Being in the void

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Commentary from the Galactic Free Press~ The Void is actually the walking through 4d to get to 5d which is Love Everywhere Present. 4d is actually very temporary! Its the Bridge or passage way you make to get through to The Other Side". When You get to the other Side You are In Full consciousness and All is restored! Love The Earth Allies


 By Marie lightlover1964

For a while now I have found myself in this void.
This place where the life energy feels stagnant,somewhat grey.
It is in this void that I feel empty, the me who (I thought) I was has been hollowed out and all is left is the outside shell.
I feel this sense of peace and of completion.
Like I have achieved something and now I am resting.
The letting go of all that was mine seems to be accomplished.

I still have moments which trigger emotions within me, but now they no longer feel like they are mine...and so I feel them and let them go.
The rest of the time I feel such incredible peace.
I walk around with a silly grin on my face I am sure.
Feeling peace and love within is certainly worth all the clearings of the last 3 all seems so far away now, my other life.
My life before my awakening seems like a dream now.
Left behind,discarded.
All the hardships well worth this new being,feeling this constant peace.

However, I have no desire to be around people.
Even my loved ones.
It is not that I don't love them, for I do with all my heart, but I have this deep need to be alone.
A need for silence.
A need for quiet.
A need for more peace.

Nature seems to be the only companion I can stand...
Her beauty is quite magnificent this fall.
When I am out in nature I feel completely at peace.

The rest of the time I seem to still be in somewhat of a fog, waiting for I don't know what.
I guess I am waiting for me to become who I step into my new life.
But though it all I am so grateful to be here, at this time.
Experiencing this amazing transition.
Watching myself become someone new.
Remembering who I am.

So if any feel the same way as I do, just know that we are all making room for the new.
We are all growing in the light by just being ourselves.
We are being the change we want to be in the world by letting our true selves shine.
It matters not the energy we find ourselves in, nothing changes who we are.
And the fact is that all we need is contained within out hearts.
It is within our hearts that we become limitless.
It is within our hearts that we create the new.

Sharing from my heart in Light and Love
Shine on my beautiful family
All you have to do is to be your true self.
: )



Thank You!

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Yes, exactly how I feel! Couldn't have said it better...

I can only find solice in the

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I can only find solice in the National Parks here in the area.  Walking alongside the Historic Potomac River among the huge old oak trees as the Indians did back in the day.  I really believe the energy that surrrounds me in the woods supercharges me.

I feel like I've been in the same void.

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I resonated with this so much that i literally had a tear of understanding that fell from my left eye while i was reading this. I never felt so connected like this before. 


Thank You Marie. 

From Your Loving Beautiful Family 

Love and Light to you <3 

I felt like this, and very

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I felt like this, and very unconnected. As I was exploring the DC area, having recently been guided to move here, I came across a woman sitting by the bay on a bench. Her eyes were squinted shut and she was clearly fighting back tears. I stopped to pray by the water asking her guides to help her to transmute what she was working through. As I started to cry, I saw a fleet of gray and ovoid cloudships on the horizon and sent them my deepest gratitude. I walked along the warf and went to sit down by the water, where a V of ducks swam over to wear I was sitting. As I wandered off to find my way back to where I was staying, I ended up on Grace street. I'm not sure if the FedEx truck I saw cut off there was related to the NESARA documents that are (reportedly by some channels) being shuffled from warehouse to warehouse. I don't feel it was a coincidence I was there, in a daze. I wonder what my higher self was helping with. 



Love and light, 



me too...

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Yes I am feeling this inbetween place as well. Like spirit is saying.....wait....just a bit more and you will be somewhere else. Be in the sun now. Be at peace at all times now. Be kind and loving now. There is not much time left before the big shift/change occures. Just be the light for others...for the planet. For this time. The old is done. It is over. Be in the light. ////

Me too. Just kinda waiting,

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Me too. Just kinda waiting, doing whatever feels good in the moment & being love.



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   I had just been journaling through some issues, while at the same time, wondering why I'm allowing myself to be more & more distant from people...

   Then I opened GFP and THERE was Marie's perfect post. True thoughts and feelings about what we're going through, at this time.

   Thank You, Marie, for putting everything into eloquent words.

   In Gratitude,


OMGosh I am so so feeling

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OMGosh I am so so feeling this way.  I cannot seem to create art, music or writing.  I am alone but not lonely.  Contemplation and nature seem to really be my close friends now.  I live near the woods and am going there much more often.   I seem to really be tuned in to everything now. Freiends are in the background as is noice or even music.  I have a 6 weeks or more soft frequency sound in both ears that sometimes get a bit loud and definitely subsides to a very low din.  I sleep more, wake up tired.  Ho hum.   I feel love and at peace.  I am just waiting for the next whatever it may be... Thank you for sharing.


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