Benjamin Fulford 2-19-13… “After Pope falls…[NOW what]?”

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After Pope falls, British Monarchy under severe attack, global turbulence increases
Benjamin Fulford, February 19, 2013

[Kp note: below is one statement from the not-public section]

‘If the Chinese play their cards right and coordinate with the 180 nation BRICS group, they should be able to force an end to the cabal dominated post-war international system of governance.”

The resignations of Pope Malevolent and Queen Beatrix have now put the British Monarchy under severe attack with allegations of incest, human sacrifice and cuckoo bird like substitutions of genuine monarchs with non-genetically linked intruders. It is not clear yet if these allegations are true or are merely part of a psychological warfare campaign aimed at forcing the resignation of Queen Elizabeth along with Princes Charles and William.

The detailed allegations can be seen at the following two links:

An MI5 source says the articles above are disinformation related to ongoing attempts to seize massive wealth controlled by the UK royal family. What is clear is that heavy infighting is going on at the top.

There are many seemingly unrelated events, notably meteorite falls and disease outbreaks, that may in fact be signs of cabal infighting. During the last week meteorites (rocks that actually land) and meteors (ones that explode in the sky) were reported in Russia, Japan, Cuba and Florida (were [where] Obama was staying for a top secret “golf game”). Perhaps unrelatedly, a SARS like disease and or bird flu were reported in the UK, Mexico and Germany last week. Not to mention a major dam burst in China.

In the midst of all this Russia has dispatched nuclear bombers to threaten US bases while North Korea, acting as a proxy for Japan…

[Kp note: I am no longer publishing the full article. To get the full article, see below.]

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Benjamin F. "After Pope Falls"

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I highly recommend reading the given two links, (blue type) It'll knock your socks off! I had no idea the cesspool ran so deep. It sure opened my eyes!