~ASHTAR~~Claiming Your Freedom to Create Your Abundance~

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Ashtar, Teleconference, 6~28~11

Claiming Your Freedom to Create Your Abundance

"Well, Greetings Everyone, this Family, in this Celebration - coming together is most appropriate.  You have heard so much news, and indeed we could go on by the hour, the day even, with all of the changes that are occurring everywhere on Planet Earth.  And it is most appropriate to focus upon that which you call the 3D changes, the changes in governments and societies, and yes the changes that are being facilitated, not just by us who come, but by you Beloved Ones, by calling forth the Light, by sending out the Love Beams.  This is how the great changes are made.  This is how the consciousness is raised, and this is how the vibrations of the Planet are able to increase!


"And this is the power, or shall we say, the powering up for Ascension, this Love, this Light.  So always keep that perceptive overview.  It is the Light of Love which is shining forth so beautifully from your hearts, and indeed from the entirety of your energy fields, which is what you call, fueling, these great changes which are taking place.


"You are welcoming the transformative energies that we bring, indeed.  And you are welcoming even if at times it can be a bit disruptive, creating what you call Ascensionitis symptoms for some of you at one time, and some of you at another, and so on.  You are welcoming the energies which are coming in, which are being sent to you specifically for the fueling of the Ascension Process for Planet Earth.  And everybody's invited!  There is nobody, No One in a Body anywhere, who is excluded from this invitation to come home to the Light.  And while we know that you know, there are some who are choosing not to bring their bodies with them.


"This Family is here, first of all to be leaders in the Ascension Movement, which is taking your body with you - a little different, in a different form than it is in right now, to be sure.  And there are discomforts, and moments of wondering, 'Is this just something that is happening as the result of my formation of my crystalline body, or is there something wrong with me?'  Well, go to the MD's and so on, and find out for yourselves, but what we are here to tell you is, the overview that we have is that these are natural occurrences which must happen in order for you to be fully ready for Ascension.


"Now it is not that we're just going to come in and create a little hocus pocus in your life so that your Ascension takes place.  This is a voluntary mission, and it is voluntary in the sense that it requires commitment from you, and from everyone who chooses the path, but we are focusing upon this Family.  We are well aware, Beloved Ones, that all of you have faith, but you may even in this moment of our togetherness be facing challenges, big challenges, shall we say, culmination challenges, because this is it.  These are the last remnants of what there is for you to resolve.  It may be something in your physicality that needs a physical healing. It may be a relationship.  It may be some soul memories that are coming up - they're embedded in your very cells.


"Whatever it is, Beloved Ones, we assure you that we are here walking this path with you every step of the way, and we invite you to soar and fly above it.  The hardships, the deprivations, the unhappy occurrences, are totally ready to be no more in your lives.  This is pivotal.  There are no accidents, you know.  We have had some very powerful eclipses, and then of course was the solstice.  Huge, huge shifts of coming into more and more balance.


"Those of you who were with us may have heard the Voice tell her story of how her spine has straightened, after being curved all of her life.  And this was not done even with her knowing it was happening - it just evolved.  She called it forth - of course she used her energy tools and her hands and so forth, but the point we are wanting to make here is that it is happening for each and every one of you -whatever it is that you need to have happen, or transition within your being. It is happening!!!  Now what we're here to do is to speed it up even more, and you're here to co-create going to another level of warp speed.


"You say that you have some financial distress.  Well you all know that there are ultimate answers for the entire Planet, and we shall be focusing in that direction, as well as individually with your lists you choose to manifest, or create, as part of your own personal abundance package.  And that may or may not include dollars, or dinars, or gold, or jewels, or whatever."

(Elise: "One moment."

Ashtar: "I'm getting signaled here.  There is a bit of a noise. We are testing, having that addressed.)

"So, we are saying, if abundance of dollars is what you are interested in co-creating, then let's do it together.  If you have some challenges going on in your physicalities with your health, let us co-create together an abundance of wellness, and balance, and wellbeing, coming into our beings.  And when we say ours, we simply mean that as Family, We Are One.


