Ashtar ~Galactic Federation ~ Leanne Kerrison~

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Love is here in all its glory for each and everyone of you. It is in these days, that we are showering your earth with the most divine energies. The awakened ones, aready know this, they feel this. For it is in this knowing, that their light is ignited to shine brigher than ever before. Love is all around, sometimes you have to be reminded to look, and you will see. This divine energy, that is here for you all. Right now. Look through your eyes, with love, at every living being. For it is in this sharing, that this beautiful energy can be utilised for the very  highest good. And when you know, you have it right, you will feel it, radiating from your heart, your eyes, your smile. Look with wonder at your world, as it is wonderful. See the greatness in others. This is the greatest gift you can give, is to see this. Look for their light, in times of dullness. Remember, dear friends, now is the time to shine it bright. For all to see. The moments are arising, when you will realise just how beautifully light filled you actually are. I mean really feel it, and this knowing that will come with this feeling, is your truth.  Your truth of who you really are. These moments that I speak of, will happen more frequently, as we flood your earth with the divine flame. The violet rays clearing out old energies, ready for the new. For the time is now my friends, the time is now, … for this acknowledgment of all we do, together.  

This is Ashtar, the chief commander of this ship. We are aligned with your energies as we speak, and we rise in your skies, undetected by many. There are many of us here, helping align this earths consciousness with the matrix. We know now of the many, many helpers that are assisting on all levels, all dimensions, for this change will happen, and when all is ready, this will happen all as it should. You see, you unconsciously agreed to be here, to witness and be apart of this new age shift. This next dimension, is coming, and it will bring many wonderous changes, for your planet. The divine ones, from the angelic realms are here to assist those that need to be assisted. To help ground in the new changes that are available for many. For those that are already awakened, and are in communications with us now, we thankyou, for you are paving the way, for all to follow. This Galactic Federation oversees all that is coming, and that We are here always ... For remember, it is in love that we come, and in love that you need to trust. There will come a day, when you all will remember, you will remember, your home, your families. Your intergalactic connections. Your oneness. We wish for you all to be with love, and grace in these times, as the shifts take place. Slowly, but surely, this will happen, do not doubt, but just trust, in the oneness of all.