Baby Geniuses: How Surprises Help Infants Learn

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When babies encounter a new object, their method of making its acquaintance tends to involve banging it against the nearest hard surface or shoving as much of it in their mouths as possible. While this is slightly less adorable when the object in question is, say, a brand-new iPhone, adults can take solace in the fact that it might mean the kid is learning something new.

According to a study published Thursday in Science, babies learn by being surprised by the objects around them.

For this totally cute research endeavor, scientists showed a group of 11-month-olds a series of objects behaving in surprising and predictable ways. For example, the researchers would roll a ball down a ramp and show it being stopped by a wall. Then they would roll the same ball down a similar ramp, but this time they'd make it seem like it had passed through the barrier. They also made an amazing video of the babies watching this happen: