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The Leo New Moon is one that we look forward to every year!  Anything Leo in the summer time! Leo is about fun, play, romance and honoring the child within.  This year however…that fun part is a little less easy to find.  This Leo New Moon is a bit dramatic and quit active and the energies leading up to this New Moon have been chaotic, intense and in some instances almost volatile. We have had many…very transformative aspects…happening in all the Full and New Moons over the last months.  We can see the many powerful transformations, with a bit of chaos added in, and the changes happening all around us.…in our own lives and also the lives of all humanity around the World.  The energies have been quit intense and are not easy for the body or the Earth to handle. 

We still have the Corona Virus and the New Variants spreading quickly…. And it feels like the rug has been pulled out from under our feet again.  Remember that we have to stay out of the fear.  We are supposed to be creating a NEW World…a new way of being and we can’t do it on an old foundation. Manifest peaceful and loving energies surrounding us and the Earth.

It is really important that we avoid negative emotions!!  There are really only 2 energies out there….Love and Fear!  Which do you want to send out to the World?

We also have the very important Lion’s Gate Portal happening at this Leo New Moon.  What is the Lion’s Gate?  It is a very important gateway/portal between the physical & Spiritual worlds happening on 8-8 and this year… on a Leo New Moon.  It is when the Sun and the very important Star Sirius (called Earth’s Spiritual Sun) synchronized rising…appearing as two Suns in the sky.  They also move into direct alignment with the Pyramids of Giza opening the cosmic  8:8  Lions Gate Portal.  This Portal allows supercharged light codes and the energies of change to flood our planet.  This 8:8’s power is also from a numerical energy frequency…with 8 8 being a Master Number.  The ability to manifest and create…along with enhanced intuition & Psychic abilities are expected.

NEW MOONS MARK THE BEGINNING OF A NEW CYCLE.  New Moons are also the most spiritual and intuitive moons of the whole Lunar cycle. During the New Moon period….it is as if we are being blanketed in the darkest and most star filled mysteries of the nights. New Moons create a stillness in time…the dark of the night…mystically giving us the ability to easily travel back… and listen to our Souls  message’s, while “seeing” all the new possibilities.  It is a wonderful time to manifest, meditate and create!  Each New Moon brings with it a down load of evolutionary energies that give us the knowledge to create a beautiful future

LEO IS THE   “happy” energy, and it is about the “Big Heart”.  The Heart, which is the new mind.   The Heart is about Love.  Leo is warm and generous…and those who embody the higher energies of  Leo, come from the Heart.  Spiritually, Leo is about living from one’s center, one’s Heart.  The Leo Sun is the physical Heart and the Leo Moon is the emotional Heart!  This New Moon in Leo is an opportunity for the physical Heart and the emotional Heart….to become one, and to open up fully… we move into and co-create the “New”.  

LEO ENERGY IS ABOUT CREATING  and your ability to create your future is extremely powerful at this New Moon.    Remember that creativity isn’t just about art…..we can create in many different ways… is only one of those ways.  Creating a memory…creating fun….using your innocence and curiosity to create joy!  Creativity thrives on love and comes from our Heart. What creative changes in many areas, can you make this month?  Especially centering on Love.  The energies of this New Moon can also bring about increases in consciousness, confidence, and emotional healing. Leo energy can also take us on a journey of “Self Discovery”.   Watch out for the grayer energies of Leo….those of entitlement, greatness and ego…..with this Leo New Moon ….as you don’t want to manifest those energies.   Use the positive and inspiring energies of Leo, to bring about more love and creativity.  Remember…Leo is also about the simplicity of childhood….honoring the child within you.  It is time to play, have fun, be spontaneous, and fall in love all over again……   Listen to the wisdom of the child within you.

LEO IS ALSO THE SIGN OF KINGS AND QUEENS   So as you are creating fun and are inviting your friends and family over… sure to extend good hospitality to all those Souls that are sent to you. This New Leo Moon is encouraging us to not only open our hearts, but to also make efforts to Follow our Hearts.  Even if you have to take a risk or two.  Let’s manifest and creatively surround both them and ourselves…..with the high energies of Leo! The Universe is making sure that we don’t miss the opportunity to have fun, be joyful, play and create, as we open up our Harts to all……    Let’s also manifest and create a peaceful community…..a place, a world where we can be joyful.  Meditate… Manifest and Listen!!

THIS ACTIVE LEO NEW MOON HAS 2 MAIN ASPECTS. We have the Leo New Moon which is sitting with Mercury in a fixed T-Square with Saturn in Capricorn and Uranus in Taurus.  Then we have Mars squaring the Nodes.

MERCURY IS SITTING WITH THIS LEO NEW MOON…Mercury (our voice, how we think, writing, communication, teaching etc) is being activated strongly by the Leo New Moon (Sun and Moon together).  With the energy of Leo…our brains are fired up and very active. This brings about a lot of mental energy, and a lot of intellectual energy and also energy for Play. J 

It is a Time to speak truthfully within all relationships (Leo loves relationships…especially romantic ones)!  Mercury (our voice, our mental flair, youth, writing etc)  is in Leo    It is bringing us even more insight….with the creative ability to share our intelligence through our “voice” in many ways.   Speak kindly…speak with integrity…speak for/too all Humanity in the same way.  We need to start relating as one Family…..the Human Family!  

