Ascend Academy: Way of the Empath pt. 1

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Water makes up a large portion of the human body.  It also makes up 71% of the Earth’s surface, not to mention the clouds and vapors in the air.  Physically, it is essential for life and provides a great deal of maintenance, healing, and balance for any ecosystem.  Spiritually, it acts as an archetype for the flow of emotional energy through the astral plane and human energy system.

In the Way of the Empath, our consciousness shifts it’s attention away from the notions of separation, protection, and stability inherent in the Earth-inspired Way of the Sentinel.  Instead, we move the awareness towards the fluidity, balance, and emotion of the Water element.  The skills present in the Way of the Empath are all about flow, feeling, healing, and the direction of energy in a positive and harmonious manner.



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Dear RaJneesh, I do not know

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Dear RaJneesh, I do not know who you are, but you make sense to me. I have listened  to you . How can I move away from Facebook. I am suspecting they have opened another Facebook page to destroy me. I have not been anywhere, I am here. I am here talk to me. what can I do to move away from Facebook. Tell me. I will be listening. I was using Facebook as a connection medium to my friends from Africa, I was there with them. No one can bring me down. I have an important message to give. I have a good message for these children, but I cannot say it. For this message to be effective, it must be written down.

Thank you

If you're talking to me, I'm

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If you're talking to me, I'm not Rajneesh, I just post his stuff up on the Galactic Free Press often.

And how can someone destroy you over Facebook?