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Love is in the Air ~~  This Aquarius New Moon embodies the energies of Love….for all!  This New Moon also highlights Community… and can show the power that we have within our Tribe and our Communities for loving  Relationships of all types…..signifying that the whole is always greater the then the sum of its parts.   It is saying that our coming together in our communities etc. ….can change the world!   This is an energy that we have been witnessing throughout the current political arena.  
However…..with this New Moon….we also have Venus (Love, romance, sensuality, creativity and feminine energy) sitting right with Pluto (transformation, deep Soul love, and deep Soul work)!!   Talk about a passionate and intense New Moon…and right at the onset of Valentine’s day!   This is a powerful message from the Universe… is about Love!  Since it is in Aquarius….it is not only about our “personal” love relationships….but about our  Love relationships with our families, our co-workers, our tribes, communities, and all Humanity. This Aquarius New Moon is also about deep Soul bonding….. today….. the past,…..and into the future.   The Soul never forgets….and if you have unfinished business with another Soul…..then this is a time that the “work” of that relationship needs to be looked at and finished….it is time to purge it….or love it! Remember that deep Soul work (Pluto) is not very comfortable….if it feels comfortable than you are not doing Plutonian (transformation) work!  Meditate on all relationships…..the good parts and the uncomfortable parts.  Remember Love is the message that this Aquarius New Moon brings us…just a few days before Valentine’s Day!     Listen with your Heat!!!   Think with your Heart!!!!
New Moons mark the beginning of a new cycle.    New Moons are also the most spiritual and intuitive moons of the whole Lunar cycle.  It is a wonderful time to manifest, meditate and create!  Each New Moon brings with it a down load of evolutionary energies to give us the knowledge to create a beautiful future.  It is also a time of setting intentions. Mediate on what it is that you would like to manifest in your life and in the World, and set the intention during this powerful Aquarius New Moon.
Aquarius is the sign of the Genius..…the futuristic thinker.    Being able to think outside the box in many ways that are new to you…and can also be new to the world.  Aquarius is about taking risk….. doing or saying something that goes against the “norm.”  It is the sign of the rebel for a cause.  It asks us to take quantum leaps in all areas… we view the “big” picture in front of us……and as we trust our Genius to “see” the paths leading to our future.   Aquarius energy is about your Tribe, your Community, and all Humanity.  Everyone is equal….we are all the same…..we are all one!  Aquarius is about breaking up stagnant old patterns….so we can reach for our freedom, and march to the beat of our own drum.  Aquarius is the constant of change!  Freedom and liberation are a big part of Aquarius. Liberate your mind and your freedom will follow.  With Aquarius it is time to move into “higher” thoughts that are a bit outside the box……so we can uplift consciousness, for the greater good of all.
This energy can give you new perspectives on life and new ways of understanding….which can help to shift your old thoughts and actions into the “new.” Aquarius is focused on the future.  So during this New Moon….plant seeds for what you want to create and manifest for the “big picture” down the road…your own reality, and your own future..…. for the good of all!
This Aquarius New Moon (Aquarius is ruled by Uranus) is also happening on the back drop of the Cardinal Square.  Uranus is part of the Cardinal Square along with the Pluto/Venus conjunction that I talked about above.  These activations of the Cardinal Square…. accent even more…by bringing the energy of change and transformation…..with the feeling of urgency… to this New Moon.  The Cardinal Square consists of, Uranus (constant of change, future thinker, community) in Aries, being squared by Pluto (transformation, intensity) in Capricorn. 
But that is not all……we also have Mars (Male energy, male sexuality, passion, action, warrior) in Scorpio  squaring this Aquarius New Moon.  Mars in a stressful aspect with this New Moon… is also saying that relationships are on the forefront now.  Again…all types of relationships….world relationships, work relationships, family, friends, Lovers.   Relationships are being put right in our faces!   Mars in a stressful aspect could bring about some outburst….some anger….or jealousy.  Try to keep on the high side of the Mars energy by focusing on activities such as athletics, exercise, or enjoying appropriate sexuality.
This is a time of Transforming (Pluto) all our relationships….right down to the deepest parts of our Souls…..this life time and from past life times.   They are all being brought up into our consciousness to be dealt with.  This includes the political “relationships” that are in high activation right now.   The New Hampshire Primary takes place in the energy of this Aquarius New Moon!   Saturdays Republican debate  in New Hampshire…..was also in the energy of this Aquarius New Moon.  Who is for our Community (the US..all of us!) and who is for themselves?   It should be an interesting time!  
Look at this time period… as if it is an opportunity to make choices, in the directions that you need to make, as you move forward into the transformations of your Soul growth….through relationships.  Thinking of it as an opportunity….brings in the “higher” energy to be used as you decided what needs to be purged, or moved away from.  It is time to think into the future and see the “big” picture (Aquarius) so that you can start making the changes you need to make…before it begins to feel like it is being forced on you.    Acts of courage (Mars, Pluto) in response to wisdoms and insights…..are like the keys for the evolutionary process this year.  
The Universe is speaking loudly!!  This is about transforming the way we love…. the way we create…..and how we accept and give love. Are our desires….coming from our ego or from our Hearts? 
We also have a harmonious energy between Venus/Pluto and Mars during this Aquarius New Moon.  The Universe has put Venus/Pluto and Mars in what we call a sextile (harmonious energy)…bringing the message of harmonious Balance back into the picture!  Balance of the Sacred Feminine and the Sacred Male, the yin and the yang, the right brain and the left brain, etc.   Balance in all areas is one of the main energies of this shift.  With Pluto also being in this harmonious aspect……gives us the ability for more transformation….. in the balancing of the Sacred Feminine and the Sacred Male energies.  This is a “gift” that we should try to take advantage of.
It is also about purging!   It is time to purge what no longer is working for us…rather it is at work, your home, with neighbors, friends, family or Lovers. What is no longer vibrating where you are vibrating…it is time to distance from….in the most compassionate way.  Pluto is also asking us loudly to surround ourselves with those who have a similar vibration, as you move forward into the “new.”  It is time to ask yourself…are your love relationships vibrating where you are?  Who are your playmates and do they vibrate where you do?  The place where you make your living…is it vibrating where you are?   It is time to make some choice’s and to take the steps forward that are needed… any steps…it is time to just move!!
If your relationships are working for you….then this very intense passionate Venus/Pluto conjunction…. being a powerful one…. can make for the most remarkable Valentine’s Day!
The Most positive way to the future is the way to go, even if it feels uncertain and “new”.  Take a step…. any step….make some choices….just move!   Aquarius has to do with thinking outside the box and being able to see the big picture.  Now is the time to meditate on that “big picture”.   Aquarius is also about the tribe, the community and all humanity and working together for common goals. We are all equal….oneness!  We are very close to the real Aquaria Age……the realization that we are all on this planet together!!  Again, this is part of the “new”….how do we get there?  How do we make it happen?   With guidance…with movement….with compassion without judgment…with the Heart…..coming from the Heart….thinking with the Heart!  It is time to get out of your own way and out of your comfort zone.  Remember you are co-creating the “new”…..grab the sudden and unexpected opportunities that can come to you during this time.  Look at your challenges as opportunities for growth.  Take a step towards your future….Change your mind and you can change your life. 
During this Aquarius New Moon….it is a time to manifest and create.  It is time to sit and listen, as you can receive flashes of insight and genius with this Aquarius New Moon.  With this Aquarius New Moon, it is time to manifest oneness and compassion within your community.  Manifest compassion and oneness for all humanity.  Meditate and Manifest for “new ideas” that will make the future a wonderful reality. Believe in your dreams coming true.   This is a time to revisit and re-evaluate your personal visions and then your long term plans. This is a time to meditate on all your relationships!  Meditate on how to be your own unique individual self, while honoring and being part of a community and all humanity.   Meditate….Manifest…..  above all Listen!
These are the energies affecting all of humanity and the Earth. These energies also affect you individually, according to how they activate your own birth chart.
Learn how the energies activate your individual Birth Chart, through an Astrological Reading (my contact information is below). Knowing how the energies are affecting you personally, gives you the ability to make better choices, and use the energies in the highest way.
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