~Ashtar: Keep Your Eyes on the Skies and Join Hearts with the Children~

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~Ashtar:  Keep Your Eyes on the Skies and Join Hearts with the Children~


Ashtar Teleconference ~ 8~9~11


"Greetings, Beloved Family, we bring so much Joy as we join with you because you, Beloved Ones, are beaming the Love and there is nothing more joyful in the totality of the universe than sharing the Love and indeed, the light that is the Love.  And when we come together in these Family Gatherings it is for us to exponentially increase that loving vibration and send it out to the World and the Universe beyond.  And in this Gathering we have such a beautiful focus and of course you know that it is the children, the children of the World. And we shall indeed have a very special guest who shall co-create with us the Exercise of Love that we shall send to all of the children of Planet Earth!

"Now, we shall be including among the children you, Beloved Ones, because you each have an inner child, as we stated in our invitation to you - we invited you to bring your inner children to this Gathering to simply share in the Joy of Who We All Are, as individual personalities, to be sure, but as the One We All Are.  It is this unity in which we find such Joy and such Love.  And it is an opportunity for all of us to be in such a loving space together that it is indeed out of this World - it is high dimensional, it is Christ Consciousness, even!!!

"The Light of this Love has great and grand empowerment to reach all over the planet and to penetrate into the hearts, and yes, even into the minds of those who are awake.  And this is a grand message, indeed, that we do every time we gather, and what it does in addition to upswinging the Planet in Joy and Love, is that it creates even more awakening and knowing, perhaps with a bit of discernment to be sure, but the ultimate knowing comes that We Are Indeed All One!!!  Yes, we are here, and more and more people are looking to the skies and saying, 'Could it be?'  And we beam the Love as we hear the question.  And more and more people are saying, 'Ooh, that feels good!'

"Yes it is - it is not only that there are ships in the sky but those ships actually contain our Galactic Family, our starseed brothers and sisters.  And as you know, being in the ground crew in human body, you still have presence on the ships, a higher dimensional presence, to be sure, but more and more of you are connecting with that and getting, shall we say, information.  Perhaps some adventures, some stories, and most of all the connections because that is what is most important - it is these connections that we have.  We’ve been other places, to be sure, together, traveling through the skies as you say.  And you indeed have been other places when you have not been busy with the Ashtar Command. You all came from other places, but here we are, united!

"Now, take a look around you.  Look with your inner eyes or your hearts and see the diversity among all of us.  Do you know that scene?  It was from the first Star Wars movie that came into the public domain, so to speak, but it was actually number four in the entire group of stories.  But anyway, do you remember the famous scene where Luke met others who didn’t all look the same as him, and they went into a place, you call it a bar, but they had a meeting there, they had to meet someone there.  And here were all of these fantastically imaginary - or not -beings who obviously came from different places because they weren’t all the same either.  And they were playing some interesting music on some interesting musical instruments and they were dancing and talking and so on and so on.  It was a meeting place of the Galaxy.

"Now, we are going to have meeting places such as this - 'Welcome Centers' at various locations upon Planet Earth.  We have already received numerous invitations from you to land in your backyards or your frontyards, or your rooftops or in the street outside of your dwellings, and we want to tell you we’re going to be there.  But we’re going to have to come, in some cases, in smaller ships, or perhaps there will be a big Mother Ship over your city and we’ll beam down. You know, Scotty can beam us up or down!  You can beam up or down too, how about that?  And bless his heart - it may be that Scotty himself will be out of a position because you won’t need him.  How about that?  But that’s all right - he’s joyful and happy!

"There is no such thing as a happy person whose position is advanced into not being needed, they simply go somewhere else and take that same position or another one.  You see, that’s the difference, or one of the differences, between 3D and the higher dimensionalities.  Think about it, everybody has a position and it is the position of passion.  It is: 'What do you really, really, really in your heart want to be doing in this moment?'  It doesn’t mean you have to be doing it in the next moment - it just means there is a place for you where you are welcomed and appreciated, and loved and honored for whatever it is that you have passion to do that you are doing.  Of course, in higher dimensionality, nobody has passion to hurt anybody or do any harm to the environment or to any living beings.  And so it is all wondrous and high vibe and Love!!!

