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Welcome beloveds we are the high council of orion and we come to guide and support you at this time. Many of you are still struggling and the illusion is now attempting to pull many of back down in vibration with the dramas that are springing up all over the planet. These dramas are created with the intention of planting further seeds of fear and mistrust of your fellow human beings. Note dear ones who this serves. Why would it serve illusion to keep you all separate and in suspicion of all you share the planet with?

We guide you to be aware of the need for illusion to create drama and crisis to lower your vibration and to guide many of you away from the heart and back into the mind. As you begin to process your life experience once more through your mind you vibration will begin to waiver and many of you will start to feel symptoms that are unpleasant. This will further the mind into creating a life journey that is full of pain and fear and the spiral will continue. It is vital to keep your energy system as clear and protected as possible during this time of more change across the planet.

Know dear ones the changes are part of the “new” world, as more and more humans begin to shine their light and hold the space for those asleep the changes will appear as dramas as the humans who are asleep desperately hold on to what is. They do this as they are deep within the illusion that tells them that the earth is going to end. Fuelled by the images of pain and devastation across the world their minds conjure up more and more scenarios where survival is needed. This will trigger more fear within their very BEing as they look around and see devastation where they should see unity. They CANNOT see the world the way that many of you can who use their hearts to process the life experience.

Many of you question your beliefs and we guide you to accept your truth dear ones, process all through your heart and note how you FEEL. Process through your minds and also note how you FEEL. There will be a huge difference, with one giving you peace and the other making you on edge. Which dear ones is YOUR truth? Allow your body to give you the answer through how you FEEL. We guide strongly to detach from the media and the drama they are attempting to create. We ask why the drama would play out now, after a huge surge of energy across the planet and even more humans being awakened to truth.

Realise dear ones that as you shine your lighter brighter and brighter you illuminate that which is not of the light. Know that this is not a reflection on you it is a reflection on what is there and what needs to be transmuted. It is not possible to find the deepest darkness without the brightest light, one needs the other to highlight it. Do you understand our analogy dear ones? Do our words resonate with you?

Much more drama will come to the forefront and the illusion will try to pull many of you back into illusion. This may cause many symptoms in the human body as the vibration of the energy signature will lower when it surrounded by illusion. Many of you now struggle with many different symptoms which your medical profession is at a loss to answer. For many of you this may allow you to fall further into illusion as the seeds of fear are triggered and your mind begins to create scenarios that are far from the truth. The human body is very sensitive to all vibrations dear ones, please allow this truth to be absorbed and processed deep within your BEing. YOU ARE vibration and you will either resonate or reject a vibration that comes in contact with you.

This is vital dear ones at a time of major change not to allow a lower vibration to affect you. Symptoms of a lower vibration altering your higher vibration can vary as the human body is so different in the way it copes. Many of you may experience high fevers, sore throats, flu like symptoms or extreme tiredness. This is borne out of your body trying to live within the vibration of 3D when in truth you are living in a different dimension. The way forward dear ones is to go within. Something is being triggered within your very BEing, it could well be that you are unaware how deeply implanted the seeds of fear are and they grow and spread. Weed them out dear ones, simply let go. Allow the “illness” to take its course, do not spend energy trying to logically work out what is wrong with you. If you feel ill then REST. If you feel you cannot eat and drink as you would then do not. LISTEN to your body. It is trying to tell you how to energise it.

Many of you do not listen to your body and many are still within the mind. Step out of the mind and go to your hearts. Your heart will reveal the truth to you. For many you struggle to keep working at jobs whilst having symptoms of strain and illness, to you we ask the question why? Why would you continue to struggle whilst your human body is telling you to slow down and rest? This is a clue that illusion is at work dear ones. Allow the rest and recovery. Do not allow others who are not experiencing your life journey to talk you into carrying on. It is the act of carrying on that has led to your symptoms. Do you understand our analogy dear ones? Do you understand how illusion has lulled you back into its arms?

Any illness will show up where the seeds of fear are the strongest. For many of you across the planet your throat chakra will be the place of fear. Many do not talk their truth nor express their truth for fear of others reactions. Do you see how illusion is keeping your vibration lower? Do you see how the seeds are growing daily as you uncover your truth but do not allow it expression? The human life journey is expansion dear ones, how can you expand if you contain who you in truth are?

