Ashtar ~Leanne Kerrison

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It is in these moments, of choice, that we hold Our power. Listen to your heart, in these choices, for it leads you in the right direction every time. These choices, you face in this life, can sometimes be confronting, but the answer always lies within one self. Deep within, you all have all of the answers. All of your TRUTHS.

You see, they will become you. Let these truths, be who you are. Follow your guidance, at all times, for it is these arrows which are pointing you into the right directions. The times are coming, when your guidance will be needed to move forward into your own truths, of who you really are.

The loving energies we bestow onto you all, in this time is immense. Many of you can feel the shifts, are still adjusting to these new frequencies. These new energies. So many are awakened now, because of these new energies, that are reaching you all.

These gathering groups of LIGHT and LOVE are seen from above, seen by many of us now, you are all shining brightly. Doing your jobs well. Acknowledging these new vibrations, in your own silences, in your own dreams. We wish to speak of the Love energy, this high vibrational frequency, is felt by so many.

It can reach far and wide. When you connect in your groups, with this unity consciousness, of love energy, it is certainly amplified, enormously. We are the Galactic Federation of Light, the overseers of the earths humanity consciousness. And we wish to say that you are all doing a wonderful job.

 Keep doing what you are doing, keep connecting with like mindedness, keep up with your positive thoughts for your world. Feel the love and peace in your heart, often, daily, give it gratitude and know, that simple act of graciousness is all that is needed to keep that special energy flowing. – Galactic Federation of Light