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(We have been asked to send this out today, in order that you may join in with this Exercise.  Your participation will further increase its empowerment "exponentially," and remember that you can set your intention that you be doing it at the same time as it was done on the conference call, because there really is no restriction of time in the higher dimensions!  Please send it on, and repeat it as often as you are inspired to do.  Ashtar said that it has been seen to be a big help in bringing forth the Announcements!  Namaste and







"Greetings Beloved Family! Wondrous Lights unto the world you are!  And we join with you, and we add our Lights of Love to yours, and together we shine forth with such a brightness and such a radiance that the entire World can feel and enjoy the Love and the messages that we send, that we put forth together in this most wondrous of times.


"It is I, Sananda, and I come with the Love of Family in my heart for all of you, and for all of those here gathered from the various places in the Universe from which they came to be one with us in this time of Family, in this time of togetherness to co-create such an important gift for the entirety of Planet Earth, Humanity, Mother Gaia, and all of Her Kingdoms.


"And so we stand together.  There is no one higher than any one else.  There is no one in any position that is any more important that anyone else.  And most of all, there is nothing here between us, except Love and the Joy of reunion.


"Oh yes, we've all been together before, in different places, in different times, as you measure time.  We all come to Planet Earth, and some of us have come before, and some many times in order to fulfill the great mission, the great mission of descent into what you call the third dimensionality, and then to rise again as an entire Planet, not just as some families, or what you might call tribes, have done, but to rise together from every place upon the Planet in what is called the Ascension Process.


"And we are here now, Beloved Ones, to clear the path, to pave it with Love, and Joy, and yes, Bliss.  And it is this Golden Age of Abundance, Abundance of Peace, Abundance of Love, Abundance of food, good water, shelter, Abundance of creativity, and the Joy that comes, whether you're dancing, or singing, or having a quiet time with your favorite tree in the out-of-doors - Abundance of whatever it is that you choose to create in every moment, unrestricted, unblocked, free, as you are free to create!


"And so as we stand together, let us make our circle.  It is huge, and as you gaze around, feel the Love, see the Lights beaming so bright - radiant!  Feel it, feel the energy of it, and allow it to gently, but gracefully, lift you up, just so that we rise together.

"It is necessary for us to have a vantage point that is up and off of the surface of Earth, so that our beams, and the exercise that we create to give to the Planet from our hearts, from all places within our Divine and sacred beings, will reach everywhere very quickly, and in one great burst, to spread and spread, to take root as it were, and to grow, and to become even more powerful in every moment.


"And so let us rise together, Beloved Ones.  If you choose, you can activate your wings, or you can see the great Light that powers you upward, however you choose to see it.  This is your creation, Beloved Ones, but know that we are joined hands and hearts, and that we make this journey up and away from the third dimensional Planet Earth together as One.


"And so now let us stop, and as we form a circle, let us look down through the circle at Planet Earth, and let us read the energies together that we may know the result as we re-create them.  Every place where a Light does not shine, every place where a Light is dim, or where there is darkness, that is a place of lack. That is a place where there is no enjoyment of Abundance, because there is no wisdom to know that all Abundance is a Sovereign Right for All in that place to enjoy.


"And so we shall beam enlightenment, loving heart-beams, and the message is, 'Wake-up! Look up!  We're calling upon you, Beloved Humanity of Planet Earth. We have wisdom for you. We have enlightenment for you, and most of all we have Love!'  And let your Love Lights just shine and shower, powerful beams, loving beams, pure Love.


"You may see beautiful colors, you may see even rainbows of colors as we join with you and your Guides, and Angels, and Masters of the Higher Dimensions, the Ascended Ones - those who have ascended already and are now here with you in service.

"And look upon the Planet and see all of Mother Gaia's Kingdoms opening with great Joy.  Send these beams to the Crystals that they will send your messages on, and keep sending them, and keep repeating, and repeating, and repeating. And see the Animals and Plant Kingdoms shine as the Light touches them.


"Now shine your Lights upon your lists of whatever it is that you choose to empower as gifts for the entire Planet Earth - gifts which will continue to be energized and carried forward into the next now moments on Planet Earth, and which will radiate out into the entire Universe.  Whatever it is that you see, feel, and know would be joyful Abundance for Planet Earth, and beyond, to receive.

"Whatever it is that you yourself have on your lists to receive into your own fields of energy - now shine your Lights upon your lists, and give them the empowerment to come into manifest creation, because you have that ability, Beloved Ones, because we all have that ability together.


"Oh, your hearts are so beautiful, and you shine so bright!  And you are even now giving all of your gifts of Abundance to the entire Planet to share, even as you are creating within your own energy fields.  A direct beam, so whatever it is you have a desire to create in the way of joyful, high vibrational, loving Abundance, is even now drawing to you, because you have willed it so, because you have created it so, because you have so unselfishly come and joined, and thus empowered this Family of ours to reach out to the entirety of the World, of Planet Earth, and beyond.


"And as we fly in our circle, as we hover above Planet Earth, let us stop for a moment to hear and feel the thanks.  We all thank each other. Hear the thanks of the World which hungers and thirsts, and longs for the Abundance that we have just co-created.  Let Peace come to all.  Let this Abundance flow to all with ease and grace on the wings of Love, the energies which we have shared and put forth together.  See it in your mind's eye!


"Feel it in your hearts, Beloved Ones, this grand gift of Abundance is now activated everywhere upon Planet Earth so that everyone, everyone who chooses the high road, who chooses Ascension, who chooses to be in the now moment, and to be in constant receiving and expressing of Love -this Divine Abundance now flows joyfully to all!!!


"And let the Love Light up those who cling to the dark now, and shower them with the same unconditional Love, and let us send the message to them that they, too, can participate in creating Abundance of Joy and Love, and health, and yes, even wealth for everyone in the Human Kingdom, and all of the Kingdoms of Mother Gaia, if they so choose.


"Welcome them to our circle with Joy, with Love, Compassion, Forgiveness, Attitude of Gratitude.  Thank them for showing you the difference between the path of dark and the path of Light.  Shower them with Love, because you have plenty of it. You have infinite Abundance of Love coming to you from the grateful Universe, empowering you and in turn being shared by you, and by us in all of this as your Family.


"I, Sananda, thank you, Beloved Ones, as do we all.  And now we ask that you thank yourselves.  Let your Light shine even brighter throughout your energy fields, and receive without any reservations, or hesitations, or blockages of any kind, receive the Love you are, the Love we are, the Love of One.


"So linger here if you wish.  Hug each other, if you choose.  And just keep those Love beams spiraling throughout.  When you are powered by Love, Beloved Ones, there is nothing that you cannot accomplish.  Just know that you indeed are the Masters of Creation of whatever it is that you choose to call forth to your own Divine selves.  So hugs to all, and Roses of course, the Roses of Family we give to you in unlimited quantities.  Please to accept them into your hearts, into your fields of energy, that we may always be together in the Love of this moment.


"Thank you, Beloved Family, and Namaste!"




"Shhhh! I'm in whisper mode.  I choose not to disrupt the Peace of the moment, but I only come to tell you, Family, how beautiful you are, how beautiful are your creations, and how joyful it is to co-create with you.  These great gifts of Love and Joy, Abundance and yes, Peace on Planet Earth.  Congratulations - we did it, because you came!!!  We've got a lot more to come of J-o-y!  Namaste!"




Transcription by: Arnold Neal Troeh, to whom we give our heartfelt thanks for his loving dedication and speediness!