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October 19, 2013

So, here I am, wrapped up in a blanket, dealing with a sore throat and swollen lymph glands – classical signs of the “flu”.  And it is a golden day outside, in lower 50’s, blue skies, golden trees, a perfect Indian summer day, but I don’t have the strength to enjoy it right now, except internally.

Why did I say, internally?  I said that because of what I feel within, like a glowing sun warming my face with its rays.  There is a growing peace and sense of serenity emanating from my heart, despite all the apparent chaos that dwells in the world around me.

No, I’m not completely free of anxiety.  And no, I haven’t quit my day job yet.  And yet I am growing and expanding within as my connections with spirit grow ever stronger.  There is still much to take on, but it is a step by step process, as my physical body is being remodeled into a higher frequency model.  And so I am compelled to rest and recover through another spell of “illness” designed to get me in a quiet place for a time.

The energies of the Full Moon are intense, are they not?  Aries moon in Libra.  I have actually dealt with that energy in my natal chart all my life.  The refined energies of the great balance, Libra, aligned with the masculine intensity of Aries.  As a result of this blend of oppositional energies, I am an unusual Libra.  I am not particularly social, but love people, especially to observe them.  I crave privacy and quiet time, mostly to be able to relax and refresh.  I love animals and plants, having a natural attraction and affinity to the beauty and grace that is inherent in Nature.

I am naturally detached in my nature, being a creature of air and fire.  Emotions are short-lived, but intense.  And I have awakened to a natural empathy, realizing that I have taken on much of the energies of others throughout my lifetime here, this time… and perhaps in all my lifetimes upon this planet.

So, I am in the midst of the process of carefully and thoroughly unwinding those energies that are not mine from my auric field.  In short, I’m in the process of cleaning house, something that each of us needs to undertake right now.

Each of us has assistance in our present efforts to step up in frequencies, although much of the information “out there” can be confusing.  So it is important to be able to discern for yourself what is right for you.  Also, understand what is “right” now may not be “right” tomorrow.  Inner trust that you will discover your own way is mandatory.  Looking outside of yourself for “the only way” is giving away your power.

Yes, there are still teachers, guides and mentors, but each of us has to be willing to discern whether those self-same teachers, guides and mentors are providing us with what we need in the moment.  Since my own path up until now has been a very windy one, following my inner guidance system, which has until recently been mostly of a non-verbal nature, I can say with some authority, yes, it is wise to trust Self.

I first learned about the power of intuition many years ago.  I’m a slow learner, I guess, for it took me a while to figure things out, but I have advanced considerably along the path since then.  A couple of years ago, a lady who does readings told me that I was extremely powerful.  She told me that after first telling me that my energy was clouded and I was frightened.  However, after invoking the names of Archangels Michael and Raphael, she felt my energy abruptly shift and open.  With much wonder in her voice, she told me that I had been on the Path all my life, but I already knew that.  I had already realized that I was in hiding from myself, but all for a purpose, for the completion of a reiteration of the path of return.

Before birth, most of us, especially the light bearers of my generation, were blocked off from realizing our inner power and beauty.  We struggled in the darkness.  We yearned for a better world.  We dabbled in music, art, poetry and writing, always seeking to express the longing within.  And some of us “fell” to the temptations of the world in which we found ourselves, giving in to the existing paradigm, at least on the surface.   Always within there was the sense of spiritual longing, as if what we were being fed was without nourishment and lacking in substance and so we began to explore places off the beaten path.  There were few road maps on this path of discovery, so we made them up or adapted those of other cultures to suit our needs, always driven from within by some nameless longing for Home.

Yet, as we found the beginnings of the path, we gradually discovered that we had already been on the Path, for a lifetime or more.  That all that we were “discovering” we already knew.  What was being presented to us through various sources was already within.  We were really only reopening up to the awareness that we were greater than we appeared on the surface, as ordinary human beings.

And so it has been, our path, our discoveries are merely verification of what already exists within.  Your “teachers, mentors and guides” are only there to prod and guide, not to lead you into ascension, and certainly not to walk the path for you.

As Jim Self has stated, ascension takes some work and there is some assembly required.  It is a reawakening to the power and beauty of the greater You that exists within.  It is a reconnection to the 90% of you that exists outside of the physical body.  It is a stepping up of frequency levels, built upon a sturdy foundation of sound, geometry and trust, so you might anchor the energies of heaven (your higher self) into your physical body.

