Advancing Civilization to the Greatest LOVE of ALL

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I know that when one steps out of the world of illusion, there are very few people who have made the journey into Present-Ness.  Each and everyone of them have gone through the "dis-illusion-ment" and they now see so clearly the Divine everywhere.

On this planet, everyone is here for the same AWAKENING, yet each and everyone is in their own place and living moment, and the "timer" is going off. The wake up call has been sounded, but the mind continues to sleep on in the world of illusion. Forgetfulness seems to be the rule and ignorance holds illusion's reigns and guides the masses into deeper and deeper slumber.

What is possible for the ones asleep? I wonder.

When I learned that everyone does things for their own reasons and not mine I had to wonder about that and I realized I accomplish my life for my own "reason" not theirs. Lol, I feel better when I realize I have stepped upon the path of the Heart = Earth and there is no going back for there is no back to go to.

There is sadness in enlightenment but not as much as there is in those still in illusion, they still have to start the journey of the Heart = Earth.

The funniest thing I embrace is I am a right brained being on a planet where right brained beings don't fit in to the illusionary world of illusion. Ltfol.

Everyone wants to "fit in", belong to something real, but the catch is one must be real first, and illusion doesn't make real, Real. In fact, illusion misses Real 100/100 times, if not more.

Well maybe 1 gets it, out of the many Living in illusion then that one is free to be Awakened and illusion falls away for the one letting it go.

There are those of us here on Planet Earth = Heart that continue to advance civilization along to the Greatest LOVE of ALL, for love, just one more gift to give and share.

Yep, Society is the disease and so many have got it. The cure is LOL and let it all go. For those programmed, the hurt and pain of the lie cannot be faced without losing their ego mind. And they think they are what the "controllers" told them they are.

The past hasn't saved anyone ever and Society certainly doesn't care for anything but the illusion and the illusion is just BS filled with empty promises.

Love sees everything as one Living Universe where all are Unique.

In simplistic life, love is real and expressed as life unceasingly. That's the Creation I LOVE and all are Unique where I come from.

I have found the perfect answer, lol. Breathe if you are GOD.