Be The Peace: a global meditation and prayer for Peace

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Global Coherence Initiative 
Be The Peace: a global meditation and prayer for Peace
Dear People of the Planet

We invite you to participate by joining with the Global Coherence Initiative for the inaugural Be The Peace observance, which we hope will be one of the largest globally synchronized meditation and prayer events ever. GCI is collaborating with organizations worldwide that are coming together to make this international observance happen. 

Be The Peace will be held, on the International Day of Peace, Friday, Sept. 21, the date designated 30 years ago by the United Nations General Assembly for an annual commemoration and commitment to the ideals of peace between and among all nations and peoples. 
Hundreds of organizations and many thousands, perhaps millions, of people around the world will participate from 6-7 p.m. in local time zones in Be The Peace public meditation and prayer events in more than 380 cities around the planet. 

Peoples of good will on Earth throughout history have always sought a world of peace and held the dream that one day peace would truly become our normal state of existence. In that spirit, Be The Peace will be welcoming people of all cultures, spiritual traditions and political perspectives to join together for an hour of creating a planetary peace wave on Earth. 

Get started on your own profound journey of peace by joining the BeThePeace Facebook page. 

The Gaiafield Project, a Global Care Rooms partner organization, will hold Global Attunements for Peace in one of its Global Care Rooms at 12 a.m. and 12 p.m. (EDT) on Sept. 21 and a final one at 12 a.m. on Sept. 22 to mark the end of this international observance. The focus of the Global Attunements for Peace, in which everyone will connect simultaneously in the Gaiafield Be the Peace Care Room, will be to create a deep planetary pulse wave of peace. 

People can connect with one another virtually throughout the day in the Be the Peace Care Room, where you will "see" each other as points of light on a spinning Google Earth map. This will be a stunning visual image of the global field that is forming in real time. 

Organizations in your community or area are encouraged to collaborate and form your own events for Be The Peace on Sept. 21. Inspire and help coordinate your networks to participate and spread the word globally. 

You can begin preparing for Be The Peace and International Day of Peace events on Sunday, Sept. 16, in a live teleseminar with HeartMath Inc. President and CEO Deborah Rozman. A member of the GCI Steering Committee, Rozman will speak about peace and spirituality from 9-10 a.m. (PDT) in a free presentation sponsored by GCI and the Summer of Peace 2012. Rozman serves on the Institute of HeartMath’s Scientific Advisory Board, co-authored HeartMath’s Transforming Series of books and is a key spokesperson on heart coherence, heart intelligence and heart-based living. 

Summer of Peace 2012 is a world peace initiative that has brought together spiritual leaders, scientists, social change pioneers and some of today’s preeminent peace builders. These individuals are guest-speaking during three months of free presentations that focus on transforming conflicts at all levels and making the shift toward peace. You can register for any of them at

All of us at the Global Coherence Initiative invite you to join us for these very special events and help us promote a global season of cooperation and peace. And, go to the HeartMath Peace Day Video to listen to a brief message of inspiration.
May the peace you seek in your life be ever present in your heart.

The Global Coherence Initiative Staff