For many lightworkers across the planet this will be a challenging time. Many of you already feel isolated and on your own and we guide this is illusion waiting in the wings. Find those who resonate to your vibration and allow yourself to open to them. This is about unity of the human race dear ones and you can no longer live in the 3d illusion of separation. We acknowledge that our guidance for many of you will not resonate, many still work with the illusion in that you look at another lightworker and see competition. We guide you strongly to detach from this view. Whilst you see competition dear ones you are in illusion. The way to step out of illusion is to open your heart with love and compassion and see those around you in truth.

If one humans truth does not resonate with your truth that is fine dear ones. This is not about everyone having the SAME truth. The truth will be personal to you for you have a personal life experience. It is impossible for two human beings to have exactly the same life experience. For this reason “one size DOES NOT fit all”. Those who talk about one truth and one way are deep in illusion dear ones. Detach from this view of the world for it illusion disguised as love. This illusion will teach that all likeminded souls will band together to persuade those of a different viewpoint how wrong they are. This is division and so is not truth. Do you understand the analogy dear ones, do you understand our words. There is NO them and us as we are ALL ONE.

We guide strongly for all of you to go within regularly. It may be that many of you spend longer in meditation and in nature than ever before but we guide you to detach in whatever way you can from the dramas that are unfolding. It serves no one dear ones, no one apart from illusion to have you fall back in once more. There will be many more dramas all created to bring you back down into the lower vibrations. Fly high dear ones, those who have maintained a higher vibration will be able to hold the space for those who now begin their climb out of illusion. Do not berate yourself for falling back down into illusion at times. Simply go within, acknowledge and release. This brings the vibration you hold up much faster than falling more and more into illusion by being negative with yourself.

It is not your fault dear ones that you have lived with illusion for so long. You lived with the illusion and it taught you well but now is the time to climb up the ladder of vibration and to experience what it means to be an expanded human BEing holding more light and more love within your BEing.

Do not allow others to try to bring your vibration back down, by this we do not mean trying to awaken them as this is too confusing for them and may lower your vibration as frustration takes hold of you. We simply mean keeping your energy system clear and protected. By holding the space and acknowledging that many humans are still asleep and are acting from their perspective of their truth at this time you will be able to see both scenarios at once. You will be able to see through the veils whilst also acknowledging how difficult it is for many who are asleep to be blind to those veils.

This is a lesson dear ones in love and compassion, do not hold a grudge or negative emotions when you stumble across those humans who are asleep. Allow them to have their truth but keep hold of YOUr truth. Do not waiver in the onslaught of their attempts to pull you back in. Accept that they know no other way of being at this point in their life journey and continue to live and BE your truth.

As we have guided previously many humans across the planet will not wake up in this life time. So many of you will come across those so deeply embedded in the illusion that you will seem to come from a different planet. In truth you do, you come from truth and they come from illusion but it is not your life path to enlighten them dear ones. You cannot know what they came to this life journey to complete. You risk lowering your vibration and being pulled back into illusion with any attempt at enlightening them.

Holding the space for those asleep whilst raising your vibration and holding your fellow humans in your heart space is the key to moving through these times of vast change. It is about UNITY dear ones. Do not look upon your fellow awakened humans and try to separate yourself from them. Where there is difference of truth allow it to BE. Those of a lower vibration will heighten in due course and those of a higher vibration will automatically be able to hold the space for those who come behind them. ALL are at different rungs on the ladder if you will accept the analogy. There is NO hierarchy, there is UNITY dear ones, as you begin to open your hearts to one another you begin to feel the LOVE that IS. When you can celebrate the life achievements of another human and not judge you have stepped out of illusion. Join together dear ones, step out of separation and join the human consciousness vibration as it begins to rise and truth is revealed.

YOU ARE your thoughts and feelings dear ones. WE ARE ONE, we are the high council of orion and we are your brothers and sisters from the stars. Open your hearts to one another and you will uncover the truth that ALL ARE ONE. We look forward to connecting with you in due course. Know you are children of the universe and you are deeply loved. Step into that love through your heart. We send much love and many blessings to all of YOU.