Being the Experience of Consciousness

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Well, some thoughts to consider? There are many thoughts within me wanting to be shared and I LOVE TO SHARE.  As I am able, I will share as Many of them as possible. It is a little difficult to slow the thoughts down enough so I can place them into letters forming words, to makes sentences, which makes complete sense to me. lol

Creating reference points with communication can be a real challenge. The meanings of words vary from person to person as personal experience unfolds through their Life.

For example, the word, "consciousness." This word, for me, means "energy". Energy is the very foundation of all the Multi += Dimensional Universes, and there are as many of those as there are stars in the sky. Catch my drift on what consciousness as energy expresses? Consciousness also, for me, represents the "I" or "EYE," if one prefers. Like I mentioned, words and their meanings can vary from person to person. Even when the meaning seems to be very clear to the one communicating.

It might be just me and the way my right brain sees how to put words together. My right brain sees everything holistically and my brain works far faster than my fingers can type. lol

I wonder how I can make it any simpler and still convey the thought? The difference between 3D and 5D is the capacity to embrace consciousness in a whole new way of experience. It's Being the very experience, of consciousness, completely aware of and immersed in creation as presentness. It's a new word which will eventually be the common spelling of "presentness." lol