~Angel Message~7~8~11

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Beloved souls, Life is one big adventure isnt it? You never know what its going to be thrown your way. So be ready at all times for the unexpected, and make the most of every opportunity sent your way, as these are ways in which we can see your growth. The more you set out to enjoy the life experience here in duality the better you can help others to do so too. Take a few moments to sit and look at any old habits, ruts and stuck areas in your life, and make a plan to get out of them. keep it fresh and simple. Try something new. Give yourself the permission to enjoy it. Do the things that give you a great sense of joy, peace and wonder. Is there darkness on your path? Cant seem to see a way through? What would you do in a cave? Take a light? Ask for illumination about the next step. We are here always to assist you. Watch for the signs, we will show you the way, and how to go through it. Ultimately it is up to you if you take our advice or not, but we are here with you walking on this wonderful voyage. Its now time to take up new paths on this adventure trip with excitement, and lots of courage. If you feel afraid or unsure at anytime, tune in and feel us beside you. We never leave you. excitement and courage opens up lots of great opportunities and forms new relationships with people you would normally never meet. Let us move fowards together with lots of healthy positive anticipation, expect, the best and hope never will fail you with us beside you. Be generous with each other. Generosity is a quality of spirit, its something you develop in being compassionate and empathic with others. You rejoice atothers fortunes when you, yourself have nothing good to rejoice about. Its about sharing what little you do have with those who have none. An attitude of mind, that gives without expecting a return. It is time to give of your self open heartedly, freely and lovingly. What you give out is returned to you in much higher quantities and qualities. Rapael asks you to develop your intuition and psychic abilities further.  Work with him if you feel you need help with such issues. Or if you have health concerns talk to him. Rapahel will bring you abundance and work with you in all aspects where you need healing, and guidance. If you travel alot He is here to walk with you, and will guide you on your adventure here in the physical world should you ask. feeling lonely or sad? Talk to Raphael, he has the most uplifting hugs and energy you can ask for. Guaranteed to leave you with a smile on your face and spring in your step. Be sure to listen to any guidance he is offering you about your health and how best you can help yourself.   Raphael is asking you to really begin listening to your inner feelings about all your issues. Your physical and emotional feelings are way pointers to the truth. Therefore honour and accept them, listen to them as you would a sat nav or map and compass. If you get an irky feeling about something there is usually a reason why. Listen to the body as you recieve messages from it telling you when there is something wrong or when there is soemthing right it will tell you by how relaxed and happy it is. The tense parts will create pain and dis- ease. Until next time beloveds, we are always here for you. Be at peace