"So, as we were saying, we shall have certain key points upon Planet Earth where large Welcome Centers will be revealed as the vibration of the planet rises just a little bit more.  And what these places will be is meeting places.  Obviously there will be incoming and outgoing transportation, so if you want to, think of something like shuttle launching pads, much more advanced than anything your NASA has, but if you want to think of those kinds of facilities go right ahead - that is part of the picture.

"But what is really important here is not so much about the logistics as it is about the meetings. It is about the conferencing; it is about the getting together; it is about the opportunities to learn from each other and to interact with each other and just to feel the Love vibes!!!  How would you like to travel to one of these Centers and to come in and feel so welcome?  To feel that Love, to feel that Joy at your arrival, and to find exactly the place at this Center where you want to be, and to be surrounded by those exact beings that you want to be with?  And because it will be new to you, in this lifetime, in these evolved bodies of yours, it might seem almost strange at first, like the first day at school, and you might have a few butterflies in your tum-tum area - that is alright you will get used to it.  And the interesting - perhaps we might say the most fabulous - part of all of this is that you have a standing invitation and you are welcome at anytime!!!

"There will be places which will not have the meetings and the greetings and the conferencings and the decision-making, to be sure.  Other places of coming and going, transportation coming and going - shuttles, which will simply go from one place to another on Planet Earth, or below, and shuttles which will go to nearby places like the moon and other planets in the Solar System. And of course there will be the big Mother Ship.  You can take a shuttle to the Mother Ship where you might be going out of this Galaxy to some other place in the Universe.

"You see, that is our World, Beloved Ones - that is the World, or shall we say the Universe, of the Ashtar Command!  It’s all here, just a teensy little bit above the level that you have now.  We are showing you this and we are hoping - ah yes, we see the visions popping up everywhere where you are listening.  And why is that? Because that is the next step!  You know how we tell you, 'Keep your eyes on the skies and say hello'?  Well, you are doing that, Beloved Ones, and you are doing it beautifully and if you haven’t seen us wave, blink or dance for you yet, keep it up. It may be that you are not speaking quite loud enough.  Oh, we’re just kidding a bit about that, we know you are there and we are delighted to have you come and greet us!  And more and more of you are getting your discernment fully activated and you know that’s us.  You might still say, 'Gee, is that really what I think I saw up there in the skies?'  And we say, 'Yes, of course it was us!'

"Thank you for putting your energies into greetings and sending Love, and we send you ours back.  Now, we’ve got so many beamers around the world who are not only beaming each other and beaming the World and all of the kingdoms of Mother Gaia, and we’ve got beamers everywhere who are going outside and saying, 'Hello'!  And you are joined by the children who know, and almost all of the young ones know.  Sometimes they have such traumas going on that they have like a mist, just like the veil, where they are so busy focusing that the memories, the knowing, of Who They Really Are is a bit obscured.  But for the most part the Crystals and, yes, the Indigos of the world are pretty wide awake, and they know!!!

"And so when you join with them, Beloved Ones, you bring yourself into the One We All Are, the knowing, and the loving.  You see, the children have no fear about us showing up.  Just imagine, let us say that you are sitting at a desk and it is the middle of the afternoon, it is daylight, and all of a sudden the light coming in the window isn’t so light and bright anymore, it’s dark.  So naturally, you get up from your desk and you move over to the window and you look out and - oops, there’s this big Mother Ship, and it’s so big it’s creating a darkness in the sky.  Of course, you being You, you wave and say, 'Hi, I’m here!'  But the person at the desk next to you says, 'What - are you nuts?  They might start - you know, doing something unfriendly.'  So you have a grand opportunity.  But if you want to see where everybody is waving and welcoming, just go to a school where you’ll find young children and you’ll find them all pretty excited.  And the teachers are somewhat tuned in to them and they’ll say, 'Yes, isn’t it wonderful that we are so ready for this that we can now experience this together?'

