In Anticipation of The Event

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Bring It On!


Are you ready for The Event?  I am. Bring it on. Once in a while I need to vent. Maybe you do too.  I can safely say it has a powerful cleansing effect while it releases a lot of internal stress having to do with how slow things appear to be moving. The following is a re-post from last year. With the nonsense and harm the cabal continues to try and propagate on this planet and her inhabitants it is time to let loose once again. This is how I feel and at times like these it feels good to say so. Back in my practice days, as a psychotherapist, I would support abuse victims in their desire to confront their abusers, once they were ready to do so. It was a very powerful moment for them and every client who took this brave step reported the same result - An end to feeling like a Victim. We are no longer victims when we stand up to those who would try and control us. Let us do so as often as necessary until the job is done.  Badda Bing, Badda Boom!



"I Apologize Therefore I'm Cured" - Really???


I am feeling angry and upset with the current state of world affairs, with the miscreants, the cheaters, the predators in suits, the military abusers of mankind. These sycophants can now readily be identified and found among our world leaders, the people who allegedly run things for the rest of us. Let them all be evacuated from Earth as far as I’m concerned, ship them off to a prison planet of their own making where they can be held to account for their oftentimes murderous abuses of mankind.


I’m disgusted!  I’m angry! I’m hurt! I am heartbroken at all the abuse taking place on this planet in the name of money, greed, control, abuse, and yes, more money. The epidemic called “More is Never Enough” is rampant among this group of so-called elites and we need to inoculate ourselves with The Truth to finally break free of their incessant machinations. We also need to feel our outrage as this perilous reality reaches our core because it takes a good dose of righteous anger to break free of any such delusion.  


Money is not the problem.  The abusers of mankind are. The Corporations, the Banks, the Major Religions, all in bed with each other, all deserving of a major slap up the side of the head to wake them out of their money-grubbing drunken stupor. This is Gold Fever 21st Century style. It’s every addict’s Waterloo and every compassionate citizen’s nightmare, to see these people lost in the lust of gaining more and more and more, and to hell with those they trample over.


Lies and deceit are clearly on the rise among these elitist sycophants. Misrepresentation and manipulation of the truth is the Sine Qua Non of a sick social structure governed by so-called Captains of Industry and Political Leaders who are drunk with power and totally enamored with their own press clippings.  Thank you Narcissus for showing us how distorted reflections work.


These people stand on precarious foundations that are destined to fail – a self-created veritable House of Cards born out of the fictions they erect as a substitute for truth. In some part, it is like watching a dinosaur go through its final death throes. But the comparison ends there. It is sad to see a mighty beast die. But that mighty beast, that dinosaur, was not involved in the wholesale slaughter of fellow beasts, or mankind for that matter.


These corporate criminals, these surgically-groomed politicians, these self-inflated illuminati pawns are guilty of such acts. Their misdirection of the truth, their reliance on plausible deniability, their continuous regurgitation of scripted and rehearsed lies are now the visible spectrum of a duplicitous and deeply embedded sickness.


When a former governor of New York State can shout from the TV pulpit his Mea Culpas over laying with whores while his poor “caught in the headlights” wife stands by in tacit approval of this scripted deceit, we have come upon the monster that’s been hiding in the real world of personal accountability. As one late-night pundit summed it up “I sinned, I’m sorry, I forgive myself,  that was yesterday, now I’m going back to work.” Sincerity be damned. They delivered the apology that was scripted for them.


This is psychological sickness beyond the pale, a gross misrepresentation of what a genuine apology as a sincere acknowledgement of wrongdoing is meant to deliver. It’s the coward’s way out. “I’m apologizing because you caught me, not because I care or I’m willing to look at myself more closely.” Not At All!


This is not an apology, but simple sleight-of-hand as a way out of self-created embarrassment. It’s only design is to signal a surrender because I’ve been caught, not because I sincerely regret my actions, even when the phrase “I sincerely regret” is included in the script. Thank you for that one Rupert Murdoch, the very epitome of TV broadcast sincerity with pants around his ankles and his hands in the phone hacking cookie jar.


Not sufficient! Not real! Not acceptable!


The sober, the reflective, the fair-minded among us can see that such apologies are trite by comparison to the real thing. When a sincere apology is delivered, it is felt at the heart level. You cannot fool the heart. You can only deny it.


Toronto’s Mayor Ford is the most recent example of this phenomenon. His Mea Culpa over being caught on camera smoking crack is without merit or substance, a scripted and trite effort to try and rebuke all those calling for a meaningful remedy - like his resignation - and a full accounting of the truth. To Mayor Rob Ford of Toronto, Canada’s crack-smoking mayor whose excuse is “I was hammered at the time,”  We say: “Step down!, Get out! Get help. You are failing yourself and the people you claim to represent. You are sick and we can all see it.  A message from those of us who do not share in your denial.”


And to all the other corporate predators, libor-manipulating bankers, religious twisters of the truth we say the very same thing: “Step down! Get out! Get help!” Your delusion is no longer working!


And finally, to paraphrase Billy Crystal’s Spanish interviewer character from SNL “Tell me darling, is it better to look good, than to be good?”



two enemies

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Our lovely president Eisenhower sold us out to the malevolent aliens after rejecting the help from benevolent aliens that offered help back then to better our world. The dark ones have also been behind the scenes in government . Then you have the agenda of the cabals,which are descendents of the nephelum. Both vying for control . One will win. Correct me if I'm wrong but as long as this worlds system has not been destroyed then we are still within it. I mean duality. Illusion or not thats this worlds game. The way I see it and sananda jesus has said, the end time bible prophecies will come to pass. That means The New World Order. Which is what the dark aliens are wanting. Total control, slaves. You think we are slaves now... My point is to say keep in mind and realize we all have weaknesses. Unfortunatly so do our politicians. The dark ones knew how to exploite each one to his weakness. We as humans are weak in comparison to the dark aliens. Stay aware people. They are using many things against us. HAARP, MK ultra mind control. If you think they are not getting things ready for the antichrist to sit in that temple in Israel soon I fear you have fallen asleep dear ones. Stay awake. I only pray that Jesus Sananda with the Ashtar command and company of celestial angels take us up in the ships til its over or, we might have to come back with him and fight, or some may lay down their lives for him while down here. My hope is in the coming new earth .

message to young ones

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Do not get chipped . I read an article saying that the hospitals are chipping new born babys. Wisdom is protection. GFL, we look to you for protection and guidance as we are still here in this 3d reality trying to raise to 5d.