Ascended Master, El Morya's weekly message ~ July 12-19, 2011 Fear of trusting ourselves

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Ascended Master, El Morya's weekly message ~ July 12-19, 2011

~Fear of trusting ourselves~



Oh my goodness, it is wonderful to speak with you today dearest children. This channel has agreed to me speaking through her every Tuesday. Every Tuesday dear ones, I will come through her and speak to you. I am looking forward to this very much. Today dear ones we will speak of the fear of trusting one's self. And how I can help you overcome this obstacle.

Dear children, you have heard and read so many stories, articles, channels, videos and such about finding your true self, your inner self, and other simular ideals. What it comes down to though dear ones is trusting yourself. By not being able to fully trust yourself, you are preventing yourself from thinking clearly and blocking your natural intuition.

My area of where I work within the body is the throat chakra. This is the area of communications. I am able to help with normal day-to-day communications, emotional and mental communications. We not only communicate physcially using our throats by talking, we communicate using body language, we also communicate spiritually, mentally and emotionally.

Some of you hold back your emotions in fear of hurting someone close to you or facing something about yourself that you would rather hide away. Do not hide my children, learn to tolerate yourself and others. Tolerance of others is a hard skill to master, because one has to also be able to see themselves and trust and know who they are.

There are some people dear ones that cause you so much grief. I see this all the time. The grief they cause you is from verbal, mental and emotional anguish. These people you probably work with, go to school with, live next to or frequent in another situation. These people are not going away fast enough for you and their very presence can cause you much stress which is unhealthy for you. You need to build a tolerance to these people dear children. You send your love and light their way, accept who they are and they still are there. This is when you must rise above them dear ones with tolerance. A form of tolerance is ignoring the ones that are causing the grief. I know this is hard and for some ignoring these people is almost as hard as dealing with them. After awhile though dearest children of practiced tolerance it will not be so hard. You cannot change these people, so you must alter yourself a little and move past.

Dealing with people such as the ones we are speaking of can cause a huge emotional strain on your body and easily lead to exhaustion. It is important dear ones to maintain a healthy appetite and drink water to maintain hydration. This is an important time also dear ones to maintain your chakras all of them. Meditate as often as you can, and cleanse those beautiful chakras. When your chakras are unbalanced, this also can cause undue strain to your physical body and spiritual self.

Are you wondering how does all this have to do with fear of ourselves? In order to rise above the people that are causing you so much grief, you come to big questions that are to be answered. Can I make these people go away without causing harm? Will these people move far away? How long do I have to put up with this? Am I strong enough to perservere this torment? You get the idea. These are questions that you have no answers for. Unless you are willing to face serious consequences for harming another, you cannot physically make the person go away. You cannot know if this person will move or relocate to another place, either work or residential. Yes you are strong enough to perservere, but at what cost? For some of you, you may be able to easily relocate without causing much of a ripple in your every day lives, but people like these are everywhere and you will not always be able to relocate. This is when we make the most of a bad situation. Find the positive within the negative. There are many sayings that can be found that goes with this. This is where the fear comes in dear ones. Some of you are fearful of what you may find when you start asking yourselves questions. There might be some underlining circumstance that has been put at the back of your head that may resurface. Eventually all negative events will have to be met. They hold valuable lessons dear ones. They also hold the lessons to rise above, to move on and tolerance; just to mention a few.

When the time comes dear ones for you to do this, I am there for you, holding your hand, walking, standing, or sitting beside you. You will not be facing any of this alone. I will be there comforting you the entire time. You only need to ask for me dear ones.

I am soon going to end this discussion dear ones as I will return again to either continue where we left off or start anew. This was a good start for a Tuesday. Did you know dear ones, Tuesdays are my best days? This one did not know of this until earlier today, and it made sense then about creating a designated day for our communications to be on this day.

Enjoy your day where you are dear ones. Embrace yourself, as you are beautiful to me and to all of the divine beings. You are so very strong and capable of anything as long as you believe whole heartidly.

Until next time, my love for you as always is unconditional, Ascended Master, El Morya.