~The Ascended Masters~ "Disclosure Will Only Be the Beginning"~

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Wes: My dear Ascended Masters and friends, I wish to speak with you on this night.

AMs: Hello Dear Wesley. We understand you have some questions for us. What would you like to know Dear One?

Me: Indeed, I do have a couple questions for you to answer. Here is the first question:

"While Disclosure is very important, what I'd like to know is any information about Nesara. And before or after Disclosure, or very close together? WHEN??? In a way, asking a "financial" question seems unspiritual, yet when money is a huge problem and children to feed and shelter in this 3-D world of ours, it's a big problem and any relief would help!

Thank you very much".

AMs: The new global financial system is to be implemented at around the same time disclosure is announced, and at this time we are making the final plans pertaining to such events. The 'schedule' if you will has been flipped around a number of times; there were times when we wished for disclosure to start everything, and since then we have made many changes. While we wish not to be too specific at this time pertaining to these plans, we can say that the new governmental transfers and global abundance programs are to begin very shortly after disclosure is announced. The 'elites' have now found themselves backed in a corner, and they are finding that the only way out of their troubles is to have the governments they own publicly disclose the existence of extraterrestrials. Dear Ones this will only be the beginning.

We are to allow some time for the dust to settle after the inital announcements are made, and during this small waiting period we expect your collective consciousness to be quite active with both excitement and fear.

After we give some time for the dust to settle, we shall begin announcing the new governmental transfers and abundance programs which are to set the stage for Fist Contact on your world. What many are unaware of is that these changes are ready and waiting on the horizon; NESARA has already been partially 'activated' so to speak and we are simply awating the timeframe mentioned above to produce the necessary results. So to answer this question in a nutshell, there will first be the disclosure announcements by the governments of your world. After the initial wating period, our 'announcment liason teams' are to take over, fill in the gaps and elaborate on what was said in the initial announcements. It will be during this time that NESARA and the governmental transfers are to be announced and fully activated.

We would also like to go futher into this question by acknowledging the money troubles issue that is brought up in said question. Wesley, you are correct in assuming that the many Lightworkers who are struggling in terms of money are dong so because they are beginning to outgrow the 3D illusion and all that has to do with it. We know this fact will not be very comforting to the many other Lightworkers struggling, but we also wish to tell you that for some who are having troubles, they are having these money issues also because of karmic issues. Every cause has an effect, every action a reaction, and if you could peer into past lives you would understand how the choices you made in said past lives have helped lead you to the money troubles you are facing. Again this does not apply to all Lightworkers, and can also apply to those unawakened experiencing monetary issues.

Wes: Thank you dearly for explaining that friends. I have another question from another dear soul:

"For those of us in the world that where born in to the Illuminati for a higher purpose to serve the light, what can we do from our limited positions to help ground light in to this dark structure?
Also are there things we can do to help undo the intense controls the dark wields over us?

I am sure there are a number of us in the realm of the Dark ones that could really use a positive boost since some might have to go farther in to the Dark realm in order anchor more light you could say.

I wish the world could know that there are agents of light in the ranks of Global Elitist that have their hands tied and are doing all they can to help the cause for the betterment of humanity".

AMs: This is a very deep question, one we have simply been waiting to be asked. Indeed, there is much that can be done to break through the strenuous hold that has been kept over oneself by these individuals, and we can say that the soul asking this question is certainly on a good path. There are very many individuals whom have purposefully incarnated into the Illuminati families to help the Light from the inside, so to speak. Due to the fact that so many are now realizing the hold that has been kept over them is and has been illusory all along, many are now standing up for the Light in themselves.

We can say that freewill is always honored on the side of the Light, and once the illusion of fear is broken away from, these indiviuluals can hold little power over one's freewill, over one's interest in the Light. The hold that has been kept on those wishing to be of the Light has so far been merciless, but like everything else concerning the Illuminati, these holds are now proving illusory and easy to 'defeat', but of course only with the help of the Light, with the help of one's own inner Divinity. It is this inner Divinity that caused these souls to incarnate in such difficult positions, and it is now time to let that Divinity take over and become your rope of strength, your rope of Light. The Illuminati's power is soon to be no more, and along with their control over the world, their control over individuals' free will is to come to a fair and just end.

Wes: Thank you dearly friends. I also have a couple of questions of my own I wanted to ask you, as always.

AMs: Ask away Dear One! We are ever-ready and excited to guide you.

Wes: Ok, I was reading words from Adama pertaining to drugs and the lower astral planes. Now, there were some statements made that made perfect sense, and that were kind of an 'aha!' moment, and there were some statements that I felt were a little exaggerated. Now, is it true that souls who get (mentally) dependant on pot and similar substances will actually have to spend lifetimes undoing the damage? Because that statement seemed a little too bold.

AMs (Adama): Hello Wesley, this is Adama. I have been waiting for you to ask me of this, as there are a few things that I wish to clear up. As I told you before, I meant every word of what I said and still do. The harshest aspects of my words were directed towards those who have been partaking of these substances for years, for decades, and also to those who use these substances to find spiritual, mental and emotional happiness, as what they are actually doing is draining themselves of these emotions and then further creating a need for the very substance that is draining them. You see, as said substance drains them more and more, it also puts up the illusion that it is actually helping them feel the feelings they should have never lost in the first place.

When somebody first tries these substances, they usually still have plenty of emotional and mental positive energy, and the substance helps them to feel a perceived 'boost' of this energy. Really what this substance is doing is overloading their senses by giving them 'too much' at one time and as a result they end up drained. Now, you all have very resilient bodies that usually restore this energy, but if one continues to use the substance that is draining them daily, this substance becomes the new source for them feeling the energies that their bodies were already great sources of. So basically what you have, is these substances initially overloading their senses, which causes their senses to be drained, and regular use of the substance makes their bodies 'decide' not to replenish the senses, as their bodies have now become 'hooked' to the outside source. Am I making any sense Dear One?

Wes: Yes Adama, you certainly are. But still, I feel that marijuana can be a beneficial substance if used correctly. I mean, there are plenty of spiritual people that partake in marijuana, and it seems to help them feel a connection to Source, to the higher dimensions. Also, there are certainly plenty of these souls who can use marijuana without letting it 'use them' and produce the results you spoke of above. Would you care to comment on this inquiry?

Adama: Dear one, as I said in those books, what I say does not apply to every soul partaking in cannabis use. As you have read, cannabis is but one variation of the Divine hemp plant, and the hemp plant used to produce a variety of herbs and leaves that were so much stronger and so much more spiritually 'pure' than marijuana. Marijuana was and is actually the 'dimmest' of these herbs, and was considered back in Atlantean times as more of a way to travel to lower astral levels than higher planes of existence. Even still, as you said there are plenty of souls that use this marijuana to reach higher places of spirit, and many of the users do. What I said about addictions draining souls and leaving them wanting more, apply more to the souls whom have not found a greater truth, a greater Divinity, and are still for the most part unawakened. Many of these unawakened souls discover cannabis at an early age, and 'hook' themselves to it as, them being unawakened have not found any other source of pleasure that make them feel as good and as spiritually 'aware' as the marijuana. It is very sad to watch these souls do this harm to themselves, as they really are simply trying to find a connection to spirit in their own ways. The 'permissive seventies' were quite focused on feeding lower astral beings through drugs and alcohol. This will all be adressed in the announcements mentioned before.

Wes: Thank you dearly to Adama and the rest of the Ascended Masters who have spoken with me on this night. Your help and guidance is so greatly appreciated.

AMs: Thank you Dear Soul. We send our Love, Blessings and Communications at all times.