The best easiest Way to experience this Evolution

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The best easiest Way to experience this Evolution is to be detached from the outside world, and connect into your Heart, inner being, Where you are Always Safe. Once you connect in then you experience Feelings. Also be detached from these feelings, enabling you to begin experiencing the Love you Truly Are. This Allows Source to Flow freely through you, as the Divine Spark that you are. This is When You Become an Instrument for God. Allowing these energies to flow through you, assists in the Changes necessary on the Planet, for Heaven On Earth, Paradise. This is Being the Change you Wish to See. BEING THE CHANGE, CHANGES EVERYTHING, IT CHANGES THE VERY EXPERIENCE YOU ARE IN, AND SIMUTANOUSLY BECOMES A PART OF THE EXPERIENCE FOR THE ALL, WHICH CONTRIBUTES TO THE ONE, BECOMING GRANDER AND GRANDER.

Humanity was born into the physical realm, and Now Humanity is Being Reborn into the "Spiritual Realm" also "The Kingdom of Heaven", let us know if you survived your Birth. LOL! Yes, you will have to die[ the ego], to be reborn. Ignorance dies, the Being is Alive.
Just like in the womb, there is Consciousness, surrounded by Consciousness, and then to AWAKEN WITHIN THAT CONSCIOUSNESS. When you arrived here, at your physical birth, you came in as Pure Consciousness. Then Society handed you a "mask" so to speak, which we call illusion. Then along with this they taught you ignorance, so that you could be controlled. Now you are being re birthed into the "Spiritual Realm", while still being in the physical, however it will Look Very Different, because you will Be Present, and you will completely BE AWARE THAT YOU CAME HERE TO HAVE THIS EXPERIENCE.

In essence the lower grid is the past, and the reason that it is dissolving, is because it is the past, and the past no longer exists. You have been "playing" in illusion trying to "fix" the past, to make the "future" better. In True Reality which is Always Present, has no past or future. We are Always in the Present Moment of Now. The True Reality is not the Past, but the Present, which is total and completely Awakened Everywhere Present. This is why we have stated that it is Impossible to change anything in illusion.


End Transmission Love The Earth Allies