Beyond Happiness, Beyond Sadness

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How funny, consciousness reveals itself as awareness being present.

The reality is the now and all nows are present always.

I am here and the LIVING UNIVERSE is talking to me. I listen and hear what here is like, the experience of all that's happening within and around me and I am amazed at the all that's happening, REALITY. Hummmmmm, or Ommmmmm and Auuuuuuuuuummmmmm, Ahhhhhhhh the many ways of hearing the here being present.

There are so many hearing the Here they just don't know it's all NOW. LOL

Beyond happiness, beyond sadness, there is an experience so real all of Creation is built upon it and all Creation is the celebration of NOW.

YOU HAVE THE ALL, what else can you accomplish but SHARE THE ALL with Everyone present? Seems to me that's what LOVE IS, BEING SHARED, FREELY

When I open my brain I feel all sorts of things and all I FEEL IN NOW IS LOVE, BEING PRESENT, lol.

I am a right brained being, I was not so given to follow the "rules" the left brainers seek to make up just for their own benefit. lol

Yep I heard the different drum and dance to the beat of my HEART = EARTH so joy can be shared.

Well since I have the moment in HEAVEN to be in HEAVEN I will be in HEAVEN where ever I am for I AM HEAVEN ALWAYS. ❤️