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Shelley's Note: Please note, these messages do not expire the day after they are posted. :) They are pertinent to the days, weeks and months ahead, and many are general spiritual guidance that would apply at any time. Please know that if you would like to read the daily messages on the day they are received, you can do so by liking Trinity Esoterics on Facebook, following us on twitter @trinityesoteric or checking our website

January 28, 2013

Many human beings dread the beginning of their work week. It begins a week of marking time until they have their freedom back and can enjoy life on the weekend. Dear Ones, your lives are not some cross to bear, or something to wish away! Your life expression is meant to be joyful and enjoyable, filled with wonder, love and excitement. We encourage you to infuse everything you do with joy! Joy can be found from being fully present, looking around you with new eyes, and enjoying your BEingness. Even if you do not particularly enjoy your work at this time, we encourage you to make sure you add elements of joy to every day. By starting to enjoy your life more and more, you will then, by the very nature of energetics, attract even more joy to your life. We also highly encourage you to seek out careers that make your heart sing. Many of you have been raised by parents who grew up experiencing lack and you have been taught that it doesn't matter if you like what you do, all that matters is that it puts food on the table. Those were belief systems that were created from a time of perceived lack. You now understand that it is an unlimited universe with more than enough for everyone, and you absolutely deserve to make your living doing something that you love. Let your life expression reflect that. ~Archangel Gabriel

January 29, 2013

When you were a teenager, your biggest concern was having fun. You were very centred on what felt good and what brought you joy. There was a reason for that! It is through your interests and passions that you find your life purpose! Following what makes your heart sing helps you navigate your unique path. Unfortunately, many of you were taught that to do so was frivolous, irresponsible and inappropriate. No wonder so many human adults are living unsatisfying lives and experiencing depression and anxiety! Dear Ones, get to know yourselves again. Figure out what gets you excited, what brings you joy, what makes you embrace the present moment. It is through those moments that you are closest to Source and able to discover your divine purpose. Give yourself permission to follow the path of joy, and your life will start to bloom and expand in the most marvellous ways. ~Archangel Gabriel

January 30, 2013

As you move forward, Dear Ones, very little will be predictable. Your weather will continue to be unusual and change frequently in surprising ways. There will continue to be solar flares. The energies will shift and change. All of this change serves the wonderful purpose of teaching you how to go with the flow! When you do not know what to expect, you become centred on the Now. You make decisions based on what is right in front of you, and what works in your present moment. If you understand the power of the Now and the importance of surrender to the flow, you can see how this is teaching human beings new skills that can then be applied to the other areas of their lives. Again we assure you that you are all part of a wonderful and intricate process that is assisting you every step of the way. ~Archangel Gabriel

January 31, 2013

The reason why we encourage you so strongly to develop the art of accepting and allowing is because it keeps you in balance and appropriateness. When you accept that each person is exactly where they need to be on their own path, you stop wasting your time and energy focusing on something you have no control over. This shifts you away from focusing on another's woundedness and allows you to honour the wisdom of the other's soul and conveys great confidence to them that they are completely capable. It stops feeding the illusion that they are somehow weak or unable to care for themselves and encourages their self empowerment. When you practice acceptance for where you are in your process, you release the destructive idea that anything can be wrong and start to move willingly with your guides. Once you fully accept that belief, you will stop giving your power away by doing what others say you should do. You are simply not qualified to know what is best for another's divine path, nor is anyone else qualified to tell you what you should be doing on your own unique path. Most advice you will receive is based on what would be right for the individual telling you what to do, not for your own life expression. You are all the captains of your own ships, Dear Ones! Acceptance and allowing puts the power and personal responsibility squarely where it needs to be, where it belongs - in the hands of the individual. ~Archangel Gabriel

