Be aware of false leaders on this planet- Reptilian bloodlines

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Jesse Loya

I have receive this thought, :

It is not us who wants to declare war to other countries,
It is not the people of Iraq and Afgansitan who took down our towers,
It is not the people of the U.S who wanted to invade other lands,
It is not the people of Iran whom wants to wipe out the people of Israel,
It is not us whom wants to declare war,
Or we call it human civil war on planet Earth,

Because we dont make the decisions,
We dont want war!!,

It is our false leaders whom are bloodlines of an evil race who wants all this to happen,
It is our false leaders who walk manipulated by this evil scaled skin race,
It is our false leaders the Illuminati, Elite and Rothchilds whom wants war!! and decalres war!!

They suck our power, whithout us they are powerless,
We should not vote for any of them,
We should not support them,
We are the peace and love, not them!!
Becasue we have the power, we just need to take it back!!!!! u.u