"And so it is that we shall feel your Joy, and feel the Love that you feel as these changes proceed in a manner which brings you Joy and Freedom - perhaps relief from pain you have been feeling for quite some time.  Perhaps someone that you have not spoken with for some time because your last words to each other were angry, perhaps you will reach out and feel that they want you to call them.  You might get a message, or perhaps they will call you and your resolution can begin.


"When you move into the Ascension Completed status, you will not be taking any of these things which now may be causing concern for you, nor will Mother Gaia by the way.  She's in the last phases of her balancing and preparations for her Ascension, too.  And so it is that we all have this perception of what this Golden Age will be.  And we're here to tell you it's already begun.  No we are not speaking of your Ascension at this moment.  We're talking about the Golden Age, where the World has all of these wondrous unfoldments, announcements, oh Peace, and Love for each other, so profound, and so great, and so deep, within each being, that there is harmony.


"Now you just heard a very rapid telling of all of these things that are happening which are preparing the way, in other words blockages of every kind are being removed even as we are here together.  So let's focus on the big picture which is that We Are All One, we are all here to create super abundance for the Planet.  We are all here to address the consciousness of every living being upon the Planet, and Mother Gaia herself.  And we are reaching out in all directions, in every way possible, to bring forth complete abundance.


"And for those of you who brought your lists of what you are wanting to co-create in the Exercise we shall do, we thank you.  For those of you who are just now starting to realize how Worldwide, and how all-encompassing abundance really is, ah we thank you!  And for those of you who came to just be here without any kind of a list, a desire, or a vision, we say thank you, and blessings to you, because we need all of it, and we need all of you, for this to be as successful as we have already seen that it is, when we look to the future!


"Now speaking of future, that which you call future, some of you are becoming more and more the Masters at living in the now moment, and when you do, of course, you are not taking yourself into any kind of vulnerability to whatever might be happening out there in the 3D World, because you are complete and whole unto yourselves, and you know it.  For those of you who are working on this concept, keep on working, because that is a key.  If you combine being in the now moment with feeling, and saying, and expressing Love in every now moment, you've got it.  You are up, up, and out of 3D, and living in that higher dimensionality already - what you might call yourself is an 'early arrival.'


"Now does that mean your body, your physicality is ready, and has done the whole Ascension process?  No.  But what it does mean is, if you've got the essence, and you have empowered yourself to create whatever abundance it is that you desire, and the more you're in the now moment, the less you attract that which you don't desire.  The smoother everything is, and the more grace and ease there seems to be in your entire life; and, yes the more telephone rings, or the email comes in, or the neighbor knocks on your door with wonderful news!  Maybe someone sends you a rose, or maybe somebody sends you a pot of gold, whatever it is, you see. And it's not about things, and it's not about acquiring things - it's about taking whatever space you're in, and having whatever it is that brings you Joy.


"It doesn't matter if you live in a mansion or a hut, if you are in joyful surroundings - and we're talking atmosphere here, energies, energetic atmosphere of Love and Joy.  That's what is important.  If you go to the market place and you see something that brings a thought, a joyful thought, 'Oh, I like that, that's very pretty, I would like that in my space,'  it's perfectly wondrous indeed to create it, to create the opportunity to have it.  You will be reaching a destination where you can have whatever you want, where you can manifest whatever you want.


"To be very honest with you, you are not going to take things with you that you value now, but you can call them forth.  You can call forth that you live in surroundings identical to that which was in place before you made your Ascension, if that gives you great pleasure and Joy.  If you decide that you want to be absolutely sovereign unto yourself, and not have a particular place - you're just going to be flying all the time - great, you can do that too!  You can do whatever brings you Joy, because you have unlimited abundance of empowerment to create whatever it is that you want.  Does anyone have 'empowerment to create whatever I want' on their list?  Ah hah!  That's very big, you know.


