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Hello to all dear souls. Smile This is a channeled messages from the entity known as Mikos, from the city of Telos in Agartha (Inner Earth). The Agarthans are our long lost brothers and sisters, both genetically and spiritually. Many things are discussed in this message, such as the coming announcements about the Agarthans and increased starship sightings. Enjoy, I give this message to all in Love.


Wes: Hello Mikos, how are you on this fine day?

Mikos: Hello Wes, I am doing just fine. Watching you all go through so many exciting energy shifts and remaining in one peice has given me much satisfaction. The light truly has come to replace all that is dark on the surface. We here in Telos are so excited for the coming together of the surface and inner worlds! We have waitied oh so long for you all to become aware of us once more, and with the recent concessions made this will be sooner than later.

Wes: That is great to hear Mikos, how close of a relation do we on the surface have to you all in Agartha?

Mikos: My dear friend, you are us! And we are you, we are seeded from the same DNA. Long ago we were two continents, Atlantis and Lemuria. War tore the two continents apart, and while Atlantis sank away the majority of us in Lemuria simply moved underground. We have since ascended, and we were all very close back in those times before war broke us up. The ones who gradually led us all into war are to be exposed for the mind controlling deeds they have been committing since before the down fall of Atlantis. This is so exciting, as we have always considered you all our “little siblings” so to speak. We have been watching you all grow and learn from what you chose to experience, and so many of you are now seeing you way out of the illusions you immersed yourselves in!

Wes: It is wonderful to be taking part in, and I imagine it is even more wonderful to be watching from your point of view. Now, I have heard a lot about announcements and presentations being planned specifically by Agarthans regarding the disclosure of the Inner Earth. Would you want tell me a little about that?

Mikos: Certainly! I and many others in the council that was created for this very announcement, have been putting the finishing touches on our presentations to you all. This is to air on your media with all of the other disclosure announcements, there is so much to tell you all! Our announcements specifically will concern our realation to you, how we were all once one and united but broke off into two groups, one that went down to the inner earth and ascended (us) and one that took a path of low vibration through their choices (you) We will also discuss how dearly we have missed you all, and you will find in these announcements that our realation is in fact quite close, closer than you would expect. We have been working so hard on every detail of these announcements, as we want to give you all the whole truth and the big picture. So many of you will be both confused and stunned by all of the revelations that are coming through, so we have to be careful not to overwhelm anyone while still getting every detail in perfectly. It is quite a process indeed.

Wes: That does sound quite draining dear Mikos, thank you all dearly for what you are doing for humanity.

Mikos: No thanks required dear friend! We have way too close of ties with you all on earth to simply ‘forget about you’ and that is not the natural way of life. Your ascension is a victory for so many, especially you all on earth. Know that much careful planning, dedication and Love have been put into all of this. The gloden age is here now, you all up there just have to realize it and begin tapping into your energy fields!

Wes: So very true good friend. What can us Lightworkers do to strengthen the grid of Light that is now encircling this planet?

Mikos: Dear one, even as you type that question you already know the answer to it. Giving Love and Light is still one of the most effective ways, but above all maintaing peace and harmony in yourself will keep Mother Earth healthy. Mother Earth feels the pain, fear and frustration of all on her surface, and know that it hurts her and weakens her just as it does all of you. So I would say to keep up with your spiritual disciplines, but mostly keep yourself and the ones around you peaceful and happy. If all could forget the stresses of daily Earthly life, peace would easily become the winning force on this planet, and your ascension would acccelerate even more than it already is.

Wes: Thank you so much for chatting with me Mikos. I know that as a part of getting the masses ready for disclosure, our friends in the sky have been doing their work more out in the open. Would you care to elaborate on that?

Mikos: Absolutely! The beginning efforts right now are underway to, as you said, ready the public for what is to come. We and our friends daily have much work to do with your planet and in you atmosphere, and we usually do the work whilst cloaked in invisibility to remain anonymous to you all and to the dark cabal. However, the cabal’s time has run out but we can not simply appear before you all, for that may send some who are stuck too deeply in the illusion into shock. Once greeted with the unkown, everything one used to know shatters as their minds expand faster than they can handle. Therefore we must be cautious in our efforts, and only appear at the right times to trigger the right reactions, not reactions of fear but of acceptance. So many now are unable to deny the validity of our sightings as they are increasing every day. Now, please know that we are not the only ones beginning to make futuristic displays. Look to the noble trees in the evening. You will find that they too are beginning to ascend, and the beautiful rays of light that are beginning to visibly surround them are more than proof of this. It (this light) will only get more vivid, and soon the trees will glow just as the sun does, just as you all will.

Wes: Thank you dearly for chatting with me Mikos, the insight you offer is both heartwarming and reassuring.

Mikos: Thank you Wes, I send my Love and communications to all.

(Permission is given to post this message anywhere on the grounds that the content is not edited or censored in any way)




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I appreciate that we are being treated with kid gloves asapparently  we are all too easily shocked by having our illusions shattered. etc etc etc  However there are many who would love to be told that their illusions are just that. We are so exploited, so oppressed, so disrespected, so disenfranchised by these illusions the truth would release us from our miserable prison.

i think our friends out there and in there are perhaps being too cautious.For example the self justification that supports the deliberate cruelty to women and children should be shattered.

The changes will be swift when enacted

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Thank you Father/Mother God for sharing this message. :)


It is easy to think our galactic friends are too cautious, but what you will soon understand is that they absolutely have to be that way. This game of duality is our game, not the galactic's. They are here to help us, and they could oust the last dark cabal out of power anytime they want to, but forcing an issue is simply not their way. They have to stand back and let us all collectively work our way through our problems, and if they showed up out of the blue there would be many illusioned souls who would be in shock. For decades the dark cabal has fed us 'entertainment' that consisted of horrible aliens destroying us and taking our planet. (See Battle: Los Angeles, Cowboys and Aliens, Falling Skies, The Event, Aliens in the attic, the list goes on and very far back) Because of these movies and tv shows putting the idea of an alien invasion in our head, if our et friends were to just decloak in mass numbers it would send so many out of whack thinking they're about to be killed. Thus the collective consciousness of the planet would be quite low, making it possible for an Illuminati attack. So you see, our friends do have to be very careful with what they do. Do not think for a second that this means the dark ones have the upperhand, as they have been stopped from doing almost every nasty event they have attempted, and what couldn't be stopped was downplayed quite a bit.


In Love! :D