~Ashtar Monthly Message~7~9~2011

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Ashtar Monthly Message~7~9~2011


by Galactic Love Reporter ~ Michael Angelio

Well Beloved Family, Its that time for another update.

 Lots of occurances, lots of tranformations and lots of you making the most out of the new higher energies. This is all good. It has been a bit rough on you all with so many alignments and updates comming into your matrixes.

With so much going on there has been little time for you to sit and think it all through properly. Yet it has been one massive change so far hasnt it?

It is so exciting to see how well you are responding to all these energies and updates. Your climb up the ladder is going very smoothly.

Very soon there will be another rise, another apex on that rollercoaster ride, where you will be able to fly from again.

Keep on keeping on in there, Beloved Family. There is alot of changes occuring here both within and outside in your realities.

You are the ones holding all the power to transform all this old into your new higher dimensional way of being and thinking. Hold onto that picture, image or feeling that you have. This is your manifestation, you are giving it power. Much like a circuit with a light bulb, you need power to make it light up, so too with your manifestations, you have to give power to it. To plug it into the current of the new higher energies of the 5th density world, and bring it into the now moment.

Beloved Family you are so close to this changeover, you can literally put your hand out and touch it. Some of you are more aware of this already. Yet some remain blissfully unaware. The time for those to who have chosen to ascend is comming up.

Rest assured every help is being given to all of you, yes even those of you whom are not quite aware of this plan and purpose just yet. You are being guided in many ways. Not just through messages, but also from your own guidance teams who have followed you into your incarnated lives.

Trusting your instincts in every moment is a wonderful experience for all of you. You really learn more about your own self in listening to you, and your heart.

Its an exciting journey here to be with you walking with you on this. Being here to assist you all.  Much like an adventure. Life really is one big adventure.

In working with many of you here, there has been some very trying times in which you have gone through more recently. Still your courage and determination that has wayset your personalities is very admirable.

The way you fall, and bear the brunt, then get back up and dust yourselves off, and carry on even stronger in your determination is very admirable.

It is with this same determination that you seek your new lives, and will not be torn down by anything stood in your way, and that is commendable.  We commend this attitude and determination to see everything through to the end. As you are very brave to be incarnated here at this time.

It has never before been done in such a manner, and with so many of you now approaching readiness for the final transformations to the 5th Density world, there is growing excitement from all your families. Indeed if you only knew how loved and talked about you are. There is a sense of growing anticipation within the fleet and and your own selves as you feel this rapidly approaching moment.

With the final dissolution of time, you will be free to complete your tasks and finish any clearing you may have to do before making the final transformation.

Know there is plenty of allotted time for you, and that there is no rush, no matter at what stage you are at. Everything is done in a peaceful manner with us.

The tranformation of the lower energies is an ongoing process at present as there has been so much of it. It has been held in humanities collective consciousness through media, social control, laws, and religious extremists. This has been the hardest to break, so those of you that are breaking these apart, and living the truth from your own hearts are doing extremely well.

There is still a few pockets of transforming needed in these areas, and you will be guided to do so as and when.

There is so many happy family members waiting to contact you all. With so many of you also waiting to meet your extended families. It will be a time for great rejoicing and happiness for all concerned. There never has been a better moment than now for all of you, and still you will have better things to come. So lift up, and get on the apex of the rollercoaster, shout out to all that you are the light and let it shine brighter than ever before. Then let go and soar with the eagles.

 Until next time Beloved Family of Light, I AM Ashtar.