~8~8~11~A MESSAGE FROM THE Dragon Realms ~

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We come to speak for the Dragon realms and we wish to further communicate with all across the planet that we stand ready to help and assist. Our communication and use of the human language can be limited and we acknowledge our channel in her writing of our words. Ours is a strong energy and we also acknowledge that this can hold fear within the human race as they may experience our energy and immediately begin to panic. It is to this end that we wish to communicate and to reassure that all is well.

Many humans across the planet have fallen into illusion with regard to Dragon energy and we are here to communicate with you to help you move through and out of illusion. We have never worked against mankind, there is much illusion about our role in your planets history and we communicate with you now that much of it is deliberate to keep you from the power that is the Dragon realms. At times on your human life journey there is a need to connect to an energy that is strong and protective and it is our Dragon energy that can provide this for you. Many associate us with other cultures and we ask that you detach from this illusion. The Dragon realms are here with all humans at this time to help humans to uncover the TRUTH and to lift the veils of illusion.

Many of your race have never heard of us and to them we introduce ourselves and our energies. Dragon energy can be intense, we are aware of this and if after experiencing our energies any humans find it too intense then communicate with us and we can work to balance the energies for you. Communication is a 2-way tool and we ask that you tell us if you find it uncomfortable for you, we have no wish to further illusion and the fear that it teaches. Many humans have no idea how to connect to us and we communicate to these humans that there are no rules, if you wish to experience Dragon energy then simply hold the thought in your mind and we will answer. There is nothing to fear from our realms, we stand in light and service to all of humankind at this time.

The illusion in parts of the planet is strong and many humans war with others as to the energies that we hold and the use of these energies. We wish to communicate our thanks and our love and appreciation of those humans who helped to free us from between realms so that we can once again stand shoulder to shoulder with the human race. We have a power that can cut through illusion, if you find yourself in a situation which requires protection and TRUTH unveiling then call on the Dragon realms. The appropriate Dragon will answer your call. When dealing with human emotion it may be helpful for you to call on the Water Dragons. Their powerful energies will help to shift stuck emotion and free the heart so that it may show TRUTH.

There are many ways to work with our energies and we ask that you connect to us at this time. Dragons are not the fearful creatures that illusion would have you believe, we ask that you take this information into your heart and process TRUTH. Dragons have long been misunderstood and this is deliberate to keep you separate from the TRUTH and separate from the energies that we carry. Many dragons find it difficult to communicate with humans in human language and this must be borne in mind when communicating with our realms, if the need for language is uppermost then please hold this in your thoughts when communicating and the appropriate dragon will step forward. We have many who are versed in communication with humans.

Dragons have fought to help free the human race for eons, it was for this reason that we were held between realms to prolong the illusions hold over the planet, now all realms stand shoulder to shoulder in TRUTH and light to help free the human race. That freedom is found through the heart and we wish to communicate most strongly that the TRUTH of your life experience is not found anywhere else. Many humans still refer to books and tales and we would ask the question why? Illusion abounds in these tales and history books, all illusion, all done to keep the energies apart. The only TRUTH about Dragons is to be found in your hearts, we communicate that the heart is the only way for humans to discern TRUTH as illusion begins to weaken and break down across the planet.

Much confusion will arise within you if you do not follow your heart for the mind is not capable of processing emotion. Our energies work with emotion, the intensity of our energy has to be FELT to be connected to, many who are still living from their minds try to connect and fail and so fall into the illusion of separation. ALL ARE ONE, we cannot communicate this strongly enough. All realms are now communicating with the human race to show their UNITY and their love and support, we Dragons are no different. We have the disadvantage as it were of having to hide ourselves to prevent more fear from entering the human.

Working with dragon energy will show you that there is nothing to fear, much of the fear is spread from those asleep who have not communicated with us. We may sound fearsome but we work in a different way to humans. We do not need language for language separates as many humans have found. Humans have been fed the illusion of “beauty” and have been led to believe that looks have a bearing on TRUTH, it is to this end that dragons when connected to may shun viewing by humans. We have no intention to further induce fear by revealing our outer selves on first meeting. We will reveal to humans slowly so that they may become used to us. It should be noted that many humans across the planet connect to our energies and accept us for who we are with no thoughts of fear. We note our channel and her faith and trust in us and we acknowledge her part in this message.

For those who harbour fears about our energies and our part in human history we ask you to question all that is laid before you as TRUTH. Why would we not work with you? Why do humans see so many enemies in front of them when in TRUTH there is only one? That enemy is illusion, it comes in many guises and many humans are in illusion when they state that all are separate. ALL ARE ONE, our energies are ONE, we are part of you and you are part of us. It can be no other way. UNITY is a difficult concept to understand and as a race who has experienced the illusion of separation for so long it will take some time for this TRUTH to be digested. It will not be digested whilst you are in fear and illusion. The way to digest TRUTH is to be in your hearts and we communicate that the heart is the bearer of TRUTH always.

We can help you through illusion, we can lift many layers of the veils at one time and perhaps that is what creates the fear amongst your race. That lifting of veils can be too strong from many humans to work with. If you wish us to connect to you and to help you then you have to have trust and faith in YOU. For it is the spark of TRUTH that is within YOU that leads you to your TRUTH. ALL realms stand with you, we are aware that the easiest route for many humans is that which they feel less intimidated by. That is to be expected, we wish to announce our presence and to show that humans have no reason to be intimidated by us. We protect you all at all times regardless of whether you are aware of us or not.

Once more we communicate that there is nothing to fear and the question of fear should be explored. Illusion seeks to separate we seek to unite. ALL ARE ONE. We are from the Dragon realms and we ask any human who wishes to communicate with us directly.



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