THE LEO NEW MOON IS ALSO IN A…fixed (stubborn energy) T-Square with Saturn in Aquarius and Uranus in Taurus.  So the Leo New Moon is actually activating the most important aspect of 2021….the Saturn/Uranus square.  This square has  been a challenging one.  Saturn is bringing up things that need to be changed (personally and Worldwide) that we are resisting (Saturn)…..but that could serve as our greatest breakthroughs (Uranus) and they may just come out of left field and surprise us.  With the Leo New Moon activating this square….what used to seem more “out there” is now becoming more personal (Leo).  Some other things that could be brought up for our own growth or for the growth of humanity….is because Saturn is in Aquarius and Aquarius is all about our tribes, communities, humanity and we the people.  Along with being able to think outside the box and into the future.  Then you have Uranus (which rules Aquarius) in Taurus and Taurus energy is about the land, food, beauty, comfort, natural things…indicating that some of those areas will also be brought up for us to look at so that humanity will see where nature, the earth, food etc. needs to change (Uranus…being the constant of change). 

THE OTHER MAIN ASPECT OF THIS LEO NEW MOON is that Mars (the planet of the warrior, passion, courage, anger, etc) is squaring (stress and friction) the Nodes of the Moon. Mars is in Virgo which is ruled by Mercury (our mind and our voice) and also about communication…just like the Sagittarius South Node and the Gemini North Node.   Activating both the South and North Nodes into action.  Both Sagittarius and Gemini are about our minds and our voices.  How we think, talk, teach, share, and write.  Mars is action and with the South Node (things we didn’t get right and we need to release and move away from) means it is time to move out of the gray areas of the South Node in Sagittarius.  The gray side of Sagittarius is about narcissus, not telling the truth, running away from responsibilities, the occult leader, the preacher that starts to believe his own preaching etc.  Sagittarius is also about the law…international law.  The Universe is saying….take action now and release all of that and use some courage to head to the North Node!  The North Node is in Gemini….communication by seeing and looking at all sides of the issue and speaking the truth like a child does (the old saying…Truth out of the mouth of babes)…representing the youth energy of Gemini.  That is where the collective right now is supposed to be heading.  The Gemini North Node.   Mars squaring the Nodal axis is activating all of us to release the gray side of the South Node in Sagittarius and head to the Gemini North Node.  The Universe is emphasizing communication with this aspect.…how we speak, what we speak and the energy we surround our speaking with….I suggest we listen to her big time!!  

WITH THIS NEW MOON IN LEO …..which is  a very creative sign….Let us use this power to make positive change….and manifest the future that we want to create for ourselves and for the world. 

Thinking with the Heart….coming from the Heart is extremely important at this time!!

Mediate on ways to release some of  “the aggression”…. and the “I have to have it my way”…. types of energy, along with the “unstableness we feel with change. “   Intensifying desires, determination and social reform are all part of these energies.   

Again it can be a very challenging time for all of our relationships and the challenges can come from deep down in our Souls.  The Universe is putting these things right in our faces…so we can’t miss the changes we need to make……rather we want to make them or not.   Pay attention to how you feel or react around certain people, places or things…..listen to what you might hear.    Whatever isn’t vibrating where you are right now….the Universe is asking you to distance from……in the kindest way possible.   Surround yourself with people, places and things that make you feel happy, joyful, and optimistic.  Surround yourself with those that give you the feeling of Joy and real Love!

This Leo New Moon reminds us that we are powerful creator’s…manifestos, and that we need to work with our passions.  Start something new….a new project….a new way of looking at things..   Move away from anything that puts out your Joy or Creativity.  

You begin to have a feeling of low energy, no motivation, and no direction….which seems most common at this time.  There is also a sense of emotional detachment…a feeling of being removed from reality.  Just remember that the body is trying to embody a lot of intense, chaotic, transformative, and powerful energies.  Time to rest, listen to your body and meditate on moving forward. It is almost like we are being asked to take all the insights we have received and meditate on what has been put in our faces.  It is time to start measuring who you are and your success… by Love and Joy…. instead of physical things.  Trust and follow your Heart!

It is also a time to be careful and cautious….as things can be a bit chaotic, volatile, and emotional.  Be careful how you drive and watch the other drivers also.  Watch were you are walking and what you are saying as you may speak in ways that are a bit more aggressive then you normally would speak.  Just be safe during this period over the next several months!

Take time to play each day….use your creativity and enjoy what you create….socialize with others…..and let yourself feel love and then share it!  Let the Divine Child that is still within you…shine through!   Let yourself feel Joy.  Meditate, and Manifest and create a wonderful/beautiful world for yourself and for all Humanity with this very powerful Heart centered New Leo Moon.  Take time to embrace your childlike innocence and just let yourself…run, play, laugh, create, and Love!!!

These are the energies affecting all of humanity and the Earth.  These energies also affect you individually, according to how they activate your own birth chart.

Learn how the energies activate your individual Birth Chart, through an Astrological Reading (my contact information is below).  Knowing how the energies are affecting you personally, gives you the ability to make better choices, and use the energies in the highest way. 

Feel free to share this update, in its entirety!   AstroEyes Evolutionary Astrology © 2021  Cathy Lindsey     All rights reserved. 

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