Each day, the messages of different channelers and oracles bring us words of encouragement and support.  Every day, we look outside of ourselves to see if the world has changed.  We need to remember that our “world” is an illusion, built from the mostly unconscious thought forms of the collective.  The shift will be made more apparent when the collective becomes conscious, but until then most of the work will be internal, within each of us.

The ones doing the initial heavy-lifting are the light workers.  Given various names, starseed, wayshowers, gatekeepers, portals, etc., these are the ones who have dedicated lives and lifetimes to the cause of bringing this planet back into the Light.  It has been a thankless and often dangerous mission but one that we were carefully selected to do and be, for it is only from within humanity that humanity could be transformed.  By taking the decision to come into form, we willingly undertook the mission to win back this planet and so it has come true.  The Shift has occurred, the barriers of the third dimension have been lifted by the creative Elohim and the way is open for the complete transformation of our world.

And yet, nothing seems to have changed.  But, if you feel within there is a sense of elation, a lifting of the clouds of gloom, a new hope springing evergreen from the heart center.  And if one carefully gleans the alternative news, there are signs of spring and positive change all over the world. Even in the midst of apparent chaos and challenge, there is change.  As an increasingly unpredictable climate and planetary cleansings occur, in the shape of wild fire, flood, hurricanes, tornadoes, drought, earthquake and volcanic eruptions, people are coming together, in community, recognizing intuitively that survival requires working together.  And they feel better in reaching out with a helping hand to a neighbor that perhaps they never would have talked to before because of perceived differences or competiveness.  When someone has nothing left of their old “life”, finding community by building it step by step is a solid approach to begin a major shift into a new paradigm.

As a child, I soaked up the unspoken fears and prejudices of my parents.  Being naturally empathetic, I acted as an intermediary in my family without ever being aware of what I was doing.  And I carried those burdens well into adulthood, letting them go, piece by piece, like the furniture and possessions of my family that I have sold or donated through the years.  And now, I’m ready to step up to another level, but this time, I know I am not alone.  Although solitary in recent years, I’ve connected, at least online to many who are walking in parallel paths.

I have to laugh… as I am often given “visions” of what is to happen.  I see all those separate paths leading to a great clearing in the forest, where we will come together in celebration, laughter and cheer.  The forest is the great unconscious that we have been traveling through.  The clearing is where we walk beneath the sun, open to the light and to each other, with no secrets and no stuff left to clutter the path ahead.  And some of us are nearly there.  And there are others waiting for us in the clearing.  And others walking behind, still following the path delineated through the tall ferns and towering trees.

I am a work in process, a human being becoming a human angel, an awakened, fully conscious co-creator with Source.  As the source exists within every atom, so the source exists within you.  You carry within all that you need upon your journey. The seed of your light body is within, but you must prepare the soil, water the seed and let it grow.  Through your efforts, attention, focus and intent, the light body will be re-connected and your branch of the Tree of Life will be lit with candles of love, faith, hope and charity.

And so you see, even though surrounded with seeming limitation, there is no limitation when you embark on the inner voyage of discovery.  Worlds without end exist and you can visit every one of them.  There is no limitation to your greater self, no limitation when you enter into the sacred marriage between soul and body and unleash the creative energies that exist within, that naturally align with the symphony of the Heavenly Hosts, the inner vibrations of life that we see echoed in the beauty of Nature all around us and in the marvelous creations that we wear, our human bodies.

There is no reason to fear your power.  No reason to fear a recreation of the Fall of Atlantis.  We have, as a collective, gone by that particular due date; there will be no mass demise of humankind or of the planet.  Our presence here, our light and power and inner grace, much of it still unconscious to ourselves, has made the difference.  Our sacrifices have made the difference.  Now, we can turn those sacrifices into joyous celebration as we come together in community to build together a new world that will celebrate unity in community, unity in diversity, unity with the heart of creation, our Source.

Go into the light, my brothers and sisters.  Walk with heads held high.  Walk with your natural grace and be gracious to one another, for you are real family, what family was meant to be.  You know each other and will come to be reacquainted, again, in the days that are yet to dawn here on this planet of amazing grace.

I AM your sister in light and love, Elizabeth.


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Thank You

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So much of this is my current life story. So so much. Thank you for this beautiful awareness. It comes only from Love. Love is the answer to every question and every difficulty, this I know Now. Every experience will one day be answered and reacted to by only, unconditional love. It is the only way there truly is. Bless you all on the path we are all on. Mandy