AdaptingToGrace ~ Eileen Meyer ~ My Answer Is Yes, What Is Yours? ~ 8 January 2014

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eileenmeyerThe conversation is happening. This is what I LOVE! I wanted to share a response that I wrote with one of you wonderful beings that has engaged with me and this little community “project”. It helped me to clarify my own intent. So thank you Respondent #28! Which reminds me, when you write to me, if you feel open to having something shared here or on the Facebook Page: Coming Out as a Contactee, please indicate clearly that you agree to share who you are and what you say. I want this to be about us.


At this stage of my life and feeling integrated with “the More”, I care little about names and labels… I am inspired to round up the community of those who are ready to BE who they came to BE – from a place of empowerment, balance, and strength. For me, it’s okay if we don’t know how to file something away in existing files here. Let it go. There aren’t any files here to fully explain what we have connected with. Ultimately, we are being asked to embody and BE the level of LOVE that we are – that ALL of us are. I feel that the more we can let go of the characters and story lines of our experiences, the better. The fragmented consciousness that we have been operating within for centuries will never fully explain this phenomenon of communing with MORE. I support people in letting go of the need to create a starseed identity here and opening to simply feeling/communing with the energy and frequencies of Universal LOVE that touch us, and remind us of the MORE that we are. I perceive it as an accelerated evolution of consciousness that we agreed to. And now is the time to OWN it, CLAIM it, ACTUALIZE it, and to DEMONSTRATE it – right where we are. This in no way makes contactees or starseeds “special”. Rather, it is simply a question to you from the Universal, God, Source, Creator. Will you RESPOND, INTEGRATE, and RADIATE LOVE on Earth? NOW? My answer is YES! What is yours?

EM Meyer

Wrote a little song about it back in ’06 called “Just in Time”. I’ve shared this before, but it seems apropos again. I’ll offer the download for free for a few days. Being a musician, I sometimes like to seal things up with a song. Inspired by my own contact. A collaboration if you will :)