Are you of ELOHIM?

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If you have soul background as Elohim, please post your note to me here, indicating such.
I have been given a project, for Elohim to participate in, which was initiated on Jan. 5, 6, & 7.
I will need an email address to send to you a protocol that was used on Jan. 5,6,7 ... a first wave of LEGIONS OF LIGHT summoned. A 2nd wave of LEGIONS OF LIGHT will be summoned in June. It is my hope that the 2nd wave will be more massive than the first wave. By indicating your interest and giving me your email I hope to have many many more LEGIONS OF LIGHT summoned. A 3rd wave of LEGIONS OF LIGHT will take place in October, 2015.

Q: How many total LEGIONS OF LIGHT were summoned, the 1st wave, on Jan. 5,6,7 ? 12.03 millions.
That is a good number summoned, but I'd really love to quadruple that number for the next wave in June.

As an example, when I counted up those being summoned in my summoning, there were 9 portals, over 3 days. The highest summoned at one of the portals on 1 of the days was: 70k; the lowest was 30k summoned to a portal. On the average, each day I summoned .5 million. Those who I knew were of ELOHIM were encouraged to do the work as I outlined to them, thus creating a larger total group! Great!

If you were wondering who brought in this information and outline as to what to do, it was Metatron.

I am very very interested in organizing this work by the ELOHIM, so if you know who you are and want to join in on a group activity ... communicate with me.

ByTheWay, It is not too late to get in on the summoning on Jan. 5,6 & 7. I'll tell you how to step back in time and add your energy to this 1st wave.

Peace Unto You,



Project: Legions of Light

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1) The "Plan" is not "mine", but God's
2) 3 waves of 'LEGIONS OF LIGHT' are to be summoned to earth [by ELOHIM], the first occurred on Jan, 5,6,7. The next two waves will be in June and October.
3) Find folk who know without a doubt that they are of ELOHIM.
4) establish communication with all the ELOHIM I find so more LEGIONS OF LIGHT are summoned to earth.