"The Astar Galactic Command" messege 1971

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-By Jesse Loya

"The Asthar Galactic Command"
-600 advance civilizations in union


In 1971 they sent us a messege via radio interrupting a broadcast,
A Pleiadian named Vrillion spoke in our language telling us an urgent messege,

They said to be aware of the false leaders and rulers on this planet,
These leaders and rulers will bring us no hope,
They will only suck our energy, we call money and resources,
And they will only bring harm making us think that everything's alright,


Who's behind these false rulers,
Behind these rulers there a control system,
Behind these leaders theres a green scaled being,
These leaders and rulers are manipulated and operated by the dark reptlians,

Who are they?......the Illumminaty!!!!, the NWO , the Secret Goverments and the Batican.... theres are actually more.......


Also to be aware of the planetary chages as our planet enters the new shift,
A NEW ERA OF AQUARIOUS, when we enter the process of awaeking and great consiousness....we call evolution,
When the era of darkness falls and a new era of light rises,
When the changes of our planet activates our Pleiadian unfuctional DNA,
Activating the unfuctional DNA: A third eye, enlightment, wisdom, great cosmic energy and great conciousness..
Our reconection with the universe, the alliance and interstellar traveling :)



false leaders on this press

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... they are right here on this press so use discernment like you never have before. This story is going to burst a lot of our ego bubbles but it is coming out.

If anybody on the Galactic

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If anybody on the Galactic Free Press is claiming to be a leader, they surely are false. We are not here to lead anyone, but to assist everyone in meeting the God witin Themselves. The duality of leaders and followers is part of the old, crumbling paradigm.