Asumara - Soul Mission

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Hello Every Being out There. We wish to take part in this particular disclosure, concerning Our Soul Mission (Objective-/Count/Assimilation) - From prepositional Map Drive / Accentuation's beyond disproportionate links. Your Guides have the rest of the Assemblies, Connect on In (Center your Focus) Energies - Multiply With help of Extra Terrestrials. What we learn, to come to find about in time, Where areas of our greater needs - Have BEEN MET, -/On occasions* Spark (Smile) This is how we assimilate from accentuation's of disproportionate links. We want to tell you today, about a story, in particular this story takes place in the stages of Life (Here on Earth) Where many folks are having Dreams, and Interpretations from Realizations (An Augmentation) from a Previous Reality. The sub-Structured Cores are Accessible by Compartmentalization's (Downloading) A Numeric Structure for your brains to accentuate partials of a Totality (A Disclosure / Picture) Concerning the effects of your "Programming" for/With abilities. What we portend to find in accentuation's of higher disproportionate links, which would be the intelligence utilized from the global or universal MIND. The allocations found in your parts of this Galaxy (Galactic Command Center G.C.C), has Partials in how we disclose Information to Individuals whom have greater Reputability with galactic Being. Being the Levels of Comprehension they may have from an Aboriginal Synapses.

The core conceptualized Commands, given from off-settled grid dispersion's - can hold (Be held for) greater accountability in future "Transferals" States in Emissions (That we Utilize for our Conduit - Connectivity to higher states of being).

The algorithmic factors which lies in concurrent nodes with the assimilation's - Postponed for greater reputability - in exchanges with beings whom have lived off-This Planet for many Years and have come here - About/With explanations in their core conceptual commands (The grids Utilized for a Higher Conduit). The assimilated Postponed Process is utilized in earnest by beings whom have surpassed the liable structures of hyper imperative routes which coagulates by efforts of multiple alliances in time of receiving these forms "Congruent Forms".

Namaste, That is all for now, as we have attendance (Postponed Settling - Taking Place)

Nouroma - Compartmentalized Knowledge, Initiates Level one derivatives Transferal states accessible by compartmentalized Knowledge (Inherited By galactic Beings) -> Our Ancestors - Are Back!