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Those who are standing on Mother Earth are also a part of Mother Earth's Body. We are in the same Sphere. We contain the same Frequencies. Mother Earth's Frequencies are our frequencies. Mother Earth also has a Sun deep inside of her Core. Her Sun is deep inside the Etheric Chambers, the Liquid Light Mantels.

Mother Earth has braided and woven her Sun's Frequencies up through her body and into three spheres to connect with and unite with all of the other Suns in the Third Sphere or the Galactic Sphere.

As our bodies stand on the Earth's Surface, we are conduits of all of this Aqualene Sun's Frequency streaming up out of Mother Earth from below and from the Galactic Suns streaming down from above. Mother Earth needs us to become a part of this process. She needs us to be ascending with her. As we flow together Mother Earth is very happy to feel all of her family rising with her.

We can absorb frequencies from Mother Earth's Crust where the Divine Christ Consciousness is stored. We can also absorb frequencies of Divine Love, Unconditional Love, Intelligence and many more Divine Qualities from her Crust.

When we travel down into Mother Earth's Core we can absorb qualities of Divine Creativity, Divine Substance, Divine Principle. We can ask AnWa to send the Crystal Star Merkaba down into the Heart of Mother Earth to collect all of these Frequencies of our Divine Substance - our Divine Essence - our Divine Plan - all of the Divine Consciousness that we share with and reflect through Mother Earth.

We can send our physical bodies down deep into the Earth's Core and beyond into the Liquid Light Chambers and absorb our original Complete Body. This etheric dust body contains all of the keys and codes or remembering all that we really are.

We can journey down and collect this irradescent spiritual body.

As we combine our physical body with this irradescent crystalline silica based body, we can then allow the Suns' energies to remove all that is unlike the original self hood from our physical body and become one with our true Divine Self Hood.

When the physical and spiritual unite into Oneness this is Zero point energy of Oneness.

We must unite into Mother Earth's Body and Frequencies to return into this Oneness.

This process of obtaining Oneness with the original Divine Self will happen naturally when there is enough light frequency brought into the body as the body absorbs the Sun's Aqualene Frequencies of the Galactic Suns and Mother Earth's Ultra Violet Blue Suns frequencies.

Once these two bodies become one, then the crystal cells that contain the eternal memory of the Immortal Self Hood Cells are the Crystal Dust Silica Based Cells of our Original selfhood.

Mother Earth shares the same planetary body that we do. We share the same Merkaba Body with mother Earth. We are both in the Earth's Matrix of Five Spheres.

These are the spheres of the Planetary, Solar System, Galactic, Universal and Cosmic.

We must merge our Frequencies into the earth. The Earth's Core contains our Divine Principle, our substance, and deep inside the Earth's Etheric Core is our spiritual Body. There is also grids of Love, Unconditional Love, Atmosphere Divine, Truth, Intelligence and the streams of Divine Alignment from our Etheric Twin Matrix.

All of these energies of source consciousness are woven into the Earth from above. The original Fifth Dimensional Essence of the mother Earth's Body is where our Scientists have placed the Photon Belt in our Science Books. This photon contains the frequency that shifts our entire matrix into the home frequency or the fifth frequency. The original Etheric Galactic home of Aquarius is contained where the Van Allen Belt as been drawn in our science textbooks. This Etheric Galactic home has remained in this location as the Urtha of our Mother Earth. Urtha contains the Divine Image and Likeness of Mother Earth, just as our Crystal Dust Spiritual Body in the Earth's Core contains our Divine Image and Likeness.

As Mother Earth returns into her Divine Selfhood, so do we return with her.

The Cosmic and Galactic Entities of Light have been streaming Stellar Wave infusions into the Earth s plane to raise her frequencies back into these etheric realms of Consciousness. The photon belt contains fifth dimensional home frequencies of transformation to be drawn into Mother Earth.

When Mother Earth rises into the Van Allen Belt of frequencies, she will completely be one with her Urtha, her Original selfhood. She will then be at the Zero G level of transforming into the Golden Galaxy.Mother Earth's Sun, deep inside of her Core Domain is also streaming energy upward through pillars into her Crust. This liquid light energy flows up as the stellar and Aqualene Energies flow inward.

This Liquid Light cleansing of Mother Earth and our bodies is transforming us together to rise into our original Divine Tone of Home. We help raise our frequencies together with the help of the Sun's Energy Streams, through the Earth and through our Crystal Hearts. We spin our Merkaba from our Crystal Heart down into the Earth's Core - deep down inside where the Earth's Sun resides.

Collect this energy, Walk into the Earths Sun and absorb the Frequencies. Bring those frequencies into the Crystal Heart. Now ride the Merkaba to the 8th and collect the Sun's Energy. Ride up to the 14th and Collect all Etheric Frequencies and all Galactic Sun Frequencies. Bring them into Crystal Heart. Become one with all Suns Energies.

When we absorb the Frequencies of Mother Earth into our Crystal Cells, we awaken our Crystal Dust memory, - the Crystal Dust Memory of all that we really are.

These records of our Eternal Being are stored in our Crystal Cells in our Spiritual Body.

Our Spiritual Body is in the Etheric Core of Mother Earth which is in at onement with our Crystal Heart. We bring in the essence of our immortal body into our Crystal Heart to ignite our Immortal Being of Oneness.

When our spiritual Body is aligned into our Physical Body our memory will be restored.

Before we can slide back and forth between Earth and Aquafaria we will be pulled through a funnel into the Ashtar Command Star Ships of co-creativity. We will be completely transformed into our 12 Original Blue Print of our original Divine Selfhood. At this time we can live on Earth and sleep in Aquafaria. We have already committed to living on Earth for doing the Cosmic Mystery School of the Omniverse. We made the commitment for this assignment. This is our mission. We are firmly convicted to this mission.

