Ascension – December 21, 2012. What happened?

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GFP Note: As part of our new Disclosure Project, we are updating the FAQ/Ascension Primer. We will be updating some sections and adding new ones. Following is an updated discussion of what happened in December and what Ascension really means. To read the FAQ/Ascension Primer, visit this page. You can also find the FAQ by going to the main page of the press - the link is at the top, in the center.


Mother Earth ascended on 12/12/12. On that date, a portal opened in preparation for Humanity’s ascension on 12/21/12. Humanity passed through the portal and some people ascended to a higher level of consciousness but most of Humanity did not.

However, Humanity did move into 5D frequencies, which we are now all living with and integrating. Some people are choosing, on a higher level, to not move into 5D and they will shift (they will experience a physical death). That is their choice and we do not judge them or try to convince them of anything. Their body holograms will expire and their souls – their True Selves – will return to Source and then reside on the starships in our atmosphere until we complete our mission here. They will help us from the starships.

In December of 2012, we received a two-year extension to complete our mission because it was clear that Humanity as a collective was not ready to ascend. This means that Humanity must move into 5D before 12/21/14.

Previously, we said that before 12/21/12, several events would occur. Some of these events have occurred, just not in the way most of us envisioned them. This is a good example of why it is helpful to have no expectations. Energy, which creates all the changes we are going through, does not work the way most things work in 3D. It does not follow rules and timetables or try to meet deadlines.

For example, we know that the cabal is finished. The remaining cabal minions are in the process of surrendering. Working together, Beings both off and on the planet have ensured that they are on the way out. If you have been following The Press, you are familiar with some of the things our own staffers have accomplished, like severing the energetic cords of formerly powerful people at the Vatican, the Pentagon, and Buckingham Palace, so they can no longer feed off our energy.

What you are seeing now is the last desperate attempts of remaining cabal members to hang on. Again, this is an illusion. Because so many people are clinging to the illusion, it will not disappear in the blink of an eye.

Reliable reports indicate that the new economic system is in place and will be enacted soon. The same is true for the other things we have been waiting for – disclosure of the extraterrestrial presence (starships) and disclosure of our true history, etc. These things will happen, but we don’t know when. We suggest you do not focus on these things but instead focus on your own spiritual development.

At some point, Earth will be evacuated. Major changes, like the moving of land masses and a pole shift will occur. Some people will go to Inner Earth and some will go aboard starships before the final Earth changes happen. Then, some people will return to the surface of Mother Earth to continue co-creating a new 5th Dimensional Civilization while others will return home or embark on new missions elsewhere. This mission will culminate in Earth becoming a Blue Starseed Nation and Humanity becoming Galactic Citizens.

The best way to help yourself and Humanity is to stay on the Path to Full Consciousness - keep shedding your ego and raising your level of consciousness so that you are holding as much Light as possible. Focusing on other things, like the new financial system, is a distraction and will only delay them happening. Remember, every person who is holding a great amount of Light helps to raise the vibration of SEVEN MILLION other people.

Ascension comes from within – it simply means to move to a higher level of consciousness and it happens to each of us more than once. If you are still looking to outside sources to give you answers and make change, then you need to work on your own spiritual development more. Let go of everything that comes from ego/fear and instead choose to give and receive Love. Choose LOVE in every moment. It really is that simple.

Yes, YOU ARE The One. You are The One that you have been waiting for. On 12/12/12 your Higher Self came in to be with you as much as was possible for you at that time. If you have not been feeling any differently, then you need to work on your spiritual development more. En-joy!





Dear Rain

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No offense but you just rained on our parade again!!! You gave a date. You should know better after all these years of dates and "soons" etc. And you gave a "soon." Give us a break please from the dates and soons, as you say to ignor them, well please do ignor them if you don't know for sure of the acuracy, and do you? And then you say that by us focusing on these changes that we want will delay them?? What is on our mind is what comes to us? Why should we not focus on this what we do want?


This is your quote, and I am curious to know from whence you derive it.


"In December of 2012, we received a two-year extension to complete our mission because it was clear that Humanity as a collective was not ready to ascend. This means that Humanity must move into 5D before 12/21/14."


These things have been predicted to happen so many times now and never did they need to be time framed. Just to say that this is held in our future would have done it. It's like someone is pressuring the bloggers into giving time frames, and by now we all know that none of you know, ascended masters, archangels, beings of light have all missed again and again. So you leave us with authentic questions on who you really are and what is your motives???

David Porter

Author of the series