"Regardless of what it is everything is worthy, everything is worthwhile as long as you resonate with it.  Now this is something that is very important that we want to mention here.  There has been a program running in your society, which of course was created by those who wanted to have you be down in the dumpies a whole lot.  Back in the 1970's or thereabouts, or perhaps it was the '80's in your calendar of time past, it was called, 'keeping up with the neighbors.'  If your neighbor went and bought a brand new whatever, luxury car, let's say luxury car. Then you felt real bad if you couldn't go and buy the same luxury car, or maybe an even a more super luxurious car.  Yes, there were whole communities that ran on that program.


"Well, you got a lot more wisdom, and we will say that society as a whole, human kind, has a lot more wisdom.  Certain things happened, particularly in the early eightie,s such as what you call fuel efficiency, and so on, and so on.  Ah yes, we remember, the Voice and her husband made the decision to trade in their older, but very nice, very comfortable big luxury vehicle for one of the new economy cars, and as their children grew bigger it was harder and harder for everybody to squeeze in there, but somehow they managed to take some long journeys in that little car, because they were getting more miles to the gallon, and so it was.


"So programs have been changed by necessity.  Programs have been changed at the whim of somebody or other.  And we know, particularly for those of you who live in the states of the United States of America, or anywhere in the World, where there is a government, whether local, or national, or in between, that is wanting to squeeze you even more.  We know that you might have some frustration and say, 'Well, this isn't the direction I that want to go in, this certainly isn't about abundance, this is about them wanting to take, and take, and take, and so on and so on.


"Well guess what?  An abundance of Freedom is your birthright.  Sovereignty, and the ability to live as you choose to live in the moment, with Love as your power source, only being mindful that you treat everyone with the same honor and respect that you yourself choose for yourself.  That is the way of the Golden Age and Higher Dimensionality, and it is a whisper away.  And you say, 'Well things don't look that way right now,'  but that's the point, Beloved Ones, all of this that is coming up that doesn't look so good or maybe feel so good, is on its way out. Wave goodbye forever, if that be your choice, and the consciousness of the World says, 'Yes that is the choice!'


"In other words, don't dwell on it.  Be in the moment!  Create your own Joy! Power up with Love, and you will find that you will attain a level of Mastery that you have not felt in this lifetime, but we want to assure you that you're already there in that part of you which is dwelling in the Higher Dimensionality.  So it is a matter of reclaiming your sovereign Freedom, to create and call forth whatever it is that you want abundance of.  And of course, you don't do it by saying you want it either, but we'll get to that.  Because this is the time in the time of Planet Earth for you to step up into the now moment and say, 'I choose Peace, Joy, Love,' whatever it is that you choose.  I choose to be the Master of the Universe, I AM.  I choose to be sovereign in my own right!  And know that you don't hope for, you don't wish for, you don't want, you don't even expect or anticipate that you're going to be this or that.  You say, 'I know I AM!' 


"Now this might sound a little bit like Sekhmet's empowering classes that she has been doing, and we say classes in the most joyful sense, because she doesn't get heavy.  She can be heavy, but not with you, Beloved Family, not with us.  And if it sounds we're all here with you - your Masters, your Guides, your Ascended Masters who hang out with you and hang out with this Family, if you want to think of it in this way, we're here to fly with you!!!  We're here to co-create all new ways of being, all new ways of living, a lifestyle of abundance in all respects.  So if you have had a focus on an abundance of lack, abundance of having your rights taken away, abundance of losing your job or your home, we understand that you've been challenged and created some real biggies at the last moments of your challenging times, so you will know the difference between allowing the programs of the lower vibrational third dimension to deprive you of your Freedom and of being sovereign, and the now moment when you claim your sovereignty to create whatever abundance it is that you choose!


"So we want to be sure that you understand.  Watch the news if you choose to. And if you choose not to, just know big changes are happening around you which are going to further the empowerment of the entire Plant, but you're here to be a bright Light and a leader, and so our gatherings are more and more about your empowerment.  They are more and more where we get together and we fly, and we create not just for each other, not just this Family as a whole, but we create for the entirety of Planet Earth and beyond.