Meta Blende Sunu Ake means I state and affirm with unshakable conviction the will to be the Christ Star Body in the Christed Transcended State option of returning as fully Christed Being.

We each have this option now available. We must state this desire with unshakable conviction. To become the fully Christed Being we must take a slightly different path to the New Earth. We must first go to Andromeda to receive full retrieval of Akashic Records which allows us to return to Source before our return to New Earth. This path can be taken on our way to New Earth this time or sometime later. Most of those who have gone to or originated in the Aquafarion Frequencies of the New Earth have never left for thousands of years. They couldn't imagine wanting more than this. There is a much larger path associated with the Christed Being. It is a personal choice.

MOTHER EARTH is happy to announce her re-connection of her Sun to all of the Suns' of her galaxy and all other galaxies. This complete merging of the Suns' energy hasn't been possible for millions of years.

There is a grand celebration going on in the Earth's atmosphere of the Cloud Cities. All of the entities of the fifth dimension that have lived in the Inner Earth Cities of light have now completely merged with the Cities of Light in the Earth's Aura.

The Cloud Cities, the Aquafarian Cities, the Winterland Cities of Light and  the Inner Earth Cities of Light are all connected together and they are having one grand celebration. These Islands of Light are Now creating Zones where those who are still in the third and fourth can be pulled into the Islands of Light at a little lower resonance. The Islands of Light are being formed by those who already have the Christ Vision of the Fifth Dimension. We already took the trip to Source through Andromeda. The fifth dimensional frequencies can no transmute those who are lower into the tone of home at various different frequencies.

The completion of the tonal alignment and the electrical Circuitry for the New Light Energy of our New Home base has been prepared for us.

THE CHRIST 12th dimension is the leading tone that pulls and connects the fourth sphere into the fifth. This is the connection to the Lost Chord. the final harmonic connection. the 12th dimension is in the fourth sphere. The Galactic Suns have completed their unity in the third sphere. This means the fourth harmonic convergence has been completed. From the Cosmic level looking down, the four diamond doors are complete. From Mother Earth looking up two harmonic convergences - the first sphere has been pulled into the second the second sphere pulled into the third sphere.

Once all of the suns of the galaxies connect their Frequencies into one grand new galactic frequency, this new rhythmic resonance permeates everything below it - the fourth sphere - the third and second and first sphere all resonate with this new tone of home.

The Earth's Sun also braids into and combines into the Oneness or allness of the Sun's of her galaxy of all galaxies. This harmonic resonance of unity and oneness of all we once were in the Aquarian Galaxy has now been woven together through bonds or wave lengths of sound and light streaming and braiding through every dimension, every entity in every dimension, every elemental in every dimension.

This stream of crystal light energy braids the electric circuit completely into Christ Consciousness. The 12th dimensional Christ Grid is one foot below the Earth's crust and it is the leading tone or over tone into the fifth dimension which pulls into the completion of the five spheres the harmony of the music of the spheres.

Source Consciousness is the Music of the Spheres.

All that originated from the spark of source placed in our crystal hearts can now grow into a flame. This flame is the Amorea Flame of violet, gold and blue. These colors grow into a rainbow of colors not yet seen by eyes lower than the fifth dimension.

When the crystal heart becomes fully ignited with the light and sound of all dimensions including the Christ Consciousness, the flame will grow into the pure of heart that allows the eyes to see the miraculous of the fifth dimension.

The miraculous is the harmonious alignment of the music of the spheres allowing a new earth a new creation, a new song for God to sing. We become the pure in heart by resonating our crystal heart into the light and sound of the frequencies of all dimensions by weaving and braiding together into one grand frequency of harmonic alignment.

First, understand what and where the crystal heart is.

The crystal heart has been called the azure, the Luxor point - the zero point of where our original spark of light was placed.

This spark of light is God. It contains all that is in Source Consciousness. This spark is ignited by breathing into it the memory the feeling the frequencies of all of the spheres of Divine Consciousness.

The 12th dimension leads to and connects to through a harmonic convergence. This means a raising of frequencies.

What is a frequency? It is the rate of the vibration It means we are oscillating our consciousness faster and closer to the source consciousness.

How do we connect our Light Bodies into that harmonic resonance in the Earth's crust - or in the 12th dimension or in the suns of the galaxies including Mother earth's Sun?

We connect tot this through the crystal Heart. There is no other way to connect to Christ Consciousness except through the crystal Heart. The crystal heart must have its frequencies raised into the five spheres. The crystal heart must be connected into the crystal heart of the second sphere, third sphere 4th and 5th sphere.

Only those who are pure of heart may enter the kingdom of heaven.

The kingdom of heaven is the tone of home, the harmonic convergence. The resonance of the crystal cells of the body into all of the grids of earth including the Christ grid the love grid the unconditional grid intelligence substance eternal life, principle mind.

We become one with source or all that God is by becoming one with all frequencies in all five spheres. The final stage of the alignment awaits the pure of heart.

It will be the pure of heart whom join the fifth dimensional island of light. As the crystal heart absorbs more and more frequencies of all spheres and aligns into all crystal hearts as one crystal heart, the heart grows in purity.

When complete resonance of oneness is established the crystal heart rings in purity. This causes the new language, the frequency of oneness. multidimensional communication.

This purity of heart creates the cells of the heart, the head the entire crystal cell structure of the body to sing in resonance with the spirit body.

The etheric body is deep within the earths core inside the etheric liquid light of the parallel spiritual matrix. These two matrixes are blending together or resonating together into oneness of the physical and spiritual. This results in the pure of heart singing the tone of home where we can see the miraculous new 5D home.

Dr. Angela Barnett
Joe Barnett