April Full Moon Transmisson {Siriun Council: Moving from Linear Time to Cosmic Time} ~ Judy Satori

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 Earth Ascension:  Moving from Linear Time to Cosmic Time

Linear Time was a phrase coined by Sir Isaac Newton three hundred years ago to explain time as we presently know and experience it on Earth.  The Elohim tell us that with Earth’s shift to the fifth dimension this expression and experience of time will alter to become what is known as Cosmic Time.  This transmission explains this process of change and delivers a powerful energy transmission to begin to attune you into Cosmic Time.  This energy work affects the pineal and the pituitary glands slowing down the human aging process that is currently in sync with the past, present and future of Linear Time


This month the Siriun Council begin to share with us information about the Earth's shift from Linear Time to Cosmic Time.  


You probably feel as I do that time seems to go by much faster, as if it is somehow speeding up.   The Siriun Council explain that with the shift of the Earth from the third to the fifth dimension, which will be like the Earth existing within a faster pulsating envelope of light we will experience time differently.  Instead of time expressing the past, present and future Linear Time that we know, time will express as 'now' time, which Cosmic Time has nine time zones.  In a way, nothing will change from moment to moment in our reality in the 'now', but time will express differently and this will alter our experience of time.


The Siriuns also share with us a short energy transmission that when repeated once daily will entrain the pituitary and pineal glands to revitalise and age regress the body.

They have also given us guidelines for staying healthy and looking after our physical bodies in 2012 and moving with ease through Earth's transition.  See PHYSICAL REGENERATION under FREE ACTIVATIONS for this information.
We want to continue making these transmissions free.  Please only download once, save to your computer desktop and replay from your computer desktop.  It is suggested that you listen to this transmission lying down.

A Message From the Siriun Council
For the next two months we will be working with you to activate certain previously unknown potentials that when consistently reinforced and entrained into the physical body will create rapid cellular change and physical regeneration.  Please follow the suggested recommendations for supporting the physical body for best results.  (see above)