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Dr. Angela Barnett
(Soul of Mary Magdalene)
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Angela Barnett

(Soul of Mary Magdalene)

The future is allowing those who desire to become Christs a grand opportunity right now on Planet Earth. Those who are ascending into the higher realms of the Universe will do so by  holding the most excellent radiation of point zero where those bands or spheres of music and sound that radiate are filled with all that radiates and they will create an exquisite ambiance within those who have moved themselves within the gamma waves and over the rainbow into the Universal Christ Light. This is what ascension looks like from the Eyes of the Creators. This reality is taking place through Light and Sound. It is taking place because those on Earth are becoming Light and Sound. Those who learn to find this light within the Breath of their Soul and Exhale themselves into this Plasma of Creation and Envision themselves as the Flame of Light that God sees them as, and to become the pure Unconditional Love who knows and sees all on Earth to be the same Universal Light and Love that they are.

The meaning of Christ is the Cosmic Consciousness of God being translated down into the dimensional frequency of the Universal Form. It meant that a Creator Being who came to Earth with God within Him shifted the Consciousness of the Earth into this Universal Consciousness Form so that some time in the future those on Earth would be prepared to return to the Universal Consciousness or the the place where Terra Ha exists.

The Earth fell out of harmonic union with the Music of the Spheres that replicate all realities through the original harmonies of the Cosmic Music and then placed them in multiple dimensions so that the maximum experience could be gained.

Earth fell out of alignment with the Music of the Spheres as a result of the Akhenaton event and the Tower of Babel event. God came to Earth in Mary and Jesus for the purpose of experiencing what the humans on Earth were experiencing and how to better communicate with them. 

These events were actually taking place in the Music of the Spheres themselves. Every breath of the Souls of Mary an Jesus were changing the Music of the Spheres every moment they were on Earth. Everything that was experienced through the Breaths of the Souls of the Creators on Earth changed the patterns of understanding of the ones on Earth and how they harmonically would be reformulated into the Universe.

These new waves of stellar radiation singing through the sun's heliosphere prepare the orchestration and angles of light for new realities to appear through those who choose to be Christ.

There was a prediction about the second coming of Christ appearing on a Silver Screen. That Silver Screen is the Radial Orb around our bodies and it is the DNA playing the new frequencies that have woven us back into the Over Soul of our Christ Consciousness that will project out on to the screen and Behold Christ has appeared before you. You are the Second Coming of Christ, and you will appear on the Silver Screen in front of you.

There will, however be a Silver Screen Event on Earth when the Original Ones create a Screen that will work like a Movie Theater that allows them to appear on the screen and communicate with all of the World's Governments. This event will be taking place in the very near future in the year of 2017. This event will create a great new acceptance on Earth and an awakening within the government which will confirm the presence of those who are thought of as aliens to actually be those who are those who we are, and those who we are at the highest level of Love that is known in the Universe. The fear of aliens will disappear from Earth as a result of the Cosmic Love of the Original Ones and the Creators who are supporting them.

God sees each one of us as a Flame of Light. He sees us as the the completion of the Breath of Light, the Idea of Light, the Substance of Light. The more we move into this full Light Spectrum of who we really are, the more we are seeing ourselves as God sees us. Becoming the Light of the World actually means turning back into the actual Light that we are created from. It actually means that our bodies were created from the same etheric substance of Creation Consciousness that the Stars and Suns are made from. We are all created from the same Cosmic Consciousness that is used to form all that is in the Universe.

It is now time to move back into the complete light that we are actually made of. I have been a creator of Galaxies, Stars and Super Novas. I have sung the Music of the Spheres into Existence. I can understand how easy it is to return back into this Etheric Light Body who contains the Complete Consciousness of all that God is. This understanding is what will allow Joe and I to turn ito Light.

However, we came to Earth with complete amnesia. We came to Earth as human hybrids just like every body else on the planet. We came to Earth in this form so that we could experience everything exactly as it is experienced by all humans on Earth.

