Barbara Hand Clow, on the 4th of 7 Uranus/Pluto squares, November 1, 2013

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 October 25, 2013  Barbara Hand Clow


I always appreciate Barbara Hand Clow’s analysis of astrological configurations. (See this.) Here she is talking about the entire spread of Uranus/Pluto squares from 2012 through 2015, and how this year we have been heading into the most intensely fermenting, revolutionary span of this four-year period. As she says, when with each exact square, other planets configure with it, either by conjunction, square or opposition, they trigger it in characteristic ways.

For this upcoming Uranus/Pluto square at 9° on November 1, Saturn, Mercury and the Sun will all be conjunct in Scorpio making a 60° (sextile) to Pluto in Capricorn, and a 150° (in conjunct) to Uranus in Aries. Plus Mars, in analytic, detail-oriented Virgo, will also be at 9°, exactly trining (120°) Pluto and inconjuncting Uranus. Sextiles and trines are aspects of ease and harmony; the inconjunct is an aspect of continuous subtle adjustment. I’d make a big bet that there is, even now, enormous behind-the-scenes (Scorpio) work (Saturn) going on, work that is very disciplined and focused (Saturn), clearly communicated (Mercury) and shining a light on (Sun) the powers that be (Pluto, Scorpio) in a manner that creatively liberates (Uranus in Aries) that which has been so long held down (Saturn), via subtle adjustments (the inconjuncts) that make a huge difference.

Especially given the Saturn in Scorpio container (through next July 2014) that we are all held within, I do not see any sudden breakdown or breakthrough (Uranus/Pluto); rather the implosion will be contained and structured in new and creative (Uranus, in Aries) ways.

Both Jim Self, the interviewer, and Barbara Hand Clow speak of old stuck patterns in people’s lives that are rising to the surface and miraculously clearing. I can vouch for that, for it is happening within my own family.


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