. We guide this is the darkest form of illusion, the illusion that teaches no trust of anyone else, no trust of yourself. This is the easiest illusion to fall into dear ones. Once fallen into it can be difficult to get out of due to the fact that you will distance yourself automatically from those around who can help you.

Many humans live this way across the earth, totally disconnected from their hearts and those around them. Sucked in by the illusion of the end of days. There are those around who are there to support and help but cannot get through the fog of illusion to plant the seeds of love that are needed to dissolve the fear and anxiety. It is to these humans that we wish to guide our words.

YOU are not alone dear ones, you are deep in illusion. When you feel that no one understands you and that no one loves you then you are in your mind and not your heart. We guide continually about the heart because the illusion around the mind is so strong. Many humans reading our words now will be processing with the mind, looking for words that do not make sense or analogies that can prove that they are alone and that we are not here to guide nor support. This is the mind working in illusion dear ones. We guide all to process our guidance with the heart for good reason. Your heart will hear the truth dear ones and your heart will guide you further.

The human brain will try to make sense of feelings and in truth dear ones many times emotion cannot be made sense of. Emotion is not logical so the brain wrestles with it and will try various scenarios to try to make logical out of something that is not in essence logical to begin with. Do you see our meaning dear ones? Do you see how illusion can guide you away from the support you seek by making it all logical ?

Many looking at todays human civilisation across the planet will realise how far into the logical mind that the human race has strayed. The computer industries, the technology all rely on logic and reason. This means that those who interact with all the new technologies need to use the logical side of the brain more often. This gives rise to the sway of illusion. To be logical and not allow the creative side of the brain to work will have you reaching for the mind before the heart. Do you see how easy illusion works within the human society?

It may not seem logical to spend a day in a field experiencing nature, logic may try to tell you that the pile of ironing that needs done should be done beforehand. But in truth dear ones which is the most healing to the human body and heart? Oxygen will go into the lungs and help to oxygenate the blood, the blood pressure is lowered due to the feelings of calm from experiencing the nature around you in the field. The colours of nature soothe your BEing and the plants and flowers work to connect to and soothe you. The pile of ironing may see your blood pressure rise, your mind will start to work overtime as you switch off from the task of ironing and go into your mind, turning over and over all the other jobs that you “have” to do. We guide you to strongly give yourself time to nurture and replenish your BEing.

Humans were not designed to carry on like machines all day, everyday. There are rest and recovery periods that the human body needs. It needs sleep to repair itself, it needs to be creative to stimulate new ideas and to relax, there is an endless list of things that should help the human body and therefore the human BEing that are now neglected due to the illusion teaching that to spend time on yourself is lazy.

We ask the question what is to be gained by not allowing the human body to switch off and repair? How would this suit illusion to have you work endlessly and to not spend any nurturing on your body and heart?

We have guided previously how the age of the human body is decreasing before it experiences illness and dis-ease. The age of some physical dis-eases are now younger than ever before yet more and more humans are working and never switching off. Not taking the time to devote to their health. Health is won dear ones by listening to your body, not by working out in the latest gym whilst concentrating on tomorrows sales projections. This is the mind being logical to the extreme, the mind will tell you that it is possible to fill ALL of your time and that no time “wasted” makes you a better producer.

We guide you to read that last sentence again and to realise that producing is not what the human BEing is all about. You are not machines that can churn out products continually, you are BEings of mother nature and you need nourished dear ones. When we guide nourishment many of you will immediately think of food, this is one source of nourishment but the major source is all around you dear ones. Allow mother nature to nourish you, allow your soul to be nourished by her offerings. Spend time in nature dear ones, away from the noise, the pollution, the illusion.

We guide you to strongly be aware of the multi tasking scenario and we guide you to look at how this scenario robs you of your true power. Whilst your body does one thing and your mind takes you to another you are not present in the now. That robs you of the power of now where you create. This lessens your vibration dear ones. Working all hours will not get you ahead of yourself, that is not truth. It will wear you out and it will further the illusion that you are separate from your fellow human beings and your mother earth.

Come back into the fold dear ones, come back to your mother and allow her to nourish and guide you. For mother earth knows how to nurture her children and she will show you how to re-energise your whole BEing. You will not get that from the latest gym or machine that works out your body. You are BEings of nature, there is the life force that is energy all around and within you, allow this to breathed in. Breathe in the oxygen that will strengthen your lungs dear ones. Come back to mother earth for she misses her children and she despairs when she sees them in fear and distress where in truth there is no need for either.

We guide you to take some time to yourself today when reading this guidance. Walk in nature, take off your shoes and feel the earth beneath your feet. Many humans walk the earth ungrounded, disconnected to the power of the earth. That will lead you to more logic and the mind filling up with even more tasks to complete. Sink your feet into the soil and feel the warmth and nurturing in the earth. You are human BEings born of mother earth dear ones. From connecting to her you can regain the power that lives within you. Connect to your mother from your heart and watch your truth appear before your eyes.

We step back now to allow you to absorb our words. We encourage all humans to reconnect with the nature around them. We are all ONE. Experience the oneness that is truth dear ones. We are the high council of orion and we are your brothers and sisters from the stars. To connect to the stars connect to mother earth, plug yourselves back in dear ones and allow the life force that resides within you to rise up. Allow yourself to be the bridge between earth and the stars for you are also a child of the universe. We love you , we have always love you, WE ARE ONE.