ALL IS LOVE, did you forget?

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If ya live in illusion how can ya know? It's like the fish in the water, the fish is alive even though it doesn't know it's living in water

Well, maybe the ones visiting the GFP will consider the thoughts and maybe Awaken more, little by little, bit by bit, ALL IS LOVE, did you forget?

Phase two, Rebuilding Civilization.

Civilization is based in harmony with everyone living life in balance with each other and creation. Society isn't run by the individuals, Society is run by the ones who own it, and to be a voting member you gotta pay up front. And yep, ya pay and ya pay because Society is a very costly toll on people and nature.

Look at who rules and you will see where YOU are in their use of you for their own gains.

From the moment you are born, Creation is there with you. Society is there just waiting to grab ya and make you a slave of their rules. Then they gotcha! And the programming begins.

Creation is right there too in the life, being present with the being born of nature, to live in nature and grow with nature for the advancement of the individual as well as civilization.

Society has different plans for you. Lol

Their plan is they program you to follow and obey. That way you are theirs to do what they will, holding you captive in a lot of Belief Systems you were given, so you have to give it all, including your life, to the ones who own Society.

It's a Grand Plan of power over instead of power within the individual, to grow and prosper in the freedom to be present.

Creation is true Civilization because it's all inclusive and everyone and everything benefits from the experience and grows together.

Everyday, everyone is being told what they need and how to live and follow along.  Life becomes things and having things fill up your life with caring for things. Lol

People are just tools for the owners of Society to use for their personal gain and their ownership of the people keeps the people from their true destiny, Awakening.

AWAKENING IS where real freedom exists, free of the limited programming done by the owners of Society