Awaiting singularity

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Awaiting singularity

What we mean by this is moments which are interposed ferociously on top of another without giving out the consensus of why it’s there in the first place... What we would simply like to say to you all is that we have achieved it momentarily at greater avenues in our lives where things where "munching" up altogether at one singular "time dispersion" place where enacting in that moment was part of the greater purpose since that moment of singularity help us see the totality of how things may be coming to fruition while under some type of guidance altogether.

This purposeful avenue while it is achievable and viewable we can delve into the singular moment when everything at least 3 or more things arriving at a synchronous moment, by actualizing things which we create momentarily by gathering from our surroundings, what is “active” and help us align matter at that singular moment showing you something as a singularity towards what you are doing.

We sure hope you understand what we meant by that singularity... Momentarily our body, was able to adapt to some higher intelligence and "calculate" with innate sense some things which helped us achieved those singular moments, quite amazing. More so, the effects of the messages coming out back then had greater clarity and effects on how or what to get people within (time flux identification programs) which are simply avenues where you become a part of the channeled materiel here, while its being written... Some folk’s took part in it without their consent...

And so with greater parts in creation, creating to it, doesn’t bother, it creates parts in which the totality transforms into something new and beautiful in the end. Good day.