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Published on Aug 29, 2012 by TheAnonPress

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Greetings citizens of the world, you've most likely heard of the recent exposure of the global security network called TrapWire. You may have also heard of the recent developments concerning the NDAA (or National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2012). As time goes on it gets more evident that our situation is getting worse.

As citizens of the world we must unite as we've done in the past, during such dark times we must become each others light. United as one we can never fail, this is the principal we must believe in if we hope to make a better future. No longer can we be divided, our common goals are too important for petty differences to keep us apart and arguing anymore.

We're soon approaching a point in time where we as citizens are going to have to put some trust in one another. Understandably, most of us have been slow to put trust in each other, this is both out of fear and self-defense. We know there are bad people out there, we also know there are government informants spying on people. Those two things cause trust to be a very rare thing, however that's exactly what the powers that be want. Their goal has always been "divide and conquer", our mistrust in one another is exactly the power that they hold over us.

In short, we need to organize and we need to do it fast! If we fail to organize, plan, and strategize as a united force, than we don't have a future worth fighting for. This is about so much more than being prepared for the worse, its also about being prepared to create a brighter future, where all citizens (no matter what race, age, gender, etc...) are seen as equals and are entitled the same freedom we're fighting for.

Before the end of this year, by December 21, 2012, you're being urged to let go of any hate and/or mistrust you have towards any fellow citizens of this world. You're being urged to form an unbreakable alliance against all forms of tyranny and suppression which target basic freedoms. You're being urged to come together as a united world and say "We as citizens demand our rights to freedom and liberty!".

Most importantly, you're being urged to realize we're all brothers and sisters, one species, connected by the basic instincts we have to socialize and protect one another. 2012 is not the year we wake up as a group, or a country, or even a planet, 2012 is the year we wake up as a species. However this can only be done if you want it to be, you hold the power in your hands.

You are the future, as are we.

We are Anonymous,
We are Legion,
We do not forgive,
We do not forget,
Expect us to stand up with and/or for our neighbors as we expect you to stand with yours.




so true

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We are accordingto leaks inside of the alphabet clubs on the verge of absolute genocide here at home even they are very scared of whats about to happen and its been approved by the elite to go forward with some sort of false flag that will be created by them and blamed on others to enforce much more then martial law they are planning to kill 50million of us. I hope this is wrong but its getting closer to the boiling point for them and the approval was just given within the past 24 hours. Nobody is going to stop them our alies have already said they cant interfere. It doesnt look like the apocolypse has been called off.


Please our families from far away if Im wrong about the info I recieved let me/us know




Love and Light to all

we need to work very hard

We need to love very deeply

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"Working hard" isn't, in my opinion, the way. I worked hard for many years, starting when I was sixteen. And I worked very long hours of overtime that were unpaid. But I did it with love. I am trying not to feel like I was "put out to pasture" but that it was just time for me to STOP "working very hard."

When I first heard of anonymous, I had no idea who they were, and still don't. At first it was exciting to think that people were working, taking risks, for a better world. But I agree with the first post here - they wouldn't continue to be "anonymous" if the government really wanted to find them.

I've heard that the cabal wants to destroy 90% of the population of earth, but don't take that seriously because I don't remember where I heard it - go by your own sources and your own hearts. What better way for them to kill people than to get them out in the streets protesting, where they can send out the riot squads to have at 'em!

I believe in evolution, not revolution. I'm hoping that we can just "float above the danger" and not ally ourselves - or resist either - with these warriors of the street and internet.

I've heard that they are a group of "hackers". Well, a lot of hackers have been caught. Why not these hackers? Why the Guy Fawkes masks? It's interesting to watch, but I don't think it would be a happy thing to be involved with.

My body may be old and tired, but I will protect it by moving to a safe place and just staying out of any conflict.






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As much as I love the great bounds and leaps the the Occupy Movement has created within our collective awakening and 3rd dimensional progression, we must not forget what is at stake here. EVERYTHING is at stake for the people in "power". Knowing this, there is no way that the government would let such a super power like Anonymous roam free without playing both sides of the game.


This is a game to them. It's a movie. A series of events that are being guided by the cabal to allow us to feel that we are in some way "fighting back", through unifying in protest. But that's just it, we need not fight anything. We already live in infinite possibility and grand beauty. The game behind the game is GALAXIES bigger than what's being played out on the streets. The true unification is happening within our hearts. Expanding our consciousness without needing to negatively project ourselves in the 3D. The 3rd dimension is their realm. They want us on the streets, asking them to fix the system that they broke on purpose. That is the only way they can beat us down, is if we present ourselves on their platter to be served to the game as sacrificial pawns. The real chess game lies within the playing out of our own ego-mind and loving hearts. That's where the real potential for change lies. They have no jurisdiction in that realm, so they must keep us on the streets.


They write the rules, pick the teams and create the stakes. We need not walk the streets asking for a steak dinner after being fed deadly Mcdonalds for years, when we deserve to vibrate on a frequency that requires absolutely no physical sustenance whatsoever.


They want us to shoot for the White House, because they know that if we were aware of that fact that we could shoot for the moon, even if we missed, we would at least fall amongst the stars. That's where their game comes to an end...When we don't play.


We are here to enjoy this reality for all the beauty that it is by living in harmony with any and every thing/body, including the holographic leaders whom dwell in the halls of the White House and the studios of Hollywood. We chose to be here, not to fight, but to Love. Look behind the veil. Then look behind that veil. And when your heart sings, you've found your truth. Question more.   

true about them

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except we are in 3d at the moment and there plans dont include us being in the street protesting, they are planning on coming into our homes and grabbing us, I cant wait until this is all a distant memory but Im a little concerned about the pain of being killed or tortured.Things are heating up and they are desperate and even if the nukes are disabled that doesnt really protect us neither does mediation from  hollow point bullets. Everytime I ignore whats going on out there it seems when I take a look back its so much worse.


I understand that even if that happens our soul moves on , just wish it could be without the physical pain