"Your presence is honored, and appreciated, and thanked from the heart of Love, from the greatest empowerment in the Universe!  We thank you for being here, and we assure you that all is well, even though it's in transition, even though it might seem to be chaotic in your World and energy fields, we can tell you that all is well.  There is nothing you cannot master if you choose to, Beloved Ones, and there is no creation of yours that we are not ready and willing and able to assist you with if you call upon us.  Call upon us, call upon your MAP [the Masters' Medical Assistance Program] Team - whatever.  Use the Energy Tools if you have them.


"It is for you to be the Masters of Creation that you truly are, and it is for us to remind you who you really are, and why you're really here, and what it is that you have the empowerment to do, to bring forth these changes that you so desire in the World.  You've already been so instrumental, shall we say, in creating the whole commitment to Ascension upon the Planet.  And you are here to indeed be leaders upon that path.  So let your Lights shine, Beloved Ones, and know, know, that you are empowered to do so.  And we shall join together momentarily when we do the Exercise tonight, or tomorrow, or whatever the clock or the calendar says in your part of the World, to create together an abundance that flows with grace and ease, but with power to assist the World in the changes.


"And we can assure you, Beloved Ones, that anything that you might choose to do that is of a three dimensional nature, can be further empowered by you by utilizing your higher dimensional empowerments and skills.  By all means tell Obama that you know that it's time, and send it to him with loving energies of empowerment.  Wand it if you have the wand.  Spiral your hand in loving energy. Wave spiral waves and energize whatever communication you send out in your emails or letters, or whatever.


"When you answer your telephone just shoot Love beams to whoever it is that's calling you.  Do everything that you are empowered to do mindfully, as a part of your sovereign heritage.  When you choose to beam Love upon the World, when you choose to empower with Love whatever endeavor you are engaged in, be it within yourself, or directed out to others, you are creating the energies which result in the changes, anchoring of the Golden Age upon Planet Earth, and the moving onto the Ascension Path of countless numbers of beings, because they caught your waves, they received your Love beams.


"Always, always, always, know how powerful you are, Beloved Ones, because we know that, and we can see it in your fields, and it is time, as you measure time, for you to know it as well!  And when we gather in Family we have magnification exponentially of our own individual empowerments to create the Golden Age and all that it means, to create the abundance of whatever it is that brings Joy and Love to the individual and the group, to the groups of families, and the World as a whole. And here is a part of the Golden Age lifestyle, and that is something that we have not really discussed, but we shall introduce it, and that there is no such thing as barriers that have been put in place, either as borders to countries, or as borders between people who are rich and people who are poor.  There is this common one heart, one mind, which crosses all borders and actually in a way erases them, or transforms them.


"So be absolutely in the knowing that we are creating Worldwide!  There is no government, there is no financial institution, there is no religion that can put up any kind of a barrier or blockage to Love, pure unconditional Love.  And just as it is the sovereign birthright of each and every one of us Beloved Family, so it is the sovereign birthright of every being upon Planet Earth, below, on, and beyond in the Universe.  And even though it might seem to be somewhat painful at times, it is ultimately going to be a most joyful realization that the Planet comes into totally.  The Lights of Freedom are being lit in more places than ever, and St. Germain will have a wondrous message indeed.  So what we will say is, 'Stay tuned!'


"We love you beyond words, Beloved Ones, and we thank and honor you for being with us to co-create this abundance.  And we will say to you, 'All that you have in your vision, and on your lists, what it is that you're here to co-create, are manifested already in the higher levels of dimensionality, and it is simply for us to draw them closer.  We are as anxious as you are for these Announcements in particular, and be advised that they are very close and thorough.


"We are known everywhere upon the Planet, those of us who come from other Planets and Stars, and Lady Nesara is standing with us and with you now, and Lady Liberty stands with her and they are most anxious to make their debut upon the entire stage of the World.  Readiness is now.  Preparations have been made. Carrying out is in progress, so let us move on into the next part of our program.


"We shall have, as always, a Beloved Guest Speaker who will lead us in the Exercise of creating the flow of abundance, divine , sacred, and joyful for the sake of all of Planet Earth.  Thank you for being with us, Beloved Ones.  And so it is!  Salut!"


Transcription by: Arnold Neal Troeh

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