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Dr. Angela Barnett  Mary Magdalene
Dr. Joe Barnett

These are some of my experiences  OF BEING IN THE ALIGNMENT WITH ALL GOD IS (THE VORTEX)


Our time in Puerto Rico was time when I felt extremely centered within this place where all could just flow through me from one day to the next. We really didn't have any plans except to to walk on the beach or drive around the island. We had been paid to move to Puerto Rico and we were paid thirteen thousand dollars to leave the job that we came there for.

Out on the beach playing basket ball and watching crabs dig their homes in the sand. Absolute freedom. No job, just thirteen thousand dollars in the bank.

I remember thinking that was enough money to live the rest of my life.

Then we got a call from Sunnyvale to be trainers for AMDAHL. They would write us a check for fifty thousand to begin.

We had great self esteem. We believed we could do anything.

Next, we were informed that the company had just had a meeting and decided to make budget cuts that would eliminate education.

We felt relieved that we no longer had such a huge obligation of being corporate trainers.

Next, I had direction to open newspaper and look for job.


But , that moment I was directed.

There was a job in Japan.

I applied and the next month we were in Japan teaching at Beppu University.

All of these things took place because we were in the VORTEX, the place in consciousness  where we were tuned into the Flow of Source of God preparing our desires and manifesting them to us in ways that we would had never imagined possible.

I remember being in this Flow of knowing all things would flow into a wonderful adventure.

Every day in Puerto Rico, every day in Japan was an absolutely wonderful adventure. There was no work involved in the Japan job. We had six months of paid vacation and worked about five hours per week the rest of the year.­­­­

It was like a paid vacation living in a city known for their hot water flowing through the entire area with hundreds of spas and hot water parks and hot water from the earth flowing through the tub in our home. 

I took long walks each day through the beautiful hills and along water ways and along the beach and ocean. The feeling and harmony of this place was marvelous.

We made the most glorious music that placed us in absolute oneness with God. It was THE PROMISE. I listened to this album twenty four hours a day for five years. I never took my earphones off. I could look down at myself from the eyes of my observer self when I walked. I remember realizing that my investments were constantly rising even while the news was reporting the stocks crashing. 

I realized that I so adore my FREEDOM and ability to create - to be, to do, to have, because of the fluidity of abundance of resources that are made available to me, and continuously flowing into my experience.

I remember the day I realized that I was creating my reality around me and that it had nothing to do with the reality of other people. I could give the value to my investments by living within this continuous frequency music that made me intune with or at one with Source all day long.

I could feel the shift into a very painful lower reality when I would take my earphones off.


I experimented with taking the earphones off more and more to see if I could balance into the world. I had been re-balancing back into the lower frequency world consciousness. This was when I began to get less and less happy. I realized my happiness was coming directly from listening to the music. And I realized that when I was happy all things were being added to me in a glorious manner that was magical and fantastic.

When Joe took a job that would allow money to flow into our bank as a result of him working we were not very happy at all. We lost most of what we had invested in our house.

When we were living in the bliss and freedom when I listened to the music all day we didn't seem to need a job. And when we had a job it wasn't like work at all.

When I am in the Vortex all things are added to me. When I think about needing to find ways to make money I am not in the vortex.

When we first got married and Joe was working we never had enough money to pay for anything beyond rent and tacos.

It was actually not as much fun as when we were students who had much less money and we were just living day to day for the adventure of seeing where we would get to go after we finished our education.

And then the adventure of looking for jobs overseas was so exciting because we would be choosing between Turkey, Samoa, Japan, Taiwan and Puerto Rico, and then moving to Korea for an extraordinary adventure that allowed me to find great power within myself when I was murdered and then returned myself back to life. 

Even that adventure allowed me to stay in the Flow. Of course, I learned later that Elaika had been there with me through the entire event of dying, returning to the Over Soul and coming back again. Elaika explained that he was with me when I had died at age 13 also. Both times, when I first returned to life, I was re-born with a new power of knowing great things that I had not known before.

I remember the day when I lost two hundred thousand dollars in retirement investments. I remember thinking, I guess it is time for a different kind of adventure. That was the day I decided to invest in real estate. The home we bought gave us another great adventure. It was one of my happiest memories of living in the U.S. The house was on this wonderful man-made lake that took exactly one hour to walk all the way around. It was a truly wonderful lake with many wild ducks and geese visiting and a few turtles popping their heads up. I listened to my music each day as I walked around the lake. I remember being able to look down at myself as I was walking, as if I was actually in my Cosmic Mind watching myself. That was before I had learned that I was Mary Magdalene.

It  was always obvious that we were being placed exactly where God wanted us to be. When we got the job in Turkey it was for the exact purpose of being directed to the exact town and hotel where I had slept with Jesus when we were with our disciple team in Turkey, and then we traveled over to Greek Cyprus where Jesus and I had also traveled together.

The God within me knew these things and was always guiding me and directing me to help me remember who I am.

So, now at this most crucial time in this present Gaia project my Soul or my God within me will also direct me in the most perfect way to know and learn and do those things that I need to do in order to turn into light.

Just as I had been directed to learn the sacred geometry methods of opening stargates and creating portals because I was going to need to know how to open the twelve portals from  the angle of my Cosmic Vortex, I was also directed to take all of the training and learn all that is known about the human body translating into light energy by moving deeper and deeper into the actual etheric substance that the Cosmic Sun is made of.