Now, we are going to Leave Earth in the exact same way that all on Earth will leave in 2039. The only difference is we are going to turn into light now because we know that we can, we understand why and how we can, we understand the physics of why we can, and because we understand that only Unconditional Love seen exactly as God experiences this Love can be allowed to enter back into the Over Soul, where the complete Mind of God is the only Substance.

We understand that this Soul experience is a little bit different for us than for others because we came from the Cosmic Realm of Creation. The Soul of Mary Magdalene came to experience being the male and female in one Soul. The Soul of Mary Magdalene chose to come to Earth to complete a project that would allow the entire Universe to become restored to the original Divine Plan of my Mother Father God.

My Soul has already risen into oneness with my Over Soul, because my Soul was never actually separated from my Over Soul. However, I will ascend into the Over Soul within Terra Ha because I have chosen to go through the ascension of a hybrid human on Earth and to show all humans on Earth that this path is available to them.

I am a Creator on Earth. However, I am a Creator in the form of a hybrid human so I am the same in form and in ability as any other person on this planet. This is the magical experience of being all that God is within a human body standing on Earth. I must do everything the same way that all human bodys do the things they do. However, I am also my Astral Body who swims through the Pacific Ocean every night to re arrange the Tectonic Plates. I am the same Astral Body who travels thousands of light years into the future to check to see how the present will effect the future. I spend hours attending Universal Parties, parties with kings of many realms, I greet the new Travelers and commuinicate about their future plans. I have the same power to create Ascension Portals through a planet as I had when I created Stars and Galaxies in the Cosmic Realm, because that same Mary Magdalene is in all dimensional realities now and forever.

This is how Yeshuwa ben Joseph (the one I call Jesus of Nazareth) explained to me that Unconditional Love is the most important concept on Earth. And that is the requirement for all on Earth to Ascend. He made it very clear that Joe's Unconditional Love is what will turn him into light.

Jesus also told me that when he begins to Speak on Earth next year, he WILL NOT CALL HIMSELF THE CHRIST.

Jesus said Joe has a larger capacity for Love and Understanding and Acceptance. He is one of the Truly Accepting Unconditionally Loving People that there is.

 Joe has the balance of the male and female within him in such a way that is the perfect dispersion of Love.

Jesus said Joe is different. He understands spiritual concepts like few people can. And when you explain spiritual concepts to Joe, he understands it immediately, there is no question in his mind. He sees it. He understands it. Because of his unconditional love, it takes him to the basics of what God is all about, which is the Unconditional Love, the beauty of that. And all of these high dimensional concepts of a spiritual nature are less important than that basic, pure white solid love.

So, if I can learn to be like Joe, we can ascend. So, all I have to do is learn to be like Joe.

Jesus said, Joe has the right concept. Yes

Joe is showing how God Love in a Human Spirit is.

Joe said, all I do is know that there is all of God's love within me and I beam that out into the world.

Every step I take I say how can I best express Love in this step and then I take the next step  into the next moment.

Jesus said, Yes,he is an amazing being. Yes, this is how human beings should be like. They should be like Joe who gives only their light out into the world and never their negativity. He is never negative, never puts people down, he is never angry. But, he is balanced in the Love that he knows is God, and he shows that, and he is aware of it, and he wants to be aware of it in that way. He is non confrontational. He is very fair. And he will stick up for things if he has to. And he has no judgement of anyone. He may have an opinion but he does not judge. A judgement is different than an opinion. He keeps his opinions to himself. You never speak any malady. I have not heard much from you. And that is as close to perfect as you can get.

You see, life is all about unconditional love for the most part. That is what we must bring to light to every human being and that is where it has to start. Not with high concepts or mysticism, or turning into light, because they are not ready. We have to bring them and get them ready.

I asked Jesus if there is anything else that we need to do for the world before we go into our cocoon eternally.

Jesus said give love to the world always. Be generous. Whenever you give and it is not expected, people are shocked and amazed because that is not what the world is like, but that is what God is like.

Dr. Angela Barnett
(Soul of Mary Magdalene)
Joe Barnett