"You see, these kinds of things are beginning to happen, and so the more you envision the next step after this, which are these Centers that we have discussed with you, the more you are anchoring Planet Earth in its moving up into that phase of reality.  We always ask that you stay a bit out ahead because that’s part of being a leader, is it not?  It is that you know what’s coming up and that is why we have taken so much of your attention here to tell you.

"Now, if you want to put two and two together, as you say, and come up with four, you might be thinking, 'Oh boy, this means that we’re getting closer to Disclosure!'  Well you are very much invited to feel the energy of that, because we have more and more of you - and more and more of the general population, who have not any real awakening to the Ashtar Command and the ships but who, nevertheless, even though they don’t have the knowing, are starting to be aware of our presence.  And what is most important is that they are picking up on the Love!!!  So keep beaming the Love, keep on greeting us and start literally beaming out - you don’t even have to say anything verbally - but start beaming out the next step, which are the Welcome Centers, because we are real anxious to be landing among you!!!  And yes, some of you can find your way up onto the ships with or without Scotty, and as we always suggest, you are very welcome anytime on the bridge of the New Jerusalem or any of our Mother Ships, and you can get on to your own shuttles if you choose to.  Just go into some kind of a focus or a relaxing sleep, let your brains relax and you will find yourselves traveling in space - in what you call space.  So this is a bulletin, that we see as we scan, that you are very ready to receive. It’s a bit of an addition, we did not mention it in the preview but you just heard it here!!!

"So now we must invite all of you to turn your focus upon the children upon Planet Earth.  The children are so much leaders into the crystalline bodies and that is because, Beloved Ones, as you would say, it is time.  Just as it’s time for you to be greeting us and knowing us in the skies above you it is time for you to be greeting and knowing the children on the Planet with you.

"And we will talk about your inner children, but we want to focus particularly on the children of the world who are so knowing, who are holding so much light and who are so willing and, indeed, they are doing their particular passionate mission which is to be Love, to be Light and to continue with that mission no matter what is going on around them – bombs dropping, bullets flying, fields that have no food, land that is so parched and dry it is literally cracked open and cannot nourish anyone, and places where the waters are so foul that their fishes and other life is no more, and places where the water can only make a person very ill.

"The good news in all of this, Beloved Ones, is that it’s very close to being over! The good news in all of this is that the World is finally waking up, or perhaps we should say the people of the United States and other countries, which have been so lied to, are finally seeing the truth of what has been going on and the truth of how these children have been treated, and the truth that what the World truly needs is Love, not hate, and that people who preach and practice hatred, even of tiny children, have been telling lies and following programs that are totally the opposite of where we are going.  And we are talking about residing permanently in higher dimensionalities.  Yes, those of us who are not in human bodies have the ability to go back and forth, and you will too, if you choose to, once you have reached your ascended state - '5D' you call it.

"Now here’s the thing - these children, though they may be looking tired, exhausted, homeless, hungry, beaten, or injured, they already know there is a higher place for them because they are Crystal Children and they are later Indigo Children and they each have their own traits, and this is not about their own traits, this is simply for you to know thatThey KnowAnd even if it seems to be fogged-over a bit, They Know.  And they are open to sending and receiving telepathic messages, and of course you know, that’s what we are going to be doing tonight, sending very powerful messages of Love and Hope and, 'Hi, we’re here. Greetings to you and Namaste, Beloved Children.'  Because it is so blessed to be in communion with these ones and it is time for them to hear how honored and appreciated they are on the wings of Love and powerful, powerful messages.

"They do not feel alone or separated from each other, and it is time for them to feel that they are One with all dwellers on Planet Earth who are wanting to connect, communicate and commune with them so that this grand Ascension path can be traveled together.  Now we have said many times that these young ones have much to teach and this is Truth, Beloved Ones.  And it is that you can, if you choose, sit at their feet and learn from them.  And what is it, what is the greatest teaching that they have to share?  It is Love.  It is that we are all created from Love even though it is so easy as one grows in, what you call, age, it is so easy to get side-tracked and distracted away from that thought.