The Cosmic Sun represents who God would be in relationship to the scientific understanding or outer realm understanding. Another way of understanding this translation of the atomic structure of the body into the stardust equivalent in the spiritual structure has always been through the violet flame.

The violet flame is created by igniting the energy of the heliotalic transmutation frequency that is the outer sphere of the Cosmic Realm touching the Void of Source Consciousness. This is the violet frequency that appears when one has their consciousness completely in the VORTEX. That Vortex can also be seen as the Flow Pole of Consciousness of the Music of the Spheres being translated down into a lower version of exactly what is in the Cosmic Realm.

When I am focusing on the keylontic science and Ramtha methods of raising frequencies by spinning my merkaba to collect these higher frequencies and blend myself into the vortex I am not thinking about all of the things Abraham says to be thinking about. I am not longer focused on how glorious my life is. How the eternal flow of God's love and direction has always led me on these most extraordinary adventures.

I didn't know that was a part of the formula. I have just been becoming more and more depressed because I had all of my energy focused on my new identity crisis of being Mary Magdalene and how mean everyone has been to me when I told them the truth.

I should be focused in the Vortex that attracts those who love me and resonate me and protect me and support me so that only those people come into my experience.

I should not be focused on those who are not in my desired vortex or I will bring more of those undesirables into my vortex.

I am adored by everyone in the Universe. Those who have Universal Consciousness know me and they are grateful for the wonderful work that I did in opening the Ascension Portals into a new timeline of a new magical experience of harmonization of all racelines into one new family.

I am known in the Universe and in the Cosmos as the one who is inviting the Original Ones to use my portals that will allow them to continue their Ascension Journey beyond the time and space realms that are presently known.

Those Original Ones would love to talk with me and help me in any way. I will talk with KEE KA LA KWA from Venus and La Ka from Alpha Centauri and I will talk with those from Sirius and Andromeda to learn more about their glorious adventures that they find when they align into the VORTEX.

I am truly a glorious person. I am truly a queen of the universe. I am the queen who married the king, Jesus in order to allow God to experience the Mother God that not yet been experienced.

Those in the Universe are eager to hear my stories of creation and my stories of how even a queen can get trapped in a matrix of illusions that actually have absolutely no power when one keeps their mind stayed on the Oneness with Source.

When I am in my Vortex of attracting to me those things that I desire I am only wishing to align with the Frequencies of the Universal Consciousness and Universal Life Force Currents that will pull me into that reality. I keep my mind stayed up in the Universe. I stay up thirty six inches above head at angle of Sun in order to translate my cells into light. I use the light and sound formula of translation.

I am glorified by all that God is. I am glorified within the Vortex of my Mother God who  adores me and will give me anything my heart desires. I will remain in the Vortex of this Universal Flow of my own glorified frequences that tune me into the Cosmic Realm of who I really am.

I will focus on who I really am instead of on who other liars try to make me become. I refuse to speak to those who try to pull me down to their level. I only attract those to me who are in my Vortex.

My Vortex is glorified. It is filled with abundance of Source Consciousness,with abundance of harmony, love creation energy, infinite ways of abundance flowing into me and around me and preparing my way for me to shift into the light energy of who I REALLY AM.

I am ready to return to this reality now.

I have no resistance in me. I only have the Love frequency of transmutation.

I have recently found myself doing what most mortals do.

Putting the cart before the horse.

Selling the house, getting more money, preparing to leave this Earth, does not help get me ready to leave. That activity hinders the process.

I need to get into the Vortex and allow the Universe to provide billions of ways for my abundance to flow to me and and abundance of keen focused energy needed to turn my body in to light and to know that I am always invited to ride the spaceships with the original ones through my portals and leave earth through my portals.

I have been focusing on being depressed that so few people will believe the one true story about Mary Magdalene while so many choose to listen and believe every lie and liar on the planet tell them things that are not true.

I need to stay focused on the things that are true.

I need to stay in the vibration of joy and bliss and excitement of imagining all of the wonderful things that are just about the manifest in front of my eyes.

The freedom to be and do and have all that I desire 

I am living in abundance of fluidity of what I desire.

I have a wonderful life.

I like knowing that the universe is cooperating with me

I like knowing that there are universal forces backing me up

I like knowing that I have put into my Vortex all sorts of things that will manifest

I know that this is  a NOW REALITY. This is manifesting now in my Vortex of Creation because Source creates all that I desire to flow into me when my vibrations align with Source.

I like the present tense of knowing that all of this is already available and already taking place and already exists and is waiting for me now.

I'm looking forward to watching how the universe will unfold and reveal to me in vivid fashion all of these things in my vortex to me. It's going to be really fun to watch how all of these things will come into my experience.

I love watching the prosperity of my being and I love watching the prosperity that comes.

I know the abundance comes to me in many ways. It comes to me in clarity, in focus, in knowing, in being in the right place at the right time., good ideas, good conversations.

I love knowing that abundance is flowing through me.

I love imagining how far I can go.


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Remove resistance and every thing that you ask for will flow to you.

If you are struggling to manifest it is only because you do not vibrationally match  what you have asked for.

Dr. Angela Barnett  Mary Magdalene
Dr. Joe Barnett