August 4th is a Dealine~ Wes Annac

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August 4th is a Dealine,

by Wes Annac

We added this to this post~Quoted from The Galactic Free Press"Many Sources are now sharing of a Divine Deadline for certain events to occur,  which we also can confirm. We cannot confirm of any mass decloakings yet, as We receive Information in The Present Moment of Now and on a Need to Know Basis. Know this is indeed on the Horizon and this could occur any Moment. We have for Years been preparing for the Moments we are in. No Matter what, these Events must manifest." End of Quote

[Taken and added onto from a post I made on Ashtar Command, under yet another channel predicting this date as disclosure day.] Wes

By Wes Annac



SaLuSa has only mentioned this date as being a deadline and has mentioned the Olympics as only a possibility. THIS IS NOT SET IN STONE DEAR FRIENDS!!!


NO CREDIBLE CHANNEL WILL ANY LONGER GIVE A DATE FOR DISCLOSURE. They have tried to and when events didn't play out, the backlash was too severe. As such, credible channels are NOT giving out disclosure dates anymore.


I apologize if the caps are a bit obnoxious, but I can see already the backlash that is going to occur if things don't happen on a date that shouldn't be looked toward as disclosure day.


Remember that the cabal puts out false 'channeling's that predict major happenings, for the purposes of seeing the collective Lightworker energy take an enormous dive whenever events don't come to fruition in the timeframe mentioned.


They then employ disinformation 'posters' to go onto our favorite websites and forums to say "that's it! I'm not falling for these fake gfl channelings anymore! They keep predicting (when they don't, its cabal entities disguised who are doing the predicting) and nothing they say ever manifests! Why follow this 'galactic federation of lies'? Whose with me!!"


I've seen Micah cause so much confusion over this, and I'm not looking forward to being on this site on the 4th... backlash is going to be intense....


Please dear friends, look within for all aspects of truth and know that if one can find a feel a wholeness and completeness within, they do not need to look toward disclosure dates and find the resulting disappointment if they don't pan out.


Cabal-employed disinformation 'posters' are likely already readying their rhetoric for how the GF is 'full of it' if this date comes and goes.. oh boy...
Please dear friends, use discernment.


Much Love,


Wes :)




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no back lash - just disappointment - just waiting for something big.. something i can tell my grandkids about....  With all thats going on...  nothing will surprise me if it happens or not..

Wouldn't you want to tell

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Wouldn't you want to tell your grand kids how you decide to stand up for what's good and made a difference by action?

I know I would and that's what I'm gonna do.

Don't wait for it to happen,

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Don't wait for it to happen, make it happen :) Your power is greater than you imagine, remember who you are, make the change you wish to see in the world happen, it is your reality, it is yours to take in any direction. Break free! You are the Light you are waiting for <3 This is the message of love

Here! Here!

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Excellent Advice!

Peace, Love and Light


Love and Light, d'tewa


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It is much more important to focus on your own individual Ascension now, trusting that outside events will happen in Divine timing, as always.  Much Love x

Dear Wes,    Light brother. I

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Dear Wes, 


Light brother. I hope to see you on the 4th. And I will SEE you with my heart, regardless of any disclosure that does or does not occur. You have been disclosed to my heart and we will be together, whatever happens. Please do not be discouraged. With love and light.



Disclosure and Confusion

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One thing I have learned is to concentrate on working toward my own ascension.  I read many things, see how they feel and then I sit back and watch.  When we are called to participate in mass meditations or prayers I always do and we have a great influence in these areas.  I have started to do targeted meditations on my own when I feel there is a need.  I love channeling and certainly wish I had that gift.  I however have found that I(part of the whole IAM)can effect many things. I have changed ever since I quit thinking of myself as Powerless and started to view myself as POWERFUL!  And so are every one of you!  So if you want Discloure and you want it soon, start to See It!  The exact time is not so important as getting it as soon as we can.  So do your part.

I know what to do

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Okay Wes, thank you for that. 


There is no "confusion" about what I read eledgely post by one who channeled Micha. His words were not confusing at all to me about what He said will take place this Saturday. However, I don't do druma well, it's not the highest vib I seek. So let's  just give the posibility that this was another "trick" by the bad guys, which is what they have done with so many games they have played with us. 


But here's what to do, and it make a good sense as anything does. It dosen't take seven billion people to make a major shift in consciousness. We simply need to get this on the www for as many to see as we can that NOW is THE TIME we can empower the events kick-off as so many are tuned into the Olymics. We all need to use the most powerful nation to invoke "DISCLOSURE," our IMAGINATION. 


Call it prayer, meditaion, though, dream but place it in mind in a "sit down" kind of way as often in the day as you can, just sit, close eyes and "see" the ETs speaking to the crowds on a mic at the stadiams, therefore landed there. 


If someone can figure a way to put this out on cell phones, there are 620 million mostly open minded Indians in India with nothing better to do just now. The one's that can find a plug in fro their phones can spread the word. 


See ya at the games