"So tonight we shall be joining with the children, and it is so delightful and so beautiful to be looking into their eyes and to be joining hearts with them and to listen and let them tell, and let them sing, and let them invite you to dance in the great Freedom that Love offers to all, even the ones who are in chains or behind the bars of the prisons.  And yes, this is something that is high vibrational Love and it is our gift to the children that we love them, that we are with them, that we understand that we are all here to bring about great healing for the Planet, and that we honor them, each and every one of them, and together as great healers using the highest empowerments of Love and Joy, and always reminding each other that that’s Who We All Are, no matter what the age might say!!!

"And so it is that we now - having said this - we discuss your inner children. That’s the part of you that these beautiful children are, so joyful.  When you share your inner child with anyone, and indeed with these children, you are speaking the same language, and there’s no need of words.  When you invite these children into your hearts to play with your inner child it is the energies of Love and Joy. When you ask your inner child to greet these wondrous children, it is to bring the Joy to their World, no matter what their World looks like in 3D around them.  It is to commune with that special, special bonding – glue, if you will.  There is a kind of glue that once you glue with it you can’t break that which is glued apart, you call it the 'super glue.'

"Well, we’re here to tell you that Super Love works the same way, and when you reach out to anyone in Love it creates a bond.  When you reach out to the children it creates a bond that is timeless and ageless, and it says that the World is really the beautiful place that you came here to enjoy because you, Beloved Child, are beauty in expression.  We’re not talking about how you look, how you dress, where you live, or what your family connections are or how much gold you have in your piggy banks, we’re talking about you and your hearts.  We are talking about joining hearts and being One, and laughing, singing and dancing, maybe even skipping along the path of Ascension because you, Beloved Ones, allow the children to lead you along that path!

"And so as we look into the eyes and the hearts of these children together, let us open our hearts completely.  There’s no need to hide anything from a child, you can’t do it anyway, especially the children of today, because they see right into your hearts, so show them the Love that’s there and share it with them.  They so deserve it, Beloved Ones, and so do you, each and every one of you.  And so when we have our beloved speaker come forth to lead this exercise put away anything that says your age, put that right out of your mind and allow yourselves to be addressed and loved as children.

"We shall tell you this, Beloved Ones, as you do this you will empower yourselves even more with what is really important, and that is the Love and the Oneness that We Are.  If you do get down in the dumpies and start feeling as though you are somehow alone or disempowered by some situation, or perhaps by some other being, come back to this space that is uncomplicated, and a beginning of sorts. Come back to your inner child and to the children of the world. Take their hands, connect in with their hearts and be together in the Oneness and the simple, yet awesome, radiance of the Love that is high vibration, high dimension, and the reality, as you experience again the profound and yet simple Truth that We Are Indeed One Together -- One Heart, One Love, One World!!!

"And so, Beloved Ones, we thank you for coming to be with us for this most special of occasions.  It is a grand celebration!  Now, let us focus and allow our hearts to listen to the great poet* once more, and we shall join together in our Oneness Exercise of Love.  And so it is - Salut!"

Transcription by Brian Coe

Given through Susan Leland, August 9, 2011. www.AshtarontheRoad.com© Ashtar on the Road Publications 2011.All rights reserved; however, this is a gift to all of us and it may be distributed freely on condition that all accreditation is acknowledged and that no part is altered or deleted.

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Welcome Centers

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     In reference to the "Welcome Centers", I wonder if it would be possible if these Welcome Centers could begin online.  Where groups interact, and the channeler would receive messages to those who are in attendance there.  That way, we can gather informative messaging and knowledge of what to expect in the near future.  Get familiar, so to speak.  This would also serve as a teaching tool for those who wish to teach others when the occaison arises, don't ya think?

     Very interesting concept.  Makes me think more.  Thanks for posting!

Love and Light, d'tewa

Welcome Centers

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I was also fascinated by the welcome centers. They sound wonderful. The idea got me to thinking. Some time ago, I had a dream that a portal opened up on a street about a block away from my house. I always thought this would be where the landing would take place in my neighborhood, but it's not what I would create for myself. I would like a plush mansion where people could really spread out, swim, play, stay the night or for however long they wanted, coming and going as they pleased. Since we all really want to be together, the concept sounds great.

You know, I haven't even thought about what questions I need to ask when I meet my space family in person.