~ Are You a Real Awakened Being? or are you an ego?~

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Transmissions from The Earth Allies

Unconditional Love is the Real love of God….and the Truth in Higher thought or higher dimensions of consciousness…Ego cannot go there..as we truly connect with the One consciousness from within, Ego disappears, ceases to exist.


So lets take a look at some of the qualities of an ego and true love for they cannot exist together. The ego has set up belief systems we can also call BS for convenience,
within the realms of higher thought there are not any belief systems, only openness and honesty without any filters, in truth, unlimited thought with no boundaries. Love never judges, condemns, controls or puts things in any order, the ego however, blames, criticizes, separates, puts importance on something outside of self and has neat little boxes to compartmentalize everything instead of seeing
everything wholistically. The ego always is looking for answers outside and then demands proof, while real love requires no proof it allows, accepts, and embraces from within and see's all whole and perfect as it is. The ego is unable to change, it is static, inconsistent, defends as if there were something to defend and dictates that the ego's way is the only way. When in truth unconditional love and the true being are the only way through. Love always offers knowledge of SELF to empower others and continues consistently to practice love in
action as an example, ego can only offer the illusion of love for the true being of love is always in the present, while ego is in the past and the future. Love always tells the truth no matter what, and ego always runs from the truth, because it cannot exist any longer when truth is presented. Nor can ego even "see" the truth because it has no clue what real is and so it "forces" and justifies its stance, as well as it can be very subtle and appear as real love, however ego is unable to grow and change as in love its constant growth and change.
Love is transforming and brings about equality for all. In closing true death is the letting go of the ego, so the space can then be filled with joy of the true inner being. The more of the Love energy we bring in is when the body begins transforming itself into
ETERNITY. Love is all there is, Love is the answer… with love from the true being. We are all
one when the ego is released.


Love The Earth Allies




=starve the ego, feed the soul...AWAKE THE SPIRIT WITHIN =

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...The untamed ego behaves like a beast and produces a lot of karma that the soul has to endure until it eventually AWAKES and TAMES THE EGO...transforming it into a gentle lamb...Well, that metamorphosis requires a whole lot of practice in patience and wisdom(perseverance)...does it?!...
=The PATH is so narrow, indeed=
(many practice but a few succeed)
…the meaning of ego is to keep you constantly busy, distracted (from The Truth)…otherwise, reflecting to much on your own(so ephemeral and pathetic) condition, there is a Real “risk” of WAKING UP from the millennial sleep of the nous of this intellectual beast (wrongly named “humans”) that thrive anesthetized in their own misery, not even grasping what’s really going on(…).
The Spirit form Within can only show you The WAY…but, if you Really want to AWAKE, it’s imperative that you(alone) should step on IT…
The REAL(and also the only one) quality of the disciple is …the LISTENING…
Everything else is garbage and this world is full of it…

Ego destroys people,relationships,countries and ultimately our real perception of who we really are.It separates us and creates divisions.We can all be fooled by the vanity of ego,which blinds us from TRUTH: =We are all ONE= ... Just try to grasp WHAT'S THE REAL MEANING OF THAT QUOTATION...;)...

YOU ARE A GORGEOUS SPIRIT WITH A BEAUTIFUL SOUL,...rather and a …little-ignorant ego(yet) incarcerated in a humanoid body...;)...
My friendly advice to ALL OF YOU HERE is this:
=starve the ego, feed the soul...AWAKE THE SPIRIT WITHIN =

♥`*.*´¨) Infinite PEACE, JOY -WISDOM and Infinite LOVE ♥
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