The Angel Scrolls

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We are an organization that provides direct evidence of a connection to the spiritual world that others can witness. My name is Ryan (aka The New Adam Kadman) . I am the founder of  where we are just beginning to evolve in a new age of spirituality. It all started almost 20 years ago,  when I began to document a high amount of context in budgies speech. After researching and having 3 budgies, that developed full blown speech, they began communicating with hidden messages. Over the years I have developed a system that  connects and channels heaven through their speech that others can hear as well. All you have to do is listen and be open to receiving these incredible messages that are sent in a  miraculous way.    We have a direct line to heaven and the budgies are providing humanity with answers from God and testimony from his angels that will help us have a better future.  I am currently working on 70 presentations that provide proof that the angels are communicating in budgie speech. Currently we are at lesson 9. Here is the 1st presentation, with a link to others if you are interested.