February 1, 2013

Human beings spend an incredible amount of time distracting themselves with mindless chatter, worry, and things they have no control over. Stopping all that mental noise is extremely difficult for the enlightening human being, as is being fully present in the Now. Rather than trying to force yourself into open awareness, which is frustrating and rarely successful, a wonderful way to naturally assist yourself into that state is doing activities you find joyful. Have you ever noticed how, when you are doing an activity you find very enjoyable, you lose track of time? That is because you have shifted into a higher vibratory rate, into a higher dimension, if you will. While following your passion, you will find the chatter stills. You will automatically be not just present, you will be embracing being present in the Now. It is when you have filled your day with activities that do not inspire you that you will start wishing your life away and allowing your mind to run rampant. This is yet another reason why following the path of joy is what your soul yearns to do and why it is such a pivotal part of the enlightenment process. ~Archangel Gabriel

February 2, 2013

We understand that there are times in your enlightenment process that can make you uncomfortable, be it physically, emotionally, mentally. There are many things that can help with this process. First, intend to shift with the energies with ease! Intention is the most powerful tool you have in your toolbox, Dear Ones! It clearly states how you wish to experience things, and as always, you get to choose. Practice energetic clarity. Imagining that you are standing in a beam of light that connects up into the heavens and down into the earth beneath your feet will support your own unique vibration in its clearest form and will help you keep your balance. Immerse your body in salt water. It is incredibly cleansing and supportive to your energy body. Stand barefoot on the earth. There are many wonderful grounding techniques, but none are more effective than sole (soul) connecting with Gaia. While you are at it, lie flat on the earth as well. Mother Earth is happy to clear and balance your chakras whenever you need it. Eat foods that are supportive to your energetic health. This means lots of pure foods that are free of additives and support your whole health. Use muscle testing if you are not sure what is most empowering for you to eat. And lastly, get lots of rest. Integration is a process. Be kind and gentle to yourself. If you see it as an exciting recalibration that will allow you to hold even more light and shine even brighter, you will embrace it and move through it in record time. ~Archangel Gabriel

February 3, 2013

If you didn't have appropriate boundaries before you stepped on your spiritual path, you can quickly find yourself out of balance. Many people, with their loving hearts, gather some skills as they proceed on their path and immediately fall into a form of spiritual co-dependency. They take all of the healing/energetics/empowering knowledge they learn, and instead of applying it to themselves, immediately become consumed in "fixing" another! Dear Ones, it is wonderful to share your skills with others. That is exactly why you have learned them, to support others, when they ASK for help and when they are actively seeking to improve themselves. But to make your entire focus another person's wellness is not using those gifts in the way they are meant to be used. It is your path. Your healing, your growth, your balance, your appropriate boundaries, your self love...all of it is your responsibility and your primary focus. We urge you, in order to stay in appropriateness, to never invest more in another's wellness than they are willing to invest in themselves. If you do not focus on appropriate balance, you will find yourself burning out and will only earn the resentment of the other when you are not able to make them all better. Your sacred quest is to step into your authentic power and to assist others to embrace their authentic power, as well. ~Archangel Gabriel

February 4, 2013

We encourage you to really examine your belief systems. Many of you are holding onto old, outmoded beliefs, created by the part of you that wishes to keep you small. These beliefs could very well be what is standing between you and living the life of your dreams. Start to pay attention to the excuses you use to not live fully. "I am too old for that." "There are no good single people left." "Maybe when the kids are grown." "I don't have time to follow my passions." "My back/knees/hips would never let me do that." "If I had more money I would really make a difference." Do you see? How many times have you used variations of these things to keep yourself from blooming, from living your life to the fullest? Pay attention, Dear Ones, to the ways you limit yourselves. Can you imagine if Jesus said, "I'd love to make a difference, but who would listen to me? And I'd have to walk across the desert and I've got this bad knee." (laughter) Many of you have shrunk yourselves down into tiny versions of yourselves due to societal expectations and an acceptance of lack. Shrug off those invisible chains and start to dream, start to create, start to LIVE. It is never too late to change things completely and start to have the life expression of your dreams. ~Archangel Gabriel

February 5, 2013

Whether you knew it or not, you have been working full-time as an enlightening human being your entire life expression. You may have been gathering information on what you do not want, or figuring out who you are not, first, but make no mistake it has ALL been work toward your enlightenment. So, Dear Ones, do you not think it is time to step into those magnificent shoes of light? Do you not think it is time to reap the rewards? Do you not think you should receive benefits? Perhaps it is time for you to retire and allow the next wave to do all the heavy work as you switch to lighter duty? Whatever it is, please know, that lack is not part of the experience of the human beings of light. You must simply release any leftover lack based belief systems, open yourself up and accept the wonderful opportunities and vast abundance that is your right as a pioneer of the New Earth. You have earned it and you are worthy. ~Archangel Gabriel

February 6, 2013

As you continue to pay attention to your limiting self talk, pay close attention to anything that follows the word 'but' in a sentence. Often the first half of the sentence is your creator self talking, the part of you that is trying to live the life expression of your dreams, and everything after the 'but' is your ego self, the part of you that seeks to control and keep you small. Classic examples of this would be, "Oh, I'd love to learn how to paint but I can't get away from the house because of the kids." "I'd love to meet someone but I need to lose these last 10 lbs first." "Meditating feels wonderful and I know it is good for me but I am way too busy for that." "I'd love to eat a healthier diet but it takes too much work and it costs too much money." "I'd love to go away for the weekend but my family would fall apart without me." Do you see? Of course not everything that follows 'but' in a sentence is false, but many times it is simply the ego self swooping in to stall your progress before you even get started. There are no extra points awarded in heaven for sacrifice, Dear Ones. Live. Live wholly, largely, beautifully. That is what you have come into the body to do, is it not? ~Archangel Gabriel

February 7, 2013

Our partner in transmission was doing a private reading yesterday for a woman who was complaining that she had created a vision board two years ago but it didn't work. She was frustrated that she was putting all this effort into manifesting things to no avail. What the dear woman didn't realize was that she was in an energetic space that worried about everyone but herself. She was so out of balance that she could not accept anything for herself. She was so in the habit of putting herself last, she was actively, energetically, putting off her own happiness. If you have been trying to create the life of your dreams and not much is happening yet, ask yourself if you are accepting of the things you wish to receive. Do you feel worthy? Are you willing to step up and claim your just rewards or are you going to continue to give your power away to everyone else? It is one thing to create your visions, Dear Ones, it is quite another to be in the space that allows them to be received. If you are feeling frustrated by a lack in any area of your life, ask yourself exactly how you might be blocking it. Do you have a self limiting belief sabotaging your efforts? Do you practice self love? Do you understand and accept that you are worthy of it all? Why not declare, "I accept all the wonderful things life has to offer with ease and grace and joy." What a lovely and powerful way to shift into alignment and allow the universe to deliver to you the life of your dreams. ~Archangel Gabriel

February 8, 2013

Every time you choose to see the beauty around you, you are seeing and supporting heaven on earth. ~Archangel Gabriel

February 9, 2013

While your soul mission is to step out of victim consciousness into your authentic power, many humans are resistant to the idea of assuming any kind of power, authentic or not. They still see power as being something you lord over another. They are equating it to the ego driven power that you have worked so hard to evolve beyond. Perhaps they are even thinking back to pastlife expressions where they used power inappropriately, or someone used their power to deeply wound them. Dear Ones, authentic power holds none of that. Authentic power indicates the true evolution of mankind. When a person operates from their authentic power, they are operating from the highest aspect of their being, the part that recognizes and honours ALL beings as a beloved part of Source. Authentic power will never seek to keep another down. Rather, authentic power serves the whole because it seeks to empower ALL. There is no fear, no rash actions or violence connected to authentic power, because once you truly embrace your authentic power, you understand it can never be lost, that it is yours and always has been. It is the gentle truth of your essence, the part of you that encourages all to embrace their own truth so the whole can shine ever brighter. Do not fear this power, Dear Ones. It is kind and fair, truthful and transparent, supportive and loving and because of its authenticity, solid and unshakeable. ~Archangel Gabriel

February 10, 2013

Once a human starts to extricate themselves from the illusion of their powerlessness and begins to embrace their authentic power, it is only a small step from there to accepting that they are the creators of their life expression. Once a human truly accepts that truth, miraculous and profound change can then occur. Their entire energetic template changes, do you see? It is then that the human being will become fully empowered and truly fearless and dance the dance of co-creation, expansion and joy with the universe. ~Archangel Gabriel

February 11, 2013

Do you feel that if something appears to be incredibly wonderful, it is too good to be true? Are you afraid to really believe in something because you don't want to jinx it? Many of you have done an enormous amount of work on yourselves. You have cleansed and purged, healed and released and worked hard to step into a much more authentic, empowered version of self. You have evolved! Dear Ones, when you are consciously working on yourselves like that, you will only draw to you things that are better and better. Yet many of you have done mountains of work and then are too afraid to accept your just rewards. If something arrives in your life and feels incredibly wonderful, it is because YOU are incredibly wonderful! Release those self limiting caps and recognize you are in brand new energies filled with limitless potential. ~Archangel Gabriel

February 12, 2013

Many human beings have a deep yearning for freedom. This is because freedom and expansion are true aspects of the soul. Many people mistakenly think they need to run away in order to get their freedom. Running away is a drastic measure that is turned to when a person has lived for too long without honouring the self. While you are part of the whole, and as such, wherever you may go you belong, running away is not necessary to experience freedom. Freedom comes from embracing the flow. It comes from practicing acceptance and allowing. Freedom is experienced by embracing each expanded Now moment. Most of all, freedom comes from giving yourself permission to be the expert on your own life expression and following your own inner guidance system. Freedom is the expression of your BEingness, which embraces your divinity and allows your essence to shine in all its immortal glory. You are ALL free - glorious, shining, Gods and Goddesses on earth, free to experience whatever you desire as a human being of light in the body. You have unlimited freedom and ability to create whatever makes your heart sing, so live, shine and SOAR. ~Archangel Gabriel

February 13, 2013

Do you go through life on the lookout for the next disaster? Guarded against people because they might hurt you? Planning everything to the nth degree to avoid surprises? Dear Ones, if you are always in troubleshooting mode you will always find more trouble to shoot! You cannot live an empowered life expression when you are in the fetal position in the corner terrified of what might happen to you next. When you live your life in such a restrictive, "what if" kind of way, you greatly limit your ability to move into a more desirable life experience. Further, through your focus you will only create more of what you do not want, until you are completely battered and worn. For many of you, the family conditioning you have been exposed to was originally a response to lack, be it from a depression era, war time or poverty. Release those old thought patterns once and for all! As a human being of light entering a brand new age, understand that you are not just energetic pioneers, but pioneers of empowered thought and creation as well! Let your belief systems reflect what you want more of. Practice honing your focus to look out for what you want more of. Find the beauty, the joy, the miracles that are everywhere if you only take a moment to see them. By doing so you will be working with the universe in a way that will actually create what you wish to experience. ~Archangel Gabriel

February 14, 2013

As the human beings of light become more accustomed to the newer energies of this brand new age, for many, their focus will be on relationships, particularly, divine partnership. Dear Ones, many of you have been such giving, loving souls that you have become out of balance. Many of you, being on the earth with service contracts, have struggled with appropriate boundaries as well as your ability to receive love. Moving forward, human beings will be seeking love, honour and balance in their primary relationships, as well as integrity, transparency and mutual service with a strong focus on continued personal growth. This is wonderful! Can you feel how that would lead to relationships that allow you to celebrate the self as well as the other? The key to finding that unconditional love so many of your hearts yearn for is to practice unconditional love for self first, understanding that as you hold that energy you can only draw more of the same to your life expression. As with all great change, healing, and creation, it all must begin within first. So, on this day that celebrates love, commit to falling head over heels in love with yourself, wildly, unconditionally, joyfully and the universe will be compelled to join you in that dance of love. ~Archangel Gabriel

February 15, 2013

We find an interesting phenomena in human beings. They tend to either avoid responsibility for self and growth, and will indulge in endless ways to keep themselves unconscious, or they will be hyper vigilant and berate themselves endlessly with negative self talk. Dear Ones, neither of these approaches will move you forward into your authentic power! As the human beings of light step forward as their authentic selves, they will be self responsible and self aware. They will recognize cues that something requires correction and respond quickly to keep themselves in forward movement. But the critical difference here is they will do so from a place of unconditional love for self. Imagine honouring yourself so completely that you could self correct as lovingly as a parent would correct a small child. This is the balance you seek, Dear Ones, and this is exactly the way of the enlightening human being. Operating in such a way will assure you continued forward movement in a much more joyful, present, and supportive manner, allowing you to shine your brightest at all times. ~Archangel Gabriel

February 16, 2013

When air doesn't move it feels stuffy and thick. When water stops flowing it stagnates and becomes rank. As it is with human beings. You must move with the energies, dance with the universe, if you will, to experience the flow that always brings you to the most lovely, fresh experiences. Resistance to that flow creates stagnation in the energy body, which often will manifest as depression or dis-ease. So move, Dear Ones! Embrace being in motion, understanding that all movement is forward movement. Shift with the universe. You are leaving all that third dimensional density in your dust, but you must move into the higher dimensional frequencies to do so. Movement is your friend. It is the way to miracles and all of the wonder you wish to experience. ~Archangel Gabriel

February 17, 2013

If you are involved in an activity that does not honour you, whether it be a job you cannot stand, staying unconscious through the use of drugs and alcohol, or staying in a relationship that does not honour you, you will find that it is becoming increasingly difficult to stay in that energy. In fact, it will start to take incredible amounts of energy just to maintain, until it becomes impossibly painful to stay in that place any longer. That is because anything that perpetuates your unconsciousness, or your separation from Source, is no longer being energetically supported. This is wonderful news! Most humans will not surrender until it has become far too exhausting to stay the same. People will be bottoming out in spectacular ways over the coming weeks and months. Please know this is divinely perfect. Love people enough to allow them their process. Once it becomes clear that the old ways no longer are viable, all of these wonderful human beings will be stepping onto their own paths of discovery and light. This is part of the great Shift of humanity. When a resistant human being finally surrenders, it is one of the most beautiful and sacred events of a soul's journey. From there they will redirect into a more joy based and empowered soul expression, and each time that happens the universe rejoices. ~Archangel Gabriel

February 18, 2013

Dear Ones, all true and lasting change begins from within. If only you would understand you have everything you need, right now, within you, to start living a completely empowered life expression. You have an assembled team of helpers and an inner guidance system that always keeps you connected to Source and is set to follow the path of joy. All you must do is surrender to that truth and let go of doing things the old way. What are you waiting for? The life of your dreams awaits... ~Archangel Gabriel

February 19, 2013

As you come to the acceptance that you are a beloved piece of Source, you realize that you are always loved, unconditionally, as you are a unique aspect of God. If you are born from love, and return to love, how can you deny BEing that love at any point during your human existence? As you heal any boundary or deservedness issues, you will begin to express your love and receive love with ease. Once a human being moves into that BEingness, that balance, they become a wondrous vessel of love and Source, moving with that flow, at one with the Universe. Do you see, Dear Ones? You don't just love or be loved. You ARE love. ~Archangel Gabriel

Archangel Gabriel